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Most of the information contained within The Database is in the public domain. It is based on the original Sandy Denny Database collected by No'am Newman, converted by Bryce Hall to HTML and since then expanded by Willem Doornkamp, Christian Globisch and me. Thanks to all of them for kindly allowing me to reproduce The Database.

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See also my chronological discography, Paul Hosken's Discography, and The Bee's Knees' Discography for Sandy Denny recordings. Visit the Fairport Convention website for more information about Fairport Convention.

See also the list of cover versions of Sandy's songs.

Click on any album to see its track listing. Click on any track to see a detailed description of the song. Lyrics are supplied where available. Unfortunately, I don't have permission to reproduce Sandy's lyric, but if you ask me, I'll send them to you.

Early Recordings: The Saga Begins

Alex Campbell, Alex Campbell and His Friends (1967)

Sandy Denny, Johnny Silvo, Sandy and Johnny (1967)

The Strawbs, Strawberry Music Sampler No. 1 (1969)

Sandy Denny, It's Sandy Denny (1970)

Sandy Denny and the Strawbs, All Our Own Work (1973)

Sandy Denny, Sandy Denny (1977)

Sandy Denny, The Original Sandy Denny (1978)

Sandy Denny and the Strawbs, Sandy Denny and the Strawbs (1991)

Sandy Denny, Heritage (2003)

Alex Campbell, Been on the Road So Long (2005)

Sandy Denny, Where the Time Goes (2005)

Sandy Denny and the Strawbs, All Our Own Work (2010)

Sandy Denny with Alex Campbell, 19 Rupert St (2011)

Sandy Denny Solo and Compilations

Sandy Denny, The North Star Grassman and the Ravens (1971)

Sandy Denny, Sandy (1972)

Sandy Denny, Listen, Listen / Tomorrow Is a Long Time (1972)

Sandy Denny, Pass of Arms (1972)

Sandy Denny, Like an Old Fashioned Waltz (1974)

Sandy Denny, Whispering Grass / Until the Real Thing Comes Along (1974)

Sandy Denny, Rendezvous (1977)

Sandy Denny, Candle in the Wind / Still Waters Run Deep (DJ promo single, 1977)

Sandy Denny, Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (1986)

Sandy Denny, The Best of Sandy Denny (1987)

Sandy Denny and Friends, The Attic Tracks, Vol. 1 (1988)

Sandy Denny and Friends, The Attic Tracks, Vol. 3: First and Last Tracks (1989)

Trevor Lucas, Sandy Denny, The Attic Tracks, Vol. 4: Together Again (1994)

Sandy Denny, Trevor Lucas and Friends, The Attic Tracks 1972-1984 (1995)

Sandy Denny, The BBC Sessions 1971-73 (1997)

Sandy Denny, Gold Dust: Live at the Royalty (1998)

Sandy Denny, Listen Listen: An Introduction to Sandy Denny (1999)

Sandy Denny, No More Sad Refrains: The Anthology (2000)

Sandy Denny, 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection (2002)

Sandy Denny, A Boxful of Treasures (2004)

Sandy Denny, The Collection (2004)

Sandy Denny, Under Review (DVD, 2006)

Sandy Denny, Live at the BBC (3 CD + DVD, 2007)

Sandy Denny, The Best of the BBC Recordings (2008)

Sandy Denny, The Music Weaver: Sandy Denny Remembered (2 CD, 2008)

Sandy Denny, She Moves Through the Fair (LP, 2009)

Sandy Denny, Sandy Denny Box Set (19 CD, 2010)

Sandy Denny, The Notes and the Word (4 CD, 2012)

Sandy Denny sung by others

Thea Gilmore, Don't Stop Singing: Songs by Sandy Denny (CD, 2011)

The Fotheringport Confusion: Fairport Convention, Fotheringay, The Bunch

Fairport Convention, What We Did on Our Holidays (1969)

Fairport Convention, Unhalfbricking (1969)

Fairport Convention, Si Tu Dois Partir / Genesis Hall (1969)

Fairport Convention, Liege and Lief (1969)

Fotheringay, Fotheringay (1970)

Fotheringay, The Ballad of Ned Kelly / Nothing More (1970)

Fotheringay, Peace in the End / Winter Winds (1970)

The Bunch, Rock On (1972)

The Bunch, When Will I Be Loved? / Willie and the Hand Jive (1972)

Fairport Convention, The History of Fairport Convention (1972)

Fairport Convention, Rosie (1973)

Fairport Convention, Rosie / Knights of the Road (1973)

Fairport Convention, Rosie / Fiddlestix (1973)

Fairport Convention, Live (1974)

Fairport Convention, Rising for the Moon (1975)

Fairport Convention, White Dress / Tears, (1975)

Fairport Convention, Tour Sampler (1975)

BBC TV, The Man They Couldn't Hang (TV, 1975)

Fairport Convention, Heyday - BBC Radio Sessions 1968-69 (1976)

Fairport Convention, The Airing Cupboard Tapes (1981)

Fairport Convention, Heyday - BBC Radio Sessions 1968-69 (1987)

Fairport Convention, It All Comes Round Again (video, 1987)

Fairport Convention, From Past Archives (1992)

Fairport Convention, Fiddlestix (1998)

Fairport Convention, Meet on the Ledge - The Classic Years (1967-1975) (1999)

Fairport Convention, What We Did on Our Holidays - An Introduction to Fairport Convention (1999)

Fairport Convention, The Airing Cupboard Tapes (2002)

Fairport Convention, Before the Moon (live 1974) (2002)

Fairport Convention, Heyday - The BBC Sessions 1968-69 / Extended (2002)

Fairport Convention, Fairport unConventioNal (2002)

Fairport Convention, Who Knows? The Woodworm Archives Vol. 1 (live 1975) (2005)

Fairport Convention,Many Ears to Please (live in Oslo 1975) (2006)

Fairport Convention, Live at the BBC (4 CD, 2007)

Fotheringay, 2 (2008)

Fairport Convention, Ebbets Field 1974 (live 1974) (2011)

Fotheringay, The Lost Broadcasts (DVD+CD, 2011)

Fotheringay, Essen 1970 (2011)

Fotheringay, Nothing More (3 CD + DVD, 2015)

Sandy Denny on Other People's Records

The Young Tradition, Galleries (1968)

Stefan Grossman, The Ragtime Cowboy Jew (1970)

Marc Ellington, Rains / Reins of Changes (1971)

Led Zeppelin, IV (1971)

Ian Matthews, If You Saw Thro' My Eyes (1971)

The London Symphony Orchestra, Tommy (1972)

Richard Thompson, Henry the Human Fly! (1972)

Various Artists, Swedish Fly Girls (1972)

Maggi, Clockworking Cosmic Spirits (1973)

Brian Maxine, Ribbon of Stainless Steel (1974)

Richard Thompson, (guitar, vocal) (1976)

Ian Matthews, Discreet Repeat (1980)

Richard Thompson, Doom and Gloom From the Tomb (1985)

Richard Thompson, Doom and Gloom II (Over My Dead Body) (1991)

Richard Thompson, Watching the Dark (1993)

Ashley Hutchings, The Guv'nor Vol. 1 (1994)

Ashley Hutchings, The Guv'nor Vol. 2 (1995)

Ashley Hutchings, The Guv'nor Vol. 3 (1995)

Ashley Hutchings, The Guv'nor Vol. 4 (1996)

Ashley Hutchings, (The Guv'nor Vol.) 5 (2002)

Jackson C. Frank, Blues Run the Game (Extended Deluxe Version) (2003)

Dave Swarbrick, Swarb! (2003)

Compilations with Sandy Denny

You Can All Join In (1969)

Nice Enough to Eat (1969)

Bumpers (1970)

El Pea (1971)

The Electric Muse (1975)

Island June-July 1975 New Release (1975)

It Ain't Me Babe (1980)

Island Life Media Sampler (1986)

The Island Story (1987)

Island Life - 25 Years of Island Records (1988)

Circle Dance - The Hokey Pokey Charity Collection (1990)

Voices: A Collection of Vocalists on Hannibal Records (1990)

Nice Enough to... Join In (1992)

Folk Routes (1994)

Troubadours of British Folk, Vol. 2 (1995)

New Electric Muse (1996)

New Electric Muse II (1997)

Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal: An Island Anthology 1967-1972 (2005)

The Fairport Companion: Loose Chippings from the Fairport Family Tree (2 CD, 2005)

Anthems in Eden: An Anthology of British & Irish Folk 1955-1978 (2006)

Midwinter (4 CD, 2006)

White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s (CD, 2006)

Beat-Club: Progressive Times Vol. 3 1970 (DVD, 2007)

The information presented here is believed to be accurate, even though the discography as a whole may be incomplete. I deliberately left out a bunch of Fairport Convention budget compilations. Should you discover any errors, please feel free to notify me of any omissions or errors.

I apologise for not being able to list any bootleg info. Fairport Convention's From Past Archives is a semi-official release, not a true bootleg.