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Ballad of a Spycatcher

Leon Rosselson: Ballad of a Spycatcher (Upside Down UPDO 007)

Ballad of a Spycatcher
Leon Rosselson

Upside Down Records UPDO 007 (single, UK, 1987)

Recorded at Ideal Sound Studio, London, July 1988
Engineer: David Kenny
Photo & sleeve design: Jim Rawlings


Leon Rosselson, Billy Bragg, The Oyster Band, John Kirkpatrick


Side 1Side 2
  1. Ballad of a Spycatcher
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Billy Bragg, electric guitar; Alan Prosser, electric guitar, chorus; John Jones, melodeon, chorus; Ian Kearey, electric bass; Ian Telfer, fiddle; Russel Lax, percussion
  1. Song of the Free Press
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; John Kirkpatrick, accordion

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