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Cropredy 98

Fairport Convention: Cropredy 98 (Woodworm WRCD031)

Cropredy 98
Fairport Convention

Woodworm Records WRCD031 (CD, UK, 1999)

Recorded live at Cropredy 98 by Mark Tucker;
Mixed by Fairport Convention & Mark Tucker;
Woodworm Studios, Barford St. Michael, Oxfordshire;
Produced by Fairport Convention.


Simon Nicol, guitar, vocals;
Dave Pegg, bass, vocals;
Ric Sanders, fiddle;
Chris Leslie, fiddle, mandolin, batocaster, bouzouki, vocals;
Gerry Conway, drums, percussion;
with guests Dave Cousins, Chris While, Rabbit Bundrick, Pete Zorn, PJ Wright and Maartin Allcock


  1. Woodworm Swing [Ric Sanders] (3.30)
  2. Close to You [Chris Leslie] (4.43)
  3. The Hiring Fair [Ralph McTell] (7.22)
  4. The Bowman's Retreat [Ric Sanders] (3.02)
  5. Easy to Slip [Lowell George, Martin Kibbee] (4.03)
    (Chris While, vocals; PJ Wright, slide guitar; Pete Zorn, percussion, backing vocals; Rabbit Bundrick, Hammond organ; Maartin Allcock, piano)
  6. Jump the Broomstick [Charles Robins] (4.39)
    (Chris While, vocals; Pete Zorn, saxophone; PJ Wright, pedal steel guitar; Rabbit Bundrick, piano; Maartin Allcock, Hammond organ)
  7. Ringing Down the Years [Dave Cousins] (8.08)
    (Dave Cousins, vocals, acoustic guitar; Rabbit Bundrick, piano; Maartin Allcock, Hammond organ)
  8. Who Knows Where the Time Goes [Sandy Denny] (6.31)
    (Chris While, vocals)
  9. John Gaudie [Chris Leslie] (5.58)
  10. Spanish Main [Allcock / Leslie] (4.47)
  11. Matty Groves (Roud 52; Child 81) / Rutland Reel [Ric Sanders] (10.24)
  12. Meet on the Ledge [Richard Thompson] (7.32)
    (Chris While, vocals; Rabbit Bundrick, piano; Maartin Allcock, Hammond organ)

plus Bonus Studio Track:

  1. Castle Rock [Alan Simon] (2.34)
    (taken from Excalibur; Dave Mattacks, drums)