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Index of Laws Ballads

This is a list of Laws Ballads featured on this site. It is automagically generated from the title lines in the site’s song pages.

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Ballads in Native American Balladry

A: War Ballads

C: Ballads of Lumberjacks

D: Ballads of Sailors and the Sea

E: Ballads About Criminals and Outlaws

F: Murder Ballads

G: Ballads of Tragedies and Disasters

H: Ballads on Various Topics

I: Ballads of the Negro

Ballads in American Balladry From British Broadsides

J: War Ballads

K: Ballads of Sailors and the Sea

L: Ballads of Crime and Criminals

M: Ballads of Family Opposition to Lovers

N: Ballads of Lovers’ Disguise and Tricks

O: Ballads of Faithful Lovers

P: Ballads of Unfaithful Lovers

Q: Humorous and Miscellaneous Ballads