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Illustrated Kyloe Discography

This is a list of the albums on Mike Yates’ short-lived Kyloe Records label. All CD are still available from the Veteran web shop.

Travellers’ Tales Volume 1 (Kyloe 100) Various Artists, Travellers’ Tales Volume 1, CD, Kyloe 100, 2002

Travellers’ Tales Volume 2 (Kyloe 101) Various Artists, Travellers’ Tales Volume 2, CD, Kyloe 101, 2002

Borderers (Kyloe 102) Various Artists, Borderers, CD, Kyloe 102, 2003

Chris Ormston: Time Out of Mind (Kyloe 103) Chris Ormston, Time Out of Mind, CD, Kyloe 103, 2003

George Macpherson: The Swans on the Loch (Kyloe 104) George Macpherson, The Swans on the Loch, CD, Kyloe 104, 2004

The Quiet Hills (Kyloe 105) Various Artists, The Quiet Hills, CD, Kyloe 105, 2004

Andrew and Margaret Watchorn: Lecchemede (Kyloe 106) Andrew and Margaret Watchorn, Lecchemede, CD, Kyloe 106, 2004

Hamish Henderson Collects (Kyloe 107) Various Artists, Hamish Henderson Collects, CD, Kyloe 107, 2005

Audrey Parks: On the Tip of My Tongue (Kyloe 108) Audrey Parks, On the Tip of My Tongue, 2 CD, Kyloe 108/109, 2005

Hamish Henderson Collects Volume 2 (Kyloe 110) Various Artists, Hamish Henderson Collects Volume 2, CD, Kyloe 110, 2006