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3 on the Bund: Frenzy (3 on the Bund)

3 on the Bund

3 on the Bund (CD, Ireland, 1 March 2022)

Recorded and mixed by Donogh Hennessy at StudioMhic an Daill;
Mastered by Jürgen Treyz at Artes Musikprduktion;
Cover Photography by Michael Meade ;
Design by Abigail Dillon at Little Bird Design


Aisling Lyons: harp, concertina;
Seán Kelliher: guitar, banjo, mandolin;
Rebecca McCarthy Kent: fiddle, viola, piano;
Simon Pfisterer: uilleann pipes, whistles

with guests
Róisín Ryan: vocals [3, 8]
Trevor Hutchinson: double bass
Dermot Sheedy: bodhrán


  1. Singing Stream / Gortavale Rock reels (3.00)
  2. Local Hero (3.57)
  3. I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me (Roud 767) (4.25)
  4. Fancy a Few Jigs: The Cordal Jig McIntyre's Fancy The Mouse in the Kitchen jigs (4.42)
  5. Frenzy: Áine's / Through the Roof polka / Frenzy (5.39)
  6. Not What It Seems (4.53)
  7. New Year's Day: Cover Confusion jig / New Year's Day reel (3.38)
  8. The Island (3.45)
  9. Rosewood: Trip to Pocahontas / Rosewood slip jigs (5.04)
  10. Farewell / Jig / John Stenson's reel (4.54)

Track 1a Niall Vallely;
Track 1b Cathal Hayden;
Track 2 Mark Knopfler;
Tracks 3, 4abc, 10c trad.;
Tracks 5a, 7b, 9a Rebecca McCarthy Kent;
Track 5b Aisling Lyons;
Track 5c Breanndán Begley;
Tracks 6, 7a, 9b Seán Kelliher;
Track 8 Angus Macphail, Robert Robertson (Skipinnish);
Track 10a Franzi Müller;
Track 10b Stephen Doherty