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Claire Mann and Aaron Jones: Secret Orders

Claire Mann and Aaron Jones: Secret Orders (tradmusic TMRCD05)

Secret Orders
Claire Mann and Aaron Jones

tradmusic TMRCD05 (CD, Scotland, 2005)

Produced by Aaron Jones, Claire Mann and Richard Creasey;
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Pure Sound Audio, Cardross, Scotland;
Engineered by Richard Creasey;
except [3, 10] recorded and mixed at Pure Sound Digital Audio+, Cardross;
Photographs by Louis DeCarlo;
Design by 16K Design


Claire Mann, fiddle, flute, whistles, vocals;
Aaron Jones, 10-string bouzouki, acoustic guitar, electric bass, vocals

Kevin McGuire, double bass;
Martin O'Neill, bodhrán, shakers;
Leo McCann, button accordion;
Little Al Price, harmonica;
Nathon Jones, resonator guitar;
Billy Jones, Carmel Jones, Billie Jones, Sandy Murray, backing vocals;
Richard Creasey, keyboards


  1. McElvogue's: Flowers of Brooklyn / Tom McElvogue's Reel No 6 / The Highest Hill in Sligo (3.58)
  2. The Smiling Bride: The Smiling Bride / The Night Before Larry Was Stretched / Larry Redican's (4.07)
  3. Saints and Sinners (4.38)
  4. Valsen: La Valse des Pastouriaux / Tralalavalsen (5.05)
  5. Across the Western Ocean (Roud 8234) (4.07)
  6. Tripping: The Ride to Durham / Crib of Perches / Tripping Down the Stairs (4.51)
  7. When Fortune Turns Her Wheel (Roud 3798; G/D 3:667) (3.36)
  8. Snappy Guzzlin': Denis Ryan's / Guzzle Together / Paddy O'Snap (3.14)
  9. Slip Jigs and Reels (5.18)
  10. Bottle of Whisky: Peter Murphy's / Kitty Got a Clicking Coming to the Fair / Bottle of Whisky (4.10)
  11. Lament for the Kerry Fisherman (3.44)

Track 1a Billy McComiskey;
Track 1b Tom McElvogue;
Track 1c Ed Reavy;
Track 2a Charlie Lennon;
Tracks 2b, 5, 6bc, 7-8, 10bc trad.;
Track 2c Larry Redican;
Track 3 David Francey;
Track 4a Jacky Molard;
Track 4b Ola Bäckström;
Track 6a Armin Barnet, David Molk;
Track 9 Steve Tilston;
Track 10a Peter Murphy;
Track 11 Cathal McConnell