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Far Canadian Fields

Far Canadian Fields (Leader LEE 4057)

Far Canadian Fields
Companion to The Penguin Book of Canadian Folk Songs
recorded on location by Edith Fowke

Leader LEE 4057 (LP, UK, 1975)

Musical and textual transcriptions of these and other Canadian songs appear in The Penguin Book of Canadian Folk Songs, edited by Edith Fowke and published by Penguin Books Ltd, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England.

Recorded by Edith Fowke;
Notes by Edith Fowke;
Produced by David Bland;
Cover photo of logging on the Ste. Anne River, Quebec, by courtesy of the Canadian Government Travel Bureau;
Album designed by Janet Kerr


Side 1Side 2
  1. Mr and Mrs Albert Simms: The Loss of the Ellen Munn (Roud 4372)
  2. Clyde Gilmour: The H'Emmer Jane (Roud 4425)
  3. Jim Doherty: When the Shantyboy Comes Down (Roud 4374)
  4. Lennox Gavan: The Lake of the Caogama (Roud 4534)
  5. Mr and Mrs Albert Simms: The Young Spanish Lass (Roud 2326)
  6. John Leahy: The Lonesome Scenes of Winter (Roud 443; Laws H12)
  7. Mrs Arlington Fraser: The Jolly Raftsman O (Roud 2318)
  8. O.J. Abbott: By the Hush, Me Boys (Roud 2314)
  9. Captain Charles Cates: Life in a Prairie Shack (Roud 4472)
  10. Mrs Arlington Fraser: Young MacDonald (Roud 4536)
  1. Mrs Eva Bigrow: Willie Drowned in Ero (Roud 206; Child 215; G/D 6:1227)
  2. O.J. Abbott: The Plains of Waterloo (Roud 960; Laws N32)
  3. O.J. Abbott: The Bonny Bunch of Rushes Green (Roud 831)
  4. Robert J. Campbell: Seven Gypsies on Yon Hill (Roud 1; Child 200; G/D 2:278; Henry H124)
  5. O.J. Abbott: The Weaver (Roud 2311)
  6. Emerson Woodcock: The Footboy (Roud 3580)