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Jolene: Antic Ocean

Jolene: Antic Ocean (Blue Rose BLU CD0119)

Antic Ocean

Isadora's Scarf Recording Group (CD, USA(?), 2000)
Blue Rose Records BLU CD0119 (CD, Germany, 2000)

Produced by John Crooke and Dave Burris.


Dave Burris, guitar, clavichord, vocals (bckgr);
John Crooke, guitar, harpsichord, vocals, mellotron;
Mike Kenerley, drums;
Rodney Lanier, accordion, organ, pedal steel guitar;
Mike Mitschele, organ, bass

Musicians on John the Gun:
John Crooke, lead vocals, guitar;
Dave Burris, guitar, vocals;
Mike Kenerley, drums;
Rodney Lanier, organ;
Mike Mitschele, bass;
Peter Holsapple, Vicki Peterson, Susan Cowsill, backing vocals


  1. Calling Madeline
  2. Find It Lovely
  3. Constantinople
  4. Stadium Face
  5. Make Love to Me Keep Sleeping
  6. Too Late Mr. Squiggly
  7. Hello My Lover
  8. Drake's Engine
  9. Even Tempered
  10. Lover's Song
  11. Cullowhee
  12. Beauty Drunk
  13. John the Gun
  14. Exit Along

All tracks John Crooke / Dave Burris except
Tracks 1, 6 Dave Burris / John Crooke;
Track 5 John Crooke;
Track 11 Dave Burris;
Track 13 Sande Denny