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Jon Boden: Last Mile Home

Jon Boden: Last Mile Home (Hudson HUD022CD)

Last Mile Home
Jon Boden

Hudson Records HUD022CD (CD, UK, 5 March 2021)
Hudson Records HUD022LP (LP, UK, 14 May 2021)

Produced by Jon Boden and Andy Bell;
Recorded by Andy Bell at The Old Printworks, Sheffield;
Mixed by Andy Bell at Hudson Studios;
Mastered by Dean Homer;
Photography by Tim James;
Graphic design by Robin Beatty

Folk Radio UK review by Billy Rough


Jon Boden: vocals, guitar, electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, concertina, melodeon, accordion, piano, drums & percussion, double bass;
Mary Hampton: vocals,
Morven Bryce: violin;
Helen Bell: viola;
Lucy Revis: cello


Side 1

  1. Old Straight Track (5.08)
  2. Into the Garden (4.03)
  3. Honeysuckle Halo (4.49)
  4. Cinnamon Water (3.42)
  5. Dream of the Ocean (4.56)
  6. Under the Bough (2.58)

Side 2

  1. Lay My Body Down (4.06)
  2. Flash Flood (5.31)
  3. Walking Song (2.53)
  4. Come Out Wherever You Are (3.44)
  5. The Path Is Winding (3.25)
  6. Last Mile Home (3.18)

All tracks written by Jon Boden