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No Masters Co-operative

Illustrated No Masters Co-operative Discography

Jim Boyes, Out' the Blue, CD, NMVCD1, 1992

Token Women, The Rhythm Method, CD, NMCD2, 1992

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Funny Old World, CD, NMCD3, 1993

Various, No Masters Voice, CD, NMCD4, 1994

Jo Freya and Kathryn Locke, Lush, CD, NMCD5, 1993

Token Women, Out to Lunch, CD, NMCD6, 1995

The Chainsaw Sisters (Kathryn Locke and Tanera Dawkins), Hot Sauce, CD, NMCD7, 1995

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Willem Vermandere, Norbert Detaeye, We're Here Because We're Here, CD, NMCD8, 1995

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Falling Slowly, CD, NMCD9, 1996

Panta Rhei, Coope Boyes & Simpson, Passchendaele Suite, CD, NMCD10, 1996

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Hindsight, CD, NMCD11, 1998

The Fraser Sisters, The Fraser Sisters, CD, NMCD12, 1998

Coope Boyes & Simpson, A Garland of Carols, CD, NMCD13, 1998

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Wak Maar Proper, Christmas Truce Kerstbestand, CD, NMCD14, 1999

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Where You Belong: A Song Cycle for Belper, CD, NMCD15, 1999

Lester Simpson, One, CD, NMCD16, 2000

Ray Hearne, Broad Street Ballads, CD, NMCD17, 2001

Token Women, Elsa, CD, NMCD18, 2001

The Fraser Sisters, Going Around, CD, NMCD19, 2001

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Twenty-Four Seven, CD, NMCD20, 2002

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Georgina Boyes, Fire and Sleet and Candlelight, CD, NMCD21, 2003

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Triple Echo: Songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams, George Butterworth and Percy Grainger, CD, NMCD22, 2005

Chumbawamba, A Singsong and a Scrap, CD, NMCD23, 2006

Michael Morpurgo, Coope Boyes & Simpson, Private Peaceful, CD, NMCD24, 2006

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Georgina Boyes, Voices at the Door, CD, NMCD25, 2006

Chumbawamba, Get On With It—Live, CD, NMCD26, 2007

Jo Freya's Lal Waterson Project, Lal, CD, NMCD27, 2007

Chumbawamba, The Boy Bands Have Won, CD, NMCD28, 2008

Jo Freya, Female Smuggler, CD, NMCD29, 2008

Michael Morpurgo, Coope Boyes & Simpson, Private Peaceful, CD, NMCD30, 2008

Ray Hearne, The Wrong Sunshine, CD, NMCD31, 2009

O'Hooley & Tidow, Silent June, CD, NMCD32, 2010

Chumbawamba, ABCDEFG, CD, NMCD33, 2010

NMCD34 not (not yet?) issued.

Coope Boyes & Simpson, As If …, CD, NMCD35, 2010

Maalstroom & Jo Freya, Meet, CD, NMCD36, 2010

Freya Abbott Ferguson, Get Well Soon, CD, NMCD37, 2011

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Georgina Boyes, Fire and Sleet and Candlelight, CD w/ bonus tracks, NMCD38, 2011

O'Hooley & Tidow, The Fragile, CD, NMCD39, 2012

Chumbawamba & Red Latter Theatre Company, Big Society!, CD, NMCD40, 2012

O'Hooley & Tidow, The Hum, CD, NMCD41, 2014

Coope Boyes & Simpson, In Flanders Fields, 2 CD, NMCD42, 2014

Coope, Simpson, Fraser & Freya, Hark Hark, CD, No Masters NMCD43, 2014

Jim Boyes, Sensations of a Wound, CD, NMCD44, 2015

The Old Fashioned, Strawberry Leaves, CD, NMCD45, 2016

Ray Hearne, Umpteen, CD, NMCD46, 2016

O'Hooley & Tidow, Shadows, CD, NMCD47, 2016

Coope Boyes & Simpson, Coda, CD, NMCD48, 2016

Commoners Choir, Commoners Choir, CD, NMCD49, 2017

Coope Boyes & Simpson, What We Sing, CD, NMCD50, 1999

O'Hooley & Tidow, WinterFolk Vol. 1, CD, NMCD51, 2017

Narthen, Narthen, CD, No Masters NMCD52, September 14, 2018

Chumbawamba, Going, Going, DVD, NMDVD01, 2013