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Illustrated Greentrax Recordings Discography

This is a list of the albums on the Greentrax Recordings label that I own, about half of their output, with rather more song and ballad albums than instrumental albums and compilations.
Greentrax Recordings was founded and run by Ian D. Green (29.01.1934-10.03.2024).

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Ian Hardie: A Breath of Fresh Airs (Greentrax CDTRAX001) Ian Hardie, A Breath of Fresh Airs, LP, TRAX001, 1986; CD, CDTRAX001, 2012

Rod Paterson: Two Hats (Greentrax TRAX004) Rod Paterson, Two Hats, LP, TRAX004, 1987

Heather Heywood: Some Kind of Love (Greentrax TRAX010) Heather Heywood, Some Kind of Love, LP, TRAX010, 1987; CD, CDTRAX010, 1995

Janet Russell & Christine Kydd (Greentrax CDTRAX011) Janet Russell & Christine Kydd, Janet Russell & Christine Kydd, LP, TRAX011, 1987; CD, CDTRAX011, 1994

Various Artists: Sandy Bell’s Ceilidh (Greentrax CDGMP8010) Various Artists, Sandy Bell’s Ceilidh (Celtic Collections Volume 10), cass., Greentrax CTRAX015, 1988

Rod Paterson: Smiling Waved Goodbye (Greentrax TRAX016) Rod Paterson, Smiling Waved Goodbye, LP, TRAX016, 1988

Archie Fisher: Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into… (Snow Goose SGS 1114) Archie Fisher, Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into…, CD, CDTRAX020, 1992

Robin Laing: Edinburgh Skyline (Greentrax CDTRAX021) Robin Laing, Edinburgh Skyline, LP, TRAX021, 1989; CD, CDTRAX021, 1997

Jack Beck: O Lassie, Lassie (Greentrax CDTRAX027) Jack Beck, O Lassie, Lassie, LP, TRAX027, 1989; CD, CDTRAX027, 2002

Jean Redpath: The Songs of Robert Burns Volumes 7 (Greentrax CDTRAX029) Jean Redpath, The Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 7, CD, CDTRAX029, 1990

Music & Song of Scotland (Greentrax CDGMP8017) Various Artists, Music & Song of Scotland, CD, CDTRAX030, 1989; CD, CDGMP8017, 2021

Jean Redpath: Leaving the Land (Greentrax CDTRAX039) Jean Redpath, Leaving the Land, CD, CDTRAX039, 1990

Ceolbeg: Seeds to the Wind (Greentrax CDTRAX048) Ceolbeg, Seeds to the Wind, CD, CDTRAX048, 1991

Ian Hardie: A Breath of Fresher Airs (Greentrax CDTRAX049) Ian Hardie, A Breath of Fresher Airs, CD, CDTRAX049, 1992

Niamh Parsons: Loosely Connected (Greentrax CDTRAX052) Niamh Parsons, Loosely Connected, CD, CDTRAX052, 1992

Heather Heywood: By Yon Castle Wa’ (Greentrax CDTRAX054) Heather Heywood, By Yon Castle Wa’, CD, CDTRAX054, 1993

Ceolbeg: An Unfair Dance (Fenn FMS 2049) Ceolbeg, An Unfair Dance, CD, CDTRAX058, 1993

Wendy Stewart: About Time (Greentrax CDTRAX059) Wendy Stewart, About Time, CD, CDTRAX059, 1992

Brian McNeill: Monksgate (Greentrax CDTRAX062) Brian McNeill, Monksgate, CD, CDTRAX062, 1992

Sangsters: Begin (Greentrax CDTRAX065) Sangsters, Begin, CD, CDTRAX065, 1993

Stravaig: Movin' On (Greentrax CDTRAX074) Stravaig, Movin' On, CD, CDTRAX074, 1994

Shooglenifty: Venus in Tweeds (Greentrax CDTRAX076) Shooglenifty, Venus in Tweeds, CD, CDTRAX076, 1994

Janet Russell & Christine Kydd: Dancin’ Chantin’ (Greentrax CDTRAX077) Janet Russell & Christine Kydd, Dancin’ Chantin’, CD, CDTRAX077, 1994

Smalltalk: Smalltalk (Greentrax CDTRAX079) Smalltalk, Smalltalk, CD, CDTRAX079, 1994

Gill Bowman: Perfect Lover (Greentrax CDTRAX081) Gill Bowman, Perfect Lover, CD, CDTRAX081, 1994

James Malcolm: Sconeward (Greentrax CDTRAX083) James Malcolm, Sconeward, CD, CDTRAX083, 1995

Gill Bowman: Toasting the Lassies (Greentrax CDTRAX085) Gill Bowman, Toasting the Lassies, CD, CDTRAX085, 1994

Bùrach: The Weird Set (Greentrax CDTRAX093) Bùrach, The Weird Set, CD, CDTRAX093, 1995

Sheena Wellington: Strong Women (Greentrax CDTRAX094) Sheena Wellington, Strong Women, CD, CDTRAX094, 1994

Bannal: Waulking Songs (Greentrax CDTRAX099) Bannal, Waulking Songs, CD, CDTRAX099, 1995

Ceolbeg: Five (Greentrax CDTRAX100) Ceolbeg, Five, CD, CDTRAX100, 1996

Seelyhoo: The First Caul (Greentrax CDTRAX102) Seelyhoo, The First Caul, CD, CDTRAX102, 1995

Deaf Shepherd: Ae Spark o’ Nature’s Fire (Greentrax CDTRAX104) Deaf Shepherd, Ae Spark o’ Nature’s Fire, CD, CDTRAX106, 1996

Shooglenifty: A Whisky Kiss (Greentrax CDTRAX106) Shooglenifty, A Whisky Kiss, CD, CDTRAX106, 1996

Kevin Mitchell: I Sang That Sweet Refrain (Greentrax CDTRAX108) Kevin Mitchell, I Sang That Sweet Refrain, CD, CDTRAX108, 1996

Dick Gaughan: Sail On (Greentrax CDTRAX109) Dick Gaughan, Sail On, CD, CDTRAX109, 1996

 A’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns (Greentrax CDTRAX112) Jock Tamson’s Bairns, A’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns, CD, CDTRAX112, 1996

Jean Redpath: The Songs of Robert Burns Volumes 1 & 2 (Greentrax CDTRAX114) Jean Redpath, The Songs of Robert Burns, Volumes 1 & 2, CD, CDTRAX114, 1996

Jean Redpath: The Songs of Robert Burns Volumes 3 & 4 (Greentrax CDTRAX115) Jean Redpath, The Songs of Robert Burns, Volumes 3 & 4, CD, CDTRAX115, 1996

Jean Redpath: The Songs of Robert Burns Volumes 5 & 6 (Greentrax CDTRAX116) Jean Redpath, The Songs of Robert Burns, Volumes 5 & 6, CD, CDTRAX116, 1996

Rod Paterson: Songs From the Bottom Drawer (Greentrax CDTRAX117) Rod Paterson, Songs From the Bottom Drawer, CD, CDTRAX117, 1996

Sìleas: Play On Light (Fenn FMS 2070) Sileas, Play on Light, CD, CDTRAX118, 1996

Isla St Clair: Scenes of Scotland (Greentrax CDTRAX119) Isla St Clair, Scenes of Scotland, CD, CDTRAX119, 1996

Adam McNaughtan: Last Stand at Mount Florida (Greentrax CDTRAX120) Adam McNaughtan, Last Stand at Mount Florida, CD, CDTRAX120, 1996

Gordeanna McCulloch: In Freenship’s Name (Greentrax CDTRAX123) Gordeanna McCulloch, In Freenship’s Name, CD, CDTRAX123, 1997

Wendy Stewart: About Time 2 (Greentrax CDTRAX126) Wendy Stewart, About Time 2, CD, CDTRAX126, 1997

Ossian: The Carrying Stream (Greentrax CDTRAX127) Ossian, The Carrying Stream, CD, CDTRAX127, 1997

Eilidh Shaw: Heepirumbo (Greentrax CDTRAX131) Eilidh Shaw, Heepirumbo, CD, CDTRAX131, 1998

Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonald: Fhuair Mi Pòg (Greentrax CDTRAX132) Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonald, Fhuair Mi Pòg, CD, CDTRAX132, 1998

Bùrach: Born Tired (Greentrax CDTRAX136) Bùrach, Born Tired, CD, CDTRAX136, 1997

Robin Laing: The Angels’ Share (Greentrax CDTRAX137) Robin Laing, The Angels’ Share, CD, CDTRAX137, 1997

Deaf Shepherd: Synergy (Greentrax CDTRAX143) Deaf Shepherd, Synergy, CD, CDTRAX153, 1997

Isla St Clair: Tatties & Herrin’: The Land (Greentrax CDTRAX145) Isla St Clair, Tatties & Herrin’: The Land, CD, CDTRAX145, 1997

Isla St Clair: Tatties & Herrin’: The Sea (Greentrax CDTRAX146) Isla St Clair, Tatties & Herrin’: The Sea, CD, CDTRAX146, 1997

Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley: Huldreland (Greentrax CDTRAX148) Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley, Huldreland, CD, CDTRAX148, 1997

Jim Malcolm: Rohallion (Greentrax CDTRAX083) Jim Malcolm, Rohallion, CD, CDTRAX150, 1998

Ian Hardie & Andy Thorburn: The Spider’s Web (Greentrax CDTRAX152) Ian Hardie & Andy Thorburn, The Spider’s Web, CD, CDTRAX152, 1998

Ian Bruce: Hodden Grey (Greentrax CDTRAX156) Ian Bruce, Hodden Grey, CD, CDTRAX156, 1998

Dick Gaughan: Redwood Cathedral (Greentrax CDTRAX158) Dick Gaughan, Redwood Cathedral, CD, CDTRAX158, 1997

Seelyhoo: Leetera (Greentrax CDTRAX160) Seelyhoo, Leetera, CD, CDTRAX160, 1998

Various Artists: Folkal Point: Edinburgh (Greentrax CDTRAX168) Various Artists, Folkal Point: Edinburgh, CD, CDTRAX168, 1998

Brian McNeill: To Answer the Peacock (Greentrax CDTRAX170) Brian McNeill, To Answer the Peacock, CD, CDTRAX170, 1999

Jimmy Young: Pipeworks (Greentrax CDTRAX171) Jimmy Young, Pipeworks, CD, CDTRAX171, 1999

Aileen Carr: Green Yarrow (Greentrax CDTRAX173) Aileen Carr, Green Yarrow, CD, CDTRAX173, 2000

Various Artists: A Clear Day's Dawnin' (Greentrax CDTRAX176) Various Artists, A Clear Day's Dawnin', CD, CDTRAX176, 1999

John Wright Band: Pages Turning (Greentrax CDTRAX177) The John Wright Band, Pages Turning, CD, CDTRAX177, 1999

Iain MacInnes: Tryst (Greentrax CDTRAX182) Iain MacInnes, Tryst, CD, CDTRAX182, 1999

Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley: Mither o’ the Sea (Greentrax CDTRAX183) Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley, Mither o’ the Sea, CD, CDTRAX183, 1999

Robin Laing: Imaginary Lines (Greentrax CDTRAX185) Robin Laing, Imaginary Lines, CD, CDTRAX185, 1999

Ceolbeg: Five (Greentrax CDTRAX100) Ceolbeg, Five, CD, CDTRAX100, 1996

Bùrach: Deeper (Greentrax CDTRAX189) Bùrach, Deeper, CD, CDTRAX189, 2000

Malinky: Last Leaves (Greentrax CDTRAX190) Malinky, Last Leaves, CD, CDTRAX190, 2000

Roddy Campbell: Tarruinn Anmoch (Greentrax CDTRAX191) Roddy Campbell, Tarruinn Anmoch, CD, CDTRAX191, 2000

Jack Evans: Once Upon a Time in the North (Greentrax CDTRAX192) Jack Evans, Once Upon a Time in the North, CD, CDTRAX192, 2000

John Wright: A Few Short Lines (Greentrax CDTRAX194) John Wright, A Few Short Lines, CD, CDTRAX194, 2000

Adam McNaughtan: The Words That I Used to Know (Greentrax CDTRAX195D) Adam McNaughtan, The Words That I Used to Know, 2 CD, CDTRAX195D, 2000

Rod Paterson: Up to Date (Greentrax CDTRAX197) Rod Paterson, Up to Date, CD, CDTRAX197, 2000

Billy Ross: Shore Street (Greentrax CDTRAX198) Billy Ross, Shore Street, CD, CDTRAX198, 2000

macAlias: Highwired (Greentrax CDTRAX199) macAlias, Highwired, CD, CDTRAX199, 2000

The Easy Club: The Easy Club (Greentrax CDTRAX205) The Easy Club, The Easy Club, CD, CDTRAX205, 2001

May You Never Lack a Scone (Greentrax CDTRAX206) Jock Tamson’s Bairns, May You Never Lack a Scone, CD, CDTRAX206, 2001

Sangsters: Sharp and Sweet (Greentrax CDTRAX207) Sangsters, Sharp and Sweet, CD, CDTRAX207, 2000

Jean Redpath: Summer of My Dreams (Greentrax CDTRAX208) Jean Redpath, Summer of My Dreams, CD, CDTRAX208, 2000

Mairi MacInnes: Orosay (Greentrax CDTRAX209) Mairi MacInnes, Orosay, CD, CDTRAX209, 2001

Mairi MacInnes: Tickettyboo (Greentrax CDTRAX211) Mairi MacInnes, Tickettyboo, CD, CDTRAX211, 2002

Scots Women (Greentrax CDTRAX213D) Various Artists, Scots Women: Live From Celtic Connections 2001, 2 CD, CDTRAX213D, 2002

Gary West: The Islay Ball (Greentrax CDTRAX221) Gary West, The islay Ball, CD, CDTRAX221, 2001

Dick Gaughan: Outlaws & Dreamers (Greentrax CDTRAX222) Dick Gaughan, Outlaws & Dreamers, CD, CDTRAX222, 2001

Drinkers Drouth with Davy Steele: A Tribute (Greentrax CDTRAX223) Drinkers Drouth with Davy Steele, A Tribute, CD, CDTRAX223, 2001

Phamie Gow: Lammermuir (Greentrax CDTRAX224) Phamie Gow, Lammermuir, CD, CDTRAX224, 2002

Malinky: 3 Ravens (Greentrax CDTRAX233) Malinky, 3 Ravens, CD, CDTRAX233, 2002

Dick Gaughan: Prentice Piece (Greentrax CDTRAX236D) Dick Gaughan, Prentice Piece, 2 CD, CDTRAX236D, 2002

Sheena Wellington: Hamely Fare (Greentrax CDTRAX240) Sheena Wellington, Hamely Fare, CD, CDTRAX240, 2003

Wendy Stewart: Standing Wave (Greentrax CDTRAX242) Wendy Stewart, Standing Wave, CD, CDTRAX242, 2003

Tony Cuffe: Sae Will We Yet (Greentrax CDTRAX243) Tony Cuffe, Sae Will We Yet, CD, CDTRAX243, 2003

Hamish Henderson: A' the Bairns o Adam (Greentrax CDTRAX244) Hamish Handerson et al, A' the Bairns o Adam, CD, CDTRAX244, 2003

GiveWay: Full Steam Ahead (Greentrax CDTRAX245) GiveWay, Full Steam Ahead, CD, CDTRAX245, 2003

Robin Laing: The Water of Life (Greentrax CDTRAX246) Robin Laing, The Water of Life, CD, CDTRAX246, 2003

The Poozies: Changed Days, Same Roots (Greentrax CDTRAX249) The Poozies, Changed Days, Same Roots, CD, CDTRAX249, 2003

Stairheid Gossip: Stirrin’ It Up (Greentrax CDTRAX250) Stairheid Gossip, Stirrin’ It Up, CD, CDTRAX250, 2003

Matt McGinn: The Best of Matt McGinn Volume 2 (Greentrax CDTRAX253) Matt McGinn, The Best of Matt McGinn Volume 2, CD, CDTRAX253, 2003

Annie Grace: Take Me Out Drinking Tonight (Greentrax CDTRAX256) Annie Grace, Take Me Out Drinking Tonight, CD, CDTRAX256, 2004

Scottish Women (Greentrax CDTRAX261) Various Artists, Scottish Women: Scotland's Queens of Songs Recorded Live on Tour 2002, CD, CDTRAX261, 2004

The Piper and the Maker (Greentrax CDTRAX265) Various Artists, The Piper and the Maker, CD, CDTRAX265, 2004

Jock Tamson’s Bairns: Rare (Greentrax CDTRAX266) Jock Tamson’s Bairns, Rare, CD, CDTRAX266, 2005

Shoormal: Migrant (Greentrax CDTRAX267) Shoormal, Migrant, CD, CDTRAX267, 2003

Various Artists: The Clear Stream (Greentrax CDTRAX268) Various Artists, The Clear Stream, CD, CDTRAX268, 2004

McCalman Singular (Greentrax CDTRAX269) Various Artists, McCalman Singular, CD, CDTRAX269, 2004

Archie Fisher and Garnet Rogers: Off the Map (Snow Goose SGSCD 1112) Archie Fisher and Garnet Rogers, Off the Map, CD, CDTRAX270, 2004

Various Artists: Gentle Giants (Greentrax CDTRAX271) Various Artists, Gentle Giants: A Celebration of the Clydesdale Horse in Song, CD, CDTRAX271, 2004

Jim Reid: Yont the Tay (Greentrax CDTRAX272) Jim Reid, Yont the Tay, CD, CDTRAX272, 2005

Steve Byrne: Songs From Home (Greentrax CDTRAX275) Steve Byrne, Songs From Home, CD, CDTRAX275, 2006

Malinky: The Unseen Hours (Greentrax CDTRAX276) Malinky, The Unseen Hours, CD, CDTRAX276, 2005

GiveWay: Inspired (Greentrax CDTRAX280) GiveWay, Inspired, CD, CDTRAX280, 2005

Alan Bell: The Definitive Collection (Greentrax CDTRAX285) Alan Bell, The Definitive Collection, CD, CDTRAX285, 2005

Dick Gaughan: Lucky for Some (Greentrax CDTRAX290) Dick Gaughan, Lucky for Some, CD, CDTRAX290, 2006

Bodega: Bodega (Greentrax CDTRAX295) Bodega, Bodega, CD, CDTRAX295, 2006

Shoormal: Turning Tide (Greentrax CDTRAX301) Shoormal, Turning Tide, CD, CDTRAX301, 2006

Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre: White Wings (Greentrax CDTRAX306) Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre, White Wings, CD, CDTRAX306, 2007

Mark Dunlop: Islands on the Moon (Greentrax CDTRAX307) Mark Dunlop, Islands on the Moon, CD, CDTRAX307, 2008

No. 1 Scottish (Greentrax CDTRAX310) RSAMD students, No.1 Scottish: Traditional Music From the RSAMD, CD, RSAMD, 2002, CDTRAX310, 2006

Robin Laing: One for the Road (Greentrax CDTRAX313) Robin Laing, One for the Road, CD, CDTRAX313, 2007

Sylvia Barnes: The Colour of Amber (Greentrax CDTRAX314) Sylvia Barnes, The Colour of Amber, CD, CDTRAX314, 2007

Dàimh: Crossing Point (Greentrax CDTRAX316) Dàimh, Crossing Point, CD, CDTRAX316, 2007

Ross Kennedy: Scottish Voice and Acoustic Guitar (Greentrax CDTRAX317) Ross Kennedy, Scottish Voice and Acoustic Guitar, CD, CDTRAX317, 2007

The Cast: Greengold (Greentrax CDTRAX319) The Cast, Greengold, CD, CDTRAX319, 2007

Fiona Mackenzie: Duan Nollaig (Greentrax CDTRAX320D) Fiona Mackenzie, Duan Nollaig (A Gaelic Christmas), 2 CD, CDTRAX320D, 2007

Dick Gaughan: Live! at the Trades Club (Greentrax CDTRAX322) Dick Gaughan, Live! at the Trades Club, CD, CDTRAX322, 2008

Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller: In a Bleeze (Greentrax CDTRAX 324) Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller, In a Bleeze, CD, CDTRAX324, 2008

Bodega: Under the Counter (Greentrax CDTRAX325) Bodega, Under the Counter, CD, CDTRAX325, 2008

Ewan Robertson: Some Kind of Certainty (Greentrax CDTRAX328) Ewan Robertson, Some Kind of Certainty, CD, CDTRAX328, 2010

Archie Fisher: Windward Away (Greentrax CDTRAX329) Archie Fisher, Windward Away, CD, CDTRAX329, 2008

Malinky: Flower & Iron (Greentrax CDTRAX330) Malinky, Flower & Iron, CD, CDTRAX330, 2008

GiveWay: Lost in This Song (Greentrax CDTRAX332) GiveWay, Lost in This Song, CD, CDTRAX332, 2009

Jean Redpath: Will Ye No Come Back Again? (Greentrax CDTRAX334) Jean Redpath with Abby Newton, Will Ye No Come Back Again?, CD, CDTRAX334, 2009

Fiona J. Mackenzie: Deagh Dheis Aodaich (Greentrax CDTRAX339) Fiona Mackenzie, Deagh Dheis Aodaich (A Good Suit of Clothes), CD, CDTRAX339, 2009

People and Songs of the Sea (Greentrax CDTRAX338) Various Artists, People and Songs of the Sea, CD, CDTRAX338, 2009

Paul Anderson: Home+Beauty (Greentrax CDTRAX340) Paul Anderson, Home+Beauty, CD, CDTRAX340, 2009

Brian McNeill: The Baltic tae Byzantium (Greentrax CDTRAX341) Brian McNeill, The Baltic tae Byzantium, CD, CDTRAX341, 2009

The Poozies: Yellow Like Sunshine (Greentrax CDTRAX342) The Poozies, Yellow Like Sunshine, CD, CDTRAX342, 2009

Dàimh: Diversions (Greentrax CDTRAX343) Dàimh, Diversions, CD, CDTRAX343, 2010

Mick West: Sark o’ Snaw (Greentrax CDTRAX344) Mick West, Sark o’ Snaw, CD, CDTRAX344, 2009

Lorne MacDougall: Hello World (Greentrax CDTRAX345) Lorne MacDougall, Hello World, CD, CDTRAX345, 2010

Stevie Palmer: Heartprint Shadow (Greentrax CDTRAX347) Stevie Palmer, Heartprint Shadow, CD, CDTRAX347, 2010

Mike Vass & Dave Wood: Wait What? (Greentrax CDTRAX349) Mike Vass & Dave Wood, Wait What?, CD, CDTRAX349, 2010

The McCalmans: The Greentrax Years (Greentrax CDTRAX350) The McCalmans, The Greentrax Years, 2 CD, CDTRAX350, 2010

Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller: Shadows Tall (Greentrax CDTRAX352) Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller, Shadows Tall, CD, CDTRAX352, 2010

Barbara Dickson: Words Unspoken (Greentrax CDTRAX353) Barbara Dickson, Words Unspoken, CD, CDTRAX353, 2011

The Future of Our Past (Greentrax CDTRAX357) RSAMD students, The Future of Our Past: Scottish Music at the RSAMD 2010, CD, CDTRAX357, 2010

Davy Steele: Steele the Show (Greentrax CDTRAX358) Davy Steele, Steele the Show, CD, CDTRAX358, 2011

Robin Laing: Whisky for Breakfast (Greentrax CDTRAX361) Robin Laing, Whisky for Breakfast, CD, CDTRAX361, 2011

Rura: Break It Up (Greentrax CDTRAX364) Rura, Break It Up, CD, CDTRAX364, 2012

Alistair Ogilvy: Leaves Sae Green (Greentrax CDTRAX365) Alistair Ogilvy, Leaves Sae Green, CD, CDTRAX365, 2012

David Francey: Late Edition (Greentrax CDTRAX366) David Francey, Late Edition, CD, CDTRAX366, 2012

David Francey: The First Set (Greentrax CDTRAX367) David Francey, The First Set, CD, CDTRAX367, 2012

Fiona J. Mackenzie: Archipelago (Greentrax CDTRAX368) Fiona J. Mackenzie, Archipelago, CD, CDTRAX368, 2012

Ceolbeg: Collected (Greentrax CDTRAX374) Ceolbeg, Collected, CD, CDTRAX374, 2013

David Francey: So Say We All (Greentrax CDTRAX377) David Francey, So Say We All, CD, CDTRAX377, 2013

Various Artists: The Scottish Diaspora (Greentrax CDTRAX380) Various Artists, The Scottish Diaspora, 2 CD, CDTRAX380, 2014

Fraser and Ian Bruce: The Best of… Mrs Bruce’s Boys (Greentrax CDTRAX385) Fraser and Ian Bruce, The Best of… Mrs Bruce’s Boys, CD, CDTRAX385, 2015

Various Artists: A Tribute in Music and Song to John Bellany (Greentrax CDTRAX386) Various Artists, A Tribute in Music and Song to John Bellany, CD, CDTRAX386, 2015

Various Artists: Scotia Nova (Greentrax CDTRAX390) Various Artists, Scotia Nova, CD, CDTRAX387, 2016

Archie Fisher: A Silent Song (Greentrax CDTRAX388) Archie Fisher, A Silent Song, CD, CDTRAX388, 2015

Various Artists: Reclaimed (Greentrax CDTRAX390) Various Artists, Reclaimed: Pipe Music and Song From the Scottish Borders, CD, CDTRAX390, 2016

Freeland Barbour and Friends: The Music and the Land (Greentrax CDTRAX392) Freeland Barbour and Friends, The Music and the Land, CD, CDTRAX392, 2016

Sineag MacIntyre: Lòn Bàn (Greentrax CDTRAX396) Sineag MacIntyre, Lòn Bàn, CD, CDTRAX396, 2018

Various Artists: Scotland's Voices (Greentrax CDTRAX400) Various Artists, Scotland's Voices, CD, CDTRAX400, 2018

Christine Kydd: Shift and Change (Greentrax CDTRAX401) Christine Kydd, Shift and Change, CD, CDTRAX401, 2019

Malinky: Handsel (Greentrax CDTRAX402) Malinky, Handsel, 2 CD, CDTRAX402, 2019

Dougie Mackenzie: Along the Way (Greentrax CDTRAX403) Dougie Mackenzie with Brian Miller, Along the Way, CD, CDTRAX403, 2019

Alexander McCall Smith & James Ross: These Are the Hands (Greentrax CDTRAX404) Alexander McCall Smith & James Ross, These Are the Hands, CD, CDTRAX404, 2019

Tony McManus & Julia Toaspern: Live in Concert (Greentrax CDTRAX405) Tony McManus & Julia Toaspern, Live in Concert, CD, Greentrax CDTRAX405, 2019

Dick Gaughan: The Harvard Tapes (Greentrax CDTRAX406) Dick Gaughan, The Harvard Tapes, CD, CDTRAX406, 2019

Stevie Palmer: We Become the Sunshine (Greentrax CDTRAX408) Stevie Palmer, We Become the Sunshine, CD, CDTRAX408, 2020

§Hamish Henderson: Ballad of the Banffies (Greentrax CDTRAX410) Hamish Henderson, Ballad of the Banffies, CD, CDTRAX410, 2021

Brian McNeill: No Silence (Greentrax CDTRAX412) Brian McNeill, No Silence, CD, CDTRAX412, 2020

Fraser Bruce: Every Song’s a Story (Greentrax CDTRAX413) Fraser Bruce, Every Song’s a Story, CD, CDTRAX413, 2020

Ian Bruce & The Tartan Spiders: Young Territorial (Greentrax CDTRAX414) Ian Bruce & The Tartan Spiders, Young Territorial, CD, CDTRAX414, 2021

Fiona J. Mackenzie: Tac’ an Teine (Greentrax CDTRAX415) Fiona J. Mackenzie, Tac’ an Teine (The Fireside), CD, CDTRAX416, 2022

Bruce & Walker: Born to Rottenrow (Greentrax DVTRAX2023) Bruce & Walker, Born to Rottenrow, CD+DVD, DVTRAX2023, 2014

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For Freedom Alone (Greentrax CDTRAX1314) Various Artists, For Freedom Alone: The Wars of Independence, CD, CDTRAX1314, 2014

Far, Far from Ypres (Greentrax CDTRAX1418) Various Artists, Far, Far from Ypres, 2 CD, CDTRAX1418, 2008

The Flooers o' the Forest (Greentrax CDTRAX1513) Various Artists, The Flooers o' the Forest, 2 CD, CDTRAX1513, 2013

Far, Far from Ypres—The Concert (Greentrax CDTRAX2024) Various Artists, Far, Far from Ypres—The Concert, DVD, DVTRAX2024, 2018

Ceilidh House Sessions (Greentrax CDTRAX5002) Various Artists, Ceilidh House Sessions, CD, CDTRAX5002, 1994

Folk Songs of North-East Scotland (Greentrax CDTRAX5003) Various Artists, Folk Songs of North-East Scotland, CD, CDTRAX5003, 1995

Various Artists: If It Wisnae for the Union (Greentrax CDTRAX5005 Various Artists, If It Wisnae for the Union, STUC Centenary album, CD, CDTRAX5005, 1995

Greentrax 30th Anniversary: The Special Projects (Greentrax CDTRAXS8616) Various Artists, Greentrax 30th Anniversary: The Special Projects, 2 CD, CDTRAX S8616, 2016

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Bothy Ballads (Greentrax CDTRAX9001) Various Artists, Bothy Ballads (Scottish Tradition 1), LP, Tangent TNGM 109, 1971, CD, CDTRAX9001, 1993

Music From the Western Isles (Greentrax CDTRAX9002) Various Artists, Music From the Western Isles (Scottish Tradition 2), LP, Tangent TNGM 110, 1971, CD, CDTRAX9002, 1992

Waulking Songs From Barra (Greentrax CDTRAX9003) Various Artists, Waulking Songs From Barra (Scottish Tradition 3), LP, Tangent TNGM 111, 1972, CD, CDTRAX9003, 1993

Shetland Fiddle Music (Greentrax CDTRAX9004) Various Artists, Shetland Fiddle Music (Scottish Tradition 4), LP, Tangent TNGM 117, 1973, CD, CDTRAX9004, 1994

The Muckle Sangs (Greentrax CDTRAX9005) Various Artists, The Muckle Sangs (Scottish Tradition 5), LP, Tangent TNGM 119, 1975, CD, CDTRAX9005, 1992

Gaelic Psalms from Lewis (Greentrax CDTRAX9006) Various Artists, Gaelic Psalms from Lewis (Scottish Tradition 6), LP, Tangent TNGM 120, 1975, CD, CDTRAX9006, 1994

Calum Ruadh: Bard of Skye (Greentrax CDTRAX9007) Calum Ruadh, Bard of Skye (Scottish Tradition 7), LP, Tangent TNGM 128, 1978, CD, CDTRAX9007, 2010

James Campbell of Kintail: Gaelic Songs (Greentrax CDTRAX9008) James Campbell, Gaelic Songs (Scottish Tradition 8), LP, Tangent TNGM 140, 1984, CD, CDTRAX9008, 2010

The Fiddler and His Art (Greentrax CDTRAX9009) Various Artists, The Fiddler and His Art (Scottish Tradition 9), CD, CDTRAX9009, 1993

Pibroch: Pipe Major William MacLean (Greentrax CDTRAX9010D) Pibroch: Pipe Major William MacLean (Scottish Tradition 10), 2 CD, CDTRAX9010D, 2015

Calum & Annie Johnston: Songs, Stories and Piping from Barra (Greentrax CDTRAX9013D) Calum & Annie Johnston, Songs, Stories and Piping from Barra (Scottish Tradition 13), 2 CD, CDTRAX9013D, 2010

Peter Morrison: Gaelic Stories (Greentrax CDTRAX9014) Peter Morrison, Gaelic Stories (Scottish Tradition 14), CD, CDTRAX9014, 2017

Pibroch: George Moss (Greentrax CDTRAX9015) Pibroch: George Moss (Scottish Tradition 15), CD, CDTRAX9015, 2015

William Matheson: Gaelic Bards & Minstrels (Greentrax CDTRAX9016D) William Matheson, Gaelic Bards & Minstrels (Scottish Tradition 16), 2 CD, CDTRAX9016D, March 2010

Scottish Traditional Tales (Greentrax CDTRAX9017D) Various Artists, Scottish Traditional Tales (Scottish Tradition 17), 2 CD, CDTRAX 9017D, 2000

Clo Dubh Clo Donn (Greentrax CDTRAX9018) Various Artists, Clo Dubh Clo Dunn (Scottish Tradition 18), CD, CDTRAX9018, May 2001

Seonag NicCoinnich – Joan MacKenzie (Greentrax CDTRAX9019) Seonag NicCoinnich, Seonag NicCoinnich (Scottish Tradition 19), CD, CDTRAX9019, May 1999

The Carrying Stream (Greentrax CDTRAX9020) Various Artists, The Carrying Stream (Scottish Tradition 20), CD, CDTRAX 9020, 2004

Orkney: Land, Sea & Community (Greentrax CDTRAX9021) Various Artists, Orkney: Land, Sea & Community (Scottish Tradition 21), CD, CDTRAX9021, April 2004

Chokit on a Tattie: Children’s Songs and Rhymes (Greentrax CDTRAX9022) Various Artists, Chokit on a Tattie: Children’s Songs and Rhymes (Scottish Tradition 22), CD, CDTRAX9022, May 2006

Wooed and Married and Aa (Greentrax CDTRAX9023) Various Artists, Wooed and Married and Aa (Scottish Tradition 23), CD, CDTRAX9023, May 2008

Songs and Ballads From Perthshire Field Recordings of the 1950s (Greentrax CDTRAX9024) Various Artists, Songs and Ballads From Perthshire Field Recordings of the 1950s (Scottish Tradition 24), CD, CDTRAX 9024, 2011

Gaelic Songs From the North Uist Tradition (Greentrax CDTRAX9025) Various Artists, Gaelic Songs From the North Uist Tradition (Scottish Tradition 25), CD, CDTRAX9025, 2013

Cruinneachadh Chaluim (Greentrax CDTRAX9026D) Various Artists, Cruinneachadh Chaluim: Field Recordings of Gaelic Music and Songs From the Highlands and Islands (Scottish Tradition 26), 2 CD, CDTRAX9026D, 2015

Sguaban À Tìr An Eòrna: Traditions of Tiree (Greentrax CDTRAX9027) Various Artists, Sguaban À Tìr An Eòrna: Traditions of Tiree (Scottish Tradition 27), CD, CDTRAX9027, 2016

Dhannsadh Gun Dannsadh: Dance-Songs of the Scottish Gaels (Greentrax CDTRAX9028) Various Artists, Dhannsadh Gun Dannsadh: Dance-Songs of the Scottish Gaels (Scottish Tradition 28), CD, CDTRAX9028, 2019

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Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise: Cilla & Artie (Greentrax CDTRAX9050) Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise, Cilla & Artie, LP, Topic 12TS405, 1979; CD, CDTRAX9050, 1998

The Caledonian Companion (Greentrax CDTRAX9051) Charlie Bremner, Willie Fraser, John Grant, Alex Green, The Caledonian Companion, LP, Topic 12TS266, 1975; CD, CDTRAX9051, 1998

Davie Stewart: Davie Stewart (Greentrax CDTRAX9052) Davie Stewart, Davie Stewart, LP, Topic 12T293, 1978; CD, CDTRAX9052, 1998

John MacDonald: The Singing Molecatcher of Morayshire (Greentrax CDTRAX9053) John MacDonald, The Singing Molecatcher of Morayshire, LP, Topic 12TS263, 1975; CD, CDTRAX9053, 1998

Willie Scott: The Shepherd’s Song (Greentrax CDTRAX9054) Willie Scott, The Shepherd’s Song, LP, Topic 12T183, 1968; CD, CDTRAX9054, 1998

Belle Stewart: Queen Among the Heather (Greentrax CDTRAX9055) Belle Stewart, Queen Among the Heather, LP, Topic 12TS307, 1977; CD, CDTRAX9055, 1998

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Bah! Humbug (Greentrax G2CD7007) Various Artists, Bah! Humbug, CD, G2CD7007, 2002

Various Artists: A Highland JourneyGreentrax CDGMP8008) Jack Evans et al., A Highland Journey (Celtic Collections Vol. 8), CD, CDGMP8008, 2005

Various Artists: Sandy Bell's Ceilidh (Greentrax CDGMP8010) Various Artists, Sandy Bell's Ceilidh (Celtic Collections Volume 10), LP, Dara LPA021, 1977; CD, CDGMP8010, 2006

Various Artists: Favourite Scottish Songs (Greentrax CDGMP8016) Various Artists, Favourite Scottish Songs (Celtic Collections Volume 16), CD, Greentrax CDGMP8016, 2014

Music & Song of Scotland (Greentrax CDGMP8017) Various Artists, Music & Song of Scotland, CD, CDTRAX030, 1989; CD, CDGMP8017, 2021