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Laura Jane Wilkie: Vent (Hudson HUD049CD) Laura Jane Wilkie, Vent, CD/LP, Hudson HUD049CD/LP, 5 July 2024

Jennifer Austin: Night Painting (Jennifer Austin WELL001CD) Jennifer Austin, Night Painting, CD, Jennifer Austin WELL001CD, 27 June 2024

Esther Swift: Expectations of a Lifetime (Esther Swift) Esther Swift, Expectations of a Lifetime, CD, Esther Swift, 14 June 2024

Christina Alden & Alex Patterson: Safe Travels Christina Alden & Alex Patterson, Safe Travels, DL single, Christina Alden & Alex Patterson, 7 June 2024

M.G. Boulter: Days of Shaking (Hudson HUD050CD) M.G. Boulter, Days of Shaking, CD/LP, Hudson HUD050CD/LP, 7 June 2024

Kim Carnie: New Orleans (Càrn) Kim Carnie, New Orleans, DL single, Càrn, 7 June 2024

Landless: Lúireach (Glitterbeat GBCD 157) Landless, Lúireach, CD/LP, Glitterbeat GBCD/LP 157, 7 June 2024

Rachel Newton: Seallagh (Hudson HUD048CD) Rachel Newton, Seallagh, CD/LP, Hudson HUD048CD/LP, 7 June 2024

Richard Thompson: Ship to Shore (New West CDNW6578) Richard Thompson, Ship to Shore, CD/2 LP, New West CD/LPNW6578, 31 May 2024

Blair Dunlop: Out of the Rain (Gilded Wings GWR012CD) Blair Dunlop, Out of the Rain, CD/2 LP, Gilded Wings Records GWR012CD/LP, 24 May 2024

Painted Sky: From the Blue (Gilded Lily GILDEDDB1) Painted Sky, From the Blue, CD, Gilded Lily GILDEDDB1, 22 May 2024

Sonya Cohen Cramer: You’ve Been a Friend to Me (Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40259) Sonya Cohen Cramer, You’ve Been a Friend to Me, CD, Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40259, 17 May 2024

Josienne Clarke: Parenthesis, I (Corduroy Punk CPR14LP) Josienne Clarke, Parenthesis, I, CD/LP, Corduroy Punk CPR14CD/LP, 10 May 2024

Tom Kitching with Marit Fält: Where There’s Brass (Talking Cat TCCD2401) Tom Kitching with Marit Fält, Where There’s Brass, CD, Talking Cat TCCD2401, 10 May 2024

Stick in the Wheel: Ruins (From Here SITW023CD) Stick in the Wheel, Ruins, EP, From Here SITW023CD, 10 May 2024

Jack Badcock: Cosmography (Jack Badcock JKBK003CD) Jack Badcock, Cosmography, CD/LP, Jack Badcock JKBK003CD/LP, 3 May 2024

Malin Lewis: Halocline (Hudson HUD051CD) Malin Lewis, Halocline, CD/LP, Hudson HUD051CD/LP, 3 May 2024

Miranda Rutter: Bird Tunes (Miranda Rutter) Miranda Rutter, Bird Tunes, CD, Miranda Rutter, 1 May 2024

Banter: Heroes (Mrs Casey MCRCD4202) Banter, Heroes, CD, Mrs Casey MCRCD4202, 29 April 2024

Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach: A Breaking Sky (Braw Sailin’ ALB014BSR) Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach, A Breaking Sky, CD, Braw Sailin’ ALB014BSR, 26 April 2024

Frankie Archer: Lovely Joan (Frankie Archer) Frankie Archer, Lovely Joan, DL single, Frankie Archer, 25 April 2024

Anne Briggs: Anne Briggs (Topic TTSLP006) Anne Briggs: The Lost Tape (Topic STOP2024) Anne Briggs, Anne Briggs, LP reissue, Topic TTSLP006, w/ The Lost Tape, bonus single, Topic STOP2024, 20 April 2024

Alterne: Alterne (GO’ Danish GO0324) Alterne, Alterne, CD, GO’ Danish GO0324, 19 April 2024

Martin Simpson: Skydancers (Topic TXCD613) Martin Simpson, Skydancers, 2 CD/LP, Topic TXCD613/TSLP613, 12 April 2024

Eliza Carthy: No Wasted Joy (Hem Hem HHR24001) Eliza Carthy, No Wasted Joy, DL, Hem Hem HHR24001, 12 April 2024

Julie Abbé: Out of the Ashes (Anisogoma ANIS002) Julie Abbé, Out of the Ashes, CD, Anisogoma ANIS002, 5 April 2024

Ben Nicholls: Duets (Hudson HUD042CD) Ben Nicholls, Duets, CD, Hudson HUD042CD, 5 April 2024

Seb Stone: Young Tamlyn’s Away (Seb Stone) Seb Stone, Young Tamlyn’s Away, CD, Seb Stone, 30 March 2024

From the Ground: From the Ground (From the Ground FTG02) From the Ground, From the Ground, CD, From the Ground FTG02, 29 March 2024

Will Page: Still Standing (Union UML024) Will Page, Still Standing, CD, Union UML024, 29 March 2024

Becky Price and Friends: An Outbreak of Cats (WildGoose WGS441CD) Becky Price and Friends, An Outbreak of Cats, CD, WildGoose WGS445CD, 29 March 2024

Olivia Chaney: Circus of Desire (Olivia Chaney OC002CD) Olivia Chaney, Circus of Desire, CD/LP, Olivia Chaney OC002CD/LP, 22 March 2024

Iona Lane: Bring the Tide In (Iona Lane ILR002CD) Iona Lane, Bring the Tide In, CD EP, Iona Lane ILR002CD, 22 March 2024

Living With Machines: Living With Machines (Living With Machines LWM001) Living With Machines, Living With Machines, CD, Living With Machines LWM001, 15 March 2024

Sam Lee: Songdreaming (Cooking Vinyl COOKLP915) Sam Lee, Songdreaming, CD/LP, Cooking Vinyl COOKCD915/COOKLP915, 15 March 2024

Pete Morton: Fair Freedom (Further FURTHER004) Pete Morton, Fair Freedom, CD, Further FURTHER004, 11 March 2024

Niels Erik ‘Hiller’ Rasmussen, Clara Tesch, Mads Kjøller Henningsen: Rundt Segen (GO’ Danish GO0724) Niels Erik ‘Hiller’ Rasmussen, Clara Tesch, Mads Kjøller Henningsen, Rundt Segen, CD, GO’ Danish GO0724, 8 March 2024

Marry Waterson & Adrian Crowley: Cuckoo Storm (One Little Independent TPLP1825CD) Marry Waterson & Adrian Crowley, Cuckoo Storm, LP/CD, One Little Independent TPLP1825/TPLP1825CD, 8 March 2024

Christine Collister: Children of the Sea (Fledg’ling FLED 3115) Christine Collister, Children of the Sea, book w/ CD, Fledg’ling FLED 3115, 4 March 2024

Matt Sier: Left Road, Right Road (Matt Sier) Matt Sier, Left Road, Right Road, DL, Matt Sier, 4 March 2024

Pete Cooper and Richard Bolton: Burning Bright (WildGoose WGS445CD) Pete Cooper and Richard Bolton, Burning Bright, CD, WildGoose WGS445CD, 1 March 2024

Anna Massie: Two Down (Aye Like ALM001CD) Anna Massie, Two Down, CD, Aye Like ALM001CD, 1 March 2024

Amy Leach & Alasdair Paul: Six Sangs (Amy Leach & Alasdair Paul ALAPCD01) Amy Leach & Alasdair Paul, Six Sangs, CD, Amy Leach & Alasdair Paul, 29 February 2024

Alex Cumming: Homecoming (Alex Cumming) Alex Cumming, Homecoming, CD, Alex Cumming, 28 February 2024

Maddie Morris: Skin (No Masters NMCD59) Maddie Morris, Skin, CD, No Masters NMCD59, 23 February 2024

Kitewing: Kitewing (Kitewing) Kitewing, Kitewing, CD, Kitewing, 16 February 2024

Katherine Priddy: The Pendulum Swing (Cooking Vinyl COOKCD910) Katherine Priddy, The Pendulum Swing, CD, Cooking Vinyl COOKCD910, 16 February 2024

Miguel Girão: The Northern Isles Suite (Miguel Girão) Miguel Girão, The Northern Isles Suite, EP, Miguel Girão, 9 February 2024

RANT: Spin (Make Believe MBR12CD) RANT, Spin, CD, Make Believe MBR12CD, 9 February 2024

Amy Laurenson: Strands (Amy Laurenson AEL001) Amy Laurenson, Strand, CD, Amy Laurenson AEL001, 2 February 2024

Outliers: Outliers (Hudson HUD038CD) Outliers, Outliers, CD, Hudson HUD038CD, 2 February 2024

Robert Tannahill Songs Volume CCL (Duende CDBAR025) Various Artists, Robert Tannahill Songs Volume CCL, CD, Duende CDBAR025, 1 February 2024

Skreel: Skreel (Lomond Sounds SKR1) Skreel, Skreel, CD, Lomond Sounds SKR1, 31 January 2024

Adam Holmes: The Voice of Scotland (Adam Holmes) Adam Holmes, The Voice of Scotland, CD, Adam Holmes, 28 January 2024

Fiona Hunter: Atween the Salt Sea and the Sand (Unroofed) Fiona Hunter, Atween the Salt Sea and the Sand, CD, Unroofed, 28 January 2024

Johnny Campbell: True North (Subversive Folk SF005) Johnny Campbell, True North, CD, Subversive Folk SF005, 26 January 2024

Liz Hanks: Land Remixed (Hudson HUD0xxD) Liz Hanks, Land Remixed, DL EP, Hudson HUD0xxD, 26 January 2024

Heisk: Headstrong (The Bothy Society TBS15) Heisk, Headstrong, CD, The Bothy Society TBS15, 26 January 2024

Ciarán Ryan Band: Occupational Hazards (Ciarán Ryan Band CRB001) Ciarán Ryan Band, Occupational Hazards, CD, Ciarán Ryan Band CRB001, 26 January 2024

The Salts: Live in London Town (The Salts) The Salts, Live in London Town, CD, The Salts, 25 January 2024

TatterSmith: Crow and Pie (TatterSmith) TatterSmith, Crow and Pie, DL single, TatterSmith, 22 January 2024

Topette!!: On: Live at The Jam Jar (Topette!! TPT006) Topette!!, On: Live at The Jam Jar, CD, Topette!! TPT006, 19 January 2024

Alice Allen and Patsy Reid: Strathspey Queens II (Ardgowan AR04CD) Alice Allen and Patsy Reid, Strathspey Queens II, CD, Ardgowan AR04CD, 18 January 2024

Rob Harbron: As the Days Begin to Lengthen (Rob Records) Rob Harbron, As the Days Begin to Lengthen, CD, Rob Records, 15 January 2024

Norman Paterson: Stornoway (Norman Paterson NP2024CD) Norman Paterson, Stornoway, CD, Norman Paterson NP2024CD, 15 January 2024

Tiger Mith: Ostracon (Ghosts From the Basement GFTB 7060) Tiger Moth, Ostracon, CD, Ghosts From the Basement GFTB 7060, 11 January 2024

Mat Green & Andy Turner: Time for a Stottycake (WildGoose WGS444CD) Mat Green & Andy Turner, Time for a Stottycake, CD, WildGoose WGS444CD, 5 January 2024

Dave Lowry: Songs of a Devon Man (WildGoose WGS443CD) Dave Lowry, Songs of a Devon Man, CD, WildGoose WGS443CD, 5 January 2024

Project SMOK: The Outset (Project SMOK) Project SMOK, The Outset, CD, Project SMOK, 22 December 2023

Maggie Holland: The Dust of Rage (Irregular IRR126) Maggie Holland, The Dust of Rage, CD, Irregular IRR126, 13 December 2023

Anna Tabbush, Ben & Dom: Winter Song (Scribe) Anna Tabbush, Ben & Dom, Winter Song, DL single, Scribe, 6 December 2023

The Richard Thompson Band: Live in Nottingham 1986 (Store for Music SFMCD570) The Richard Thompson Band, Live in Nottingham 1986, 2 CD, Store for Music SFMCD570, 5 January 2024

Jim Causley: Traditional Songs of Devon (Hrōc HROC04) Jim Causley, Traditional Songs of Devon, DL, Hrōc HROC04, 1 December 2023

Steeleye Span: The Green Man Collection (Park PRK CD159) Steeleye Span, The Green Man Collection, CD, Park PRK CD159, 1 December 2023

Spell Songs: Gifts of Light (Hudson HUD043D) Various Artists, Spell Songs: Gifts of Light (Live), DL, Hudson HUD043D, 1 December 2023

Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews: Poise (Coth COTHCD014) Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews, Poise, CD, Coth COTHCD014, 30 November 2023

Georgia Shackleton: Harry’s Seagull (Georgia Shackleton) Georgia Shackleton, Harry’s Seagull, CD, Georgia Shackleton, 30 November 2023

Jackie Oates Trio: Christmas Album (Needle Pin) Jackie Oates Trio, Christmas Album, DL, Needle Pin, 28 November 2023

James Delarre & Saul Rose: Kith and Kin (James Delarre & Saul Rose) James Delarre & Saul Rose, Kith and Kin, CD, James Delarre & Saul Rose, 27 November 2023

The Furrow Collective: We Know by the Moon (Hudson HUD044LP) The Furrow Collective, We Know by the Moon, CD, Hudson HUD044CD, 27 November 2023, LP, Hudson HUD044LP, 8 December 2023

Eliza Carthy & Jon Boden: Glad Christmas Comes (Hudson HUD045CD) Eliza Carthy & Jon Boden, Glad Christmas Comes, CD, Hudson HUD045CD, 24 November 2023, 2 LP, Hudson HUD045LP, 1 December 2023

Jim Moray: Beflean (Managed Decline MD002) Jim Moray, Beflean: An Alternative History 2002-2023, CD, Managed Decline MD002, 24 November 2023

Nick Hart & Tom Moore: The Colour of Amber (Slow Worm SWR005) Nick Hart & Tom Moore, The Colour of Amber, CD, Slow Worm SWR005, 22 November 2023

Lewis Barfoot: Home (Lewis Barfoot LCB01CD) Lewis Barfoot, Home, CD, Lewis Barfoot LCB01CD, 17 November 2023

Holly & the Reivers: Three Galleys (Holly & the Reivers HATR2508) Holly & the Reivers, Three Galleys, CD, Holly & the Reivers HATR2508, 15 November 2023

A Winter Union: Sooner After Solstice (Sungrazing SGR201) A Winter Union, Sooner After Solstice, CD, Sungrazing SGR201, 10 November 2023

Frankie Archer: Never So Red (Frankie Archer) Frankie Archer, Never So Red, CD EP, Frankie Archer, 3 November 2023

Hildaland: Sule Skerry (Hildaland) Hildaland, Sule Skerry, CD, Hildaland, 3 November 2023

The Rosie Hood Band: A Seed of Gold (Little Red LRRCD01) The Rosie Hood Band, A Seed of Gold, CD, Little Red LRRCD01, 3 November 2023

Helen Lindley: Awakening the Lady (Helen Lindley) Helen Lindley, Awakening the Lady, DL EP, Helen Lindley, 3 November 2023

Jenny Sturgeon with Alice Allen & Grant Anderson: Wintergreen (Hudson HUD041CD) Jenny Sturgeon with Alice Allen & Grant Anderson, Wintergreen, CD, Hudson HUD041CD, 3 November 2023

Gudrun Walther & Andy Cutting: Conversations (artes ARCD6040) Gudrun Walther & Andy Cutting, Conversations, CD, artes ARCD6040, 3 November 2023

You Are Wolf: Hare // Hunter // Moth // Ghost (Firecrest FR002) You Are Wolf, Hare // Hunter // Moth // Ghost, CD, Firecrest FR002, 3 November 2023

Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones: Wesselbobs (Selwyn SYNMC010) Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones, Wesselbobs, CD, Selwyn SYNMC010, 1 November 2023

Jack Rutter: This Is Something Constant (Jack Rutter RUTTCD027) Jack Rutter, This Is Something Constant, CD, Jack Rutter RUTTCD027, 27 October 2023

Ryan Young: Just a Second (Ryan Young RYM02CD) Ryan Young, Just a Second, CD, Ryan Young RYM02CD, 27 October 2023

Katie Macfarlane: An Nighean Sheunta (Viewbank VBRCD001) Katie Macfarlane, An Nighean Sheunta – The Enchanted Girl, CD, Viewbank VBRCD001, 20 October 2023

Karine Polwart with Pippa Murphy: Seek the Light (Hudson) Karine Polwart with Pippa Murphy, Seek the Light, DL EP, Hudson, 11 October 2023

Benji Kirkpatrick: In Phase (Hedgerow HRCD01) Benji Kirkpatrick, In Phase, CD, Hedgerow HRCD01, 6 October 2023

Lilian: Pareidolia (Talking Cat TCCD2302) Lilian, Pareidolia, CD, Talking Cat TCCD2302, 6 October 2023

Ward Knútur Townes: Unanswered (Betty Beetroot BETTY05) Ward Knútur Townes, Unanswered, CD, Betty Beetroot BETTY05, 6 October 2023

Julie Fowlis & Robert Macfarlane: Who Is This? (Machair) Julie Fowlis & Robert Macfarlane, Who Is This?, DL single, Machair, 29 September 2023

Gilmore & Roberts: Documenting Snapshots (GR! GRR009) Gilmore & Roberts, Documenting Snapshots, CD, GR! GRR009, 29 September 2023

Rhona Stevens and Joseph Peach: Fragments in Time (Braw Sailin’ CD012BSR) Rhona Stevens and Joseph Peach, Fragments in Time, DL, Braw Sailin' CD012BSR, 29 September 2023

Martin Simpson & Thomm Jutz: Nothing But Green Willow (Topic TSCD614) Martin Simpson & Thomm Jutz, Nothing But Green Willow, CD, Topic TSCD614, 29 September 2023

Grace Smith Trio: Overleaf (Grace Smith Trio GSTCD01) Grace Smith Trio, Overleaf, CD, Grace Smith Trio GSTCD01, 29 September 2023

Blazin’ Fiddles: XXV (Blazin’ Fiddles BFCD2023) Blazin’ Fiddles, XXV, CD, Blazin’ Fiddles BFCD2023, 22 September 2023

Olivia Chaney: Six French Songs (Olivia Chaney OC001EP) Olivia Chaney, Six French Songs, EP, Olivia Chaney OC001EP, 22 September 2023

Melrose Quartet: Make the World Anew (Melrose Quartet MQCD05) Melrose Quartet, Make the World Anew, CD, Melrose Quartet MQCD05, 22 September 2023

Jason Singh & The Banwasi Collective: Travellers (Hudson HUD029LP) Jason Singh, Travellers, CD/LP, Hudson HUD029CD/LP, 22 September 2023

Various: Sing Yonder 1 Various, Sing Yonder 1, CD, Sing Yonder, 22 September 2023

Will Allen: English Fiddle II (Scribe SRCD13) Will Allen, English Fiddle II, CD, Scribe SRCD13, 21 September 2023

Tamsin Elliott & Tarek Elazhary: So Far We Have Come (Penny Fiddle PFR2309CD) Tamsin Elliott & Tarek Elazhary, So Far We Have Come, CD, Penny Fiddle PFR2309CD, 21 September 2023

Carla Fuchs: Songbird (Talking Elephant TECD487) Carla Fuchs, Songbird, CD, Talking Elephant TECD487, 15 September 2023

Ellie Gowers: The Stars Are Ours (Gillywisky) Ellie Gowers, The Stars Are Ours, DL single, Gillywisky, 15 September 2023

Narthen: Now (No Masters NMCD58) Narthen, Now, CD, No Masters NMCD58, 15 September 2023

Frankie Archer: Oxford City (Frankie Archer) Frankie Archer, Oxford City, DL single, Frankie Archer, 8 September 2023

Elspeth Cowie: Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (Still Crazy SCRCD01) Elspeth Cowie, Who Knows Where the Time Goes?, CD, Still Crazy SCRCD01, 1 September 2023

Ninebarrow: The Colour of Night (Winding Track 9BTCON) Ninebarrow, The Colour of Night, CD, Winding Track 9BTCON, 1 September 2023

Olivia Ross: Grace the Blue (Olivia Ross OJR01CD) Olivia Ross, Grace the Blue, CD, Olivia Ross OJR01CD, 1 September 2023

Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening: Cloud Horizons (Resilient RES008) Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening, Cloud Horizons, CD, Resilient RES008, 1 September 2023

Danish Fiddle Quartet: Nattens favn (GO’ Danish GO2223) Danish Fiddle Quartet, Nattens favn, CD, GO’ Danish GO2223, 25 August 2023

Daphne's Flight: Love Is the Weapon of Choice (Fat Cat FATCD048) Daphne's Flight, Love Is the Weapon of Choice, CD, Fat Cat FATCD048, 25 August 2023

Joshua Burnell: Glass Knight (Misted Valley MVR23A) Joshua Burnell, Glass Knight, CD, Misted Valley MVR23A, 11 August 2023

Josienne Clarke: Only Me Onliness (Corduroy Punk) Josienne Clarke, Only Me Onliness, DL EP, Corduroy Punk, 4 August 2023

Iona Lane & Ranjana Ghatak: Cove (Hudson HUD040) Iona Lane & Ranjana Ghatak, Cove, DL EP, Hudson HUD040, 4 August 2023

Alistair Anderson: Hethpool Linn (White Meadow WMR2023CD) Alistair Anderson, Hethpool Linn, 2 CD, White Meadow WMR2023CD, 1 August 2023

Bella Gaffney: Reflections (Bella Gaffney BGCD01) Bella Gaffney, Reflections, CD, Bella Gaffney BGCD01, 28 July 2023

The Scrub Jay Orchestra: Postcards of the Twanging (Ghosts From the Basement GFTB 7061) The Scrub Jay Orchestra, Postcards of the Twanging, CD, Ghosts From the Basement GFTB 7061, 26 July 2023

Norman Paterson: Torn (Norman Paterson NP2023CD) Norman Paterson, Torn, CD, Norman Paterson NP2023CD, 21 July 2023

Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway: City of Gold (Nonesuch 075597904567) Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway, City of Gold, CD, Nonesuch 075597904567, 21 July 2023

Kavaz: Confluence (Kavaz) Kavaz, Confluence, CD, Kavaz, 20 July 2023

Adrienne O’Shea: Threads of Gold (Adrienne O’Shea) Adrienne O’Shea, Threads of Gold, CD, Kavaz, 15 July 2023

Heal & Harrow: The Stories of Heal & Harrow (Shadowside) Heal & Harrow, The Stories of Heal & Harrow, DL, Shadowside, 7 July 2023

Nuala Kennedy: Shorelines (Under the Arch UTACD005) Nuala Kennedy, Shorelines, CD, Under the Arch UTACD005, 7 July 2023

Eliza Carthy Trio: Conversations We’ve Had Before (Hem Hem) Eliza Carthy Trio, Conversations We’ve Had Before, DL, Hem Hem, 4 July 2023

Jim Causley: Songs of Dartmoor (Hrōc HROC08) Jim Causley, Songs of Dartmoor, CD, Hrōc HROC08, 1 July 2023

The Endless Coloured Ways: The Songs of Nick Drake (Chrysalis BRS75) Various Artists, The Endless Coloured Ways: The Songs of Nick Drake, 2 LP / 2 CD, Chrysalis BRS75, 1 July 2023

Claire Hastings: Lullabies From Scotland (Luckenbooth LUCKEN003CD) Claire Hastings, Lullabies From Scotland, CD, Luckenbooth LUCKEN003CD, 30 June 2023

Ian Bruce: Together Forever (Ruglen LUMS CD0117) Ian Bruce, Together Forever, CD, Ruglen LUMS CD0117, 26 June 2023

Steve Turner: Curious Times (Tradition Bearers LTCD1107) Steve Turner, Curious Times, CD, Tradition Bearers LTCD1107, 26 June 2023

Dallahan: Speak of the Devil (Dallahan DLHN004) Dallahan, Speak of the Devil, CD, Dallahan DLHN004, 16 June 2023

Maria Quinn: Closure (Maria Quinn MQ202301) Maria Quinn, Closure, CD, Maria Quinn MQ202301, 9 June 2023

Jo Miller: A’ the Way to Galloway (Jo Miller JOM1CD) Jo Miller, A’ the Way to Galloway, CD, Jo Miller JOM1CD, 4 June 2023

Dàimh: Sula (Goat Island GIMCD006) Dàimh, Sula, CD, Goat Island GIMCD006, 2 June 2023

Patakas: When You’re Ready (WildGoose WGS441CD) Patakas, When You’re Ready, CD EP, WildGoose WGS441CD, 2 June 2023

Liz Hanks: Land (Hudson HUD034CD) Liz Hanks, Land, CD/LP, Hudson HUD034CD/LP, 2 June 2023

Lauren MacColl: Haar (Make Believe MBR11CD) Lauren MacColl, Haar, CD, Make Believe MBR11CD, 2 June 2023

Filkin’s Ensemble: Live From ‘The Folk’ (Filkin’s Music) Filkin’s Ensemble, Live From ‘The Folk’, EP, Filkin’s Music, 1 June 2023