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Tina Adair: Just You Wait & See

Tina Adair: Just You Wait & See (Sugar Hill SHCD 3868)

Just You Wait & See
Tina Adair

Sugar Hill SHCD 3868 (CD, USA, September 1997)

Recorded for Dara Records at Lansdowne Studios, Dublin, Summer '87
Produced by Declan Sinnott
Engineer: Dan Fitzgerald


Tina Adair, vocals;
Charlie Cushman, banjo;
Jerry Douglas, dobro, producer;
Aubrey Haynie, fiddle;
Viktor Krauss, acoustic bass;
Keith Little, background vocals;
Alan O'Bryant, background vocals;
Bryan Sutton, guitar;
Chris Thile, mandolin


  1. Midst of the Morning Rain [Keith Adair & Tina Adair] (2.36)
  2. Just Me [Malcolm Pulley] (3.45)
  3. Pray With Mama and Daddy [Tina Adair] (5.42)
  4. Another Heartache [Lisa Ray] (2.30)
  5. By the Time It Gets Dark [Sandy Denny] (3.36)
  6. Arrow [Cheryl Wheeler] (4.24)
  7. Crazy Love [Rusty Young] (3.36)
  8. Nobody But You [John Charles Derstin & Martin Gerald Jarrard] (3.00)
  9. When My Time Comes to Go [Molly O'Day] (2.27)
  10. These Tears [Chris Stuart] (3.27)
  11. How Many Roads [Malcolm Pulley] (2.33)
  12. Some Peoples Lives [Janis Ian] (3.20)