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“The most important record label in Britain.”
Andy Kershaw

Illustrated Topic Records Discography

This list of Topic Records’ albums is based on my own collection (about 90% of the entries), and is expanded by cover pictures from the Topic anthology Three Score and Ten, from Alistair Banfield, from Nick Guida’s The Balladeers website, and by information I found in some blogs and elsewhere on the net.

For a complete list, see The Complete Topic Records Discography by Mike Brocken, Alistair Banfield & Rod Stradling.

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A.L. Lloyd, Bold Jack Donahue / Banks of the Condamine, 78rpm, TRC84, 1954

> Folk Music > Records > Topic Vinyl Records

Ewan MacColl, Isla Cameron, The Topic Singers, Untitled Album, LP, TRL1, 1954

Ewan MacColl, A.L. Lloyd, Harry H. Corbett, The Singing Sailor, LP, TRL3, 1954/5

Various Artists, Warsaw Festival 1955, 8" LP, T1, 1956

Various Artists, International Folk Song Contest: World Youth Festival, Warsaw, 1955, 8" LP, T2, 1956

Patrick Galvin, Irish Songs of Resistance Part 1, 8" LP, T3, 1956

Patrick Galvin, Irish Songs of Resistance Part 2, 8" LP, T4, 1956

Jack Elliott, Woody Guthrie’s Blues, 8" LP, 8T5, 1957

Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: Street Songs and Fiddle Tunes (Topic 10T6) Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman, Street Songs & Fiddle Tunes, 10" LP, 10T6, 1957

A.L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, Row Bullies Row, 8" LP, 8T7, 1957

A.L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, The Black Ball Line, 8" LP, 8T8, 1957

Peggy Seeger, Eleven American Ballads and Songs, 10" LP, 10T9, 1958

Nancy Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey Sings, 7" EP, 7T10, 1957

John Gibbon, John Gibbon’s Disc, 10" LP, 10T11, 1957

A.L. Lloyd (editor), Rumanian Folk Music, 10" LP, 10T12, 1958

Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger, Shuttle and Cage, 10" LP, 10T13, 1957

Jack Elliott, Derroll Adams, The Rambling Boys, 10" LP, 10T14, 1958

Jack Elliott, Jack Takes the Floor, 10" LP, 10T15, 1958

Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger, Chorus From the Gallows, LP, 12T16, 1960

Paul Robeson, Paul Robeson’s Transatlantic Concert, 10" LP, 10T17, 1957

Peggy, Penny and Barbara Seeger, Come Along John, EP, 7T18, later TOP18, 1958

The Jeffersons, Round and Round With the Jeffersons, EP, 7T19, 1958

Pete Seeger, Pete Seeger’s Guitar Guide for Folk Singers, LP, 12T20, 1958

Zimra Ornatt, Israeli Songs, 10" LP, 10T21, 1958

12T22 was never issued.

Pete Seeger, Pete Seeger’s Five String Banjo Tutor, LP, 10T23/12T23, 1958

Guy Carawan: Mountain Songs and Banjo Tunes (Topic 10T24) Guy Carawan, Mountain Songs and Banjo Tunes, 10" LP, 10T24, 1958

Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger, Second Shift, 10" LP, 10T25, 1958

Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger, Barrack-Room Ballads, 10" LP, 10T26, 1958

Stan Kelly, Liverpool Packet, EP, TOP27, 1958

Dominic Behan, Irish Songs, 10" LP, 10T28, 1958

Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry, LP, 12T29, 1958

Sonny Terry, Harmonica Blues, 10" LP, 10T30/12T30, 1958

Woody Guthrie, Bound for Glory, LP, 12T31, 1958

Paul Robeson, Robeson’s Here!, EP, TOP32, 1958

Pete Seeger, Pete and Five Strings, EP, TOP33, 1958

TOP34 was never issued.

Dominic Behan, Down by the Liffeyside: Irish Street Ballads, LP, 12T35, 1959

A.L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, Bold Sportsmen All, 10" LP, 10T36, 1958

Pete Seeger, Hootenanny N.Y.C., EP, TOP37, 1958

Peggy, Penny and Barbara Seeger, Shine Like a Star, EP, TOP38, 1959

Fisk Jubilee Singers, Spirituals, LP, 12T39, 1958

12T40 was never issued.

Ewan MacColl, Dominic Behan, Streets of Song: Childhood Memories of City Streets From Glasgow, Salford and Dublin, LP, 12T41, 1959

12T42 and 12T43 were never issued.

Dominic Behan, Easter Week and After: Songs of the IRA, LP, 12T44, 1959

Various Artists, Songs Against the Bomb, LP, 12001, 1960

Mouangué and his Drummers, Songs and Dances of the Cameroons, EP, TOP45, 1959

Leda and Maria, Songs and Dances of Argentina, EP, TOP46, 1959

TOP47 and TOP48 were never issued.

Pieris Zarmas, Songs From the Aegean, 10" LP, 10T49, 1959

Isla Cameron, Ewan MacColl, Still I Love Him, 10" LP, 10T50, 1960

A.L. Lloyd, Peggy Seeger, Outback Ballads: Songs From the Australian Bush and Outback, LP, 12T51, 1960

Jeannie Robertson, Great Ballad Singer Series, 10" LP, 10T52, 1958

Various Artists, The Music of New Orleans Volume 1: The Music of the Streets / The Music of Mardi Gras, LP, 12T53, 1959

Eureka Brass Band, The Music of New Orleans Volume 2, LP, 12T54, never issued

Various Artists, The Music of New Orleans Volume 3: Music of the Dance Halls, LP, 12T55, 1959

Perry Friedman, Vive La Canadienne, EP, TOP56, 1960

Sandy and Caroline Paton, Hush Little Baby, EP, TOP57, 1960

TOP58 was never issued.

Jesse Fuller, Working on the Railroad, 10" LP, 10T59, 1959

Stan Kelly, Leon Rosselson, Songs for Swinging Landlords To, EP, TOP60, 1961

TOP61 was never issued.

Paul Robeson, Freedom Songs, EP, TOP62, 1961

Paul Robeson, Songs of Liberty, EP, TOP63, 1961

The Tine Rožanc Ensemble, Yugoslav Dances, EP, TOP64, 1961

Orquestra Cobla Solers, Dancing Sardanas: Catalonian Dancers, EP, TOP65, 1961

A.L. Lloyd, All For Me Grog: English Drinking Songs, EP, TOP66, 1961

Ray and Archie Fisher, Far Over the Forth, EP, TOP67, 1961

Dolina MacLennan and Robin Gray, By Mormond Braes, EP, TOP68, 1961

The Liverpool Spinners, Songs Spun in Liverpool, EP, TOP69, 1962

Davy Graham, 3/4 AD, EP, TOP70, 1962

A.L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, Gamblers and Sporting Blades, EP, TOP71, 1962

Peggy Seeger, Troubled Love, EP, TOP72, 1962

Peggy Seeger, Early in the Spring, EP, TOP73, 1962

Louis Killen, Johnny Handle, Colin Ross, The Colliers’ Rant, EP, TOP74, 1962

Louis Killen, Colin Ross, Johnny Handle, Northumbrian Garland, EP, TOP75, 1962

The Ian Campbell Folk Group, Ceilidh at the Crown, EP, TOP76, 1962

Leon Rosselson, Songs for City Squares, EP, TOP77, 1962

Johnny Handle, Stottin’ Doon the Waall, EP, TOP78, 1962

Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger, The Jacobite Rebellions, LP, 12T79, 1962

TOP80 was a test pressing and/or nor appropriated.

Enoch Kent, The Butcher Boy and Other Ballads, EP, TOP81, 1962

The Ian Campbell Folk Group, Songs of Protest, EP, TOP82, 1962

Bob Davenport, Wor Geordie, EP, TOP83, 1962

The Willett Family, The Roving Journeymen, LP, 12T84, 1963

Dominic Behan, Peelers and Prisoners, EP, TOP85, 1963

The Iron Muse (Topic 12T86) The Iron Muse (Elektra EKL 279) Various Artists, The Iron Muse: A Panorama of Industrial Folk Music, CD, 12t86, 1963

The McPeake Family, Irish Traditional Folk Songs and Music, LP, 12T87, 1963

12T88 was never issued.

Margaret Barry, Willie Clancy, Michael Gorman: Irish Pipe & Fiddle Tunes (Topic TOP89) Margaret Barry, Willie Clancy, Michael Gorman: Irish Pipe & Fiddle Tunes (Topic TOP89) Margaret Barry, Willie Clancy, Michael Gorman, Irish Pipe and Fiddle Tunes, EP, TOP89, 1963

12T90 was never issued.

Joe Heaney, Irish Traditional Songs in Gaelic & English, LP, 12T91, 1963

The McPeake Family, Wild Mountain Thyme, EP, TOP92, 1963

Jack Elliott, Talking Woody Guthrie, LP, 12T93, 1963

Anne Briggs, The Hazards of Love, EP, TOP94, 1964

Shirley Collins, Heroes in Love, EP, TOP95, 1963

Topic Scottish List and Scottish & English Selections 1964

Topic Scottish List and Scottish & English Selections 1964

Jeannie Robertson, The Great Scots Traditional Ballad Singer, LP, 12T96, 1963

Judith Silver, The Summertime Is Over, EP, TOP97, 1963

A.L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, Blow the Man Down, EP, TOP98, 1963, rec. 1956

A.L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, A Hundred Years Ago, EP, TOP99, 1963, rec. 1956

A.L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, The Coast of Peru, EP, TOP100, 1963, rec. 1956

Dominic Behan, Dominic Takes the Floor, EP, TOP101, 1964

The Galliards, Black and White / Bahnuah, single, STOP101, 1960

The Ian Campbell Folk Group, The Sun Is Burning / The Crow on the Cradle, single, STOP102, 1963

A.L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, English & Scottish Folk Ballads, LP, 12T103, 1964

Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger, Steam Whistle Ballads, LP, 12T104, 1964

Jack Elliott, Derroll Adams, Roll On Buddy, LP, 12T105, 1964

Jack Elliott, Muleskinner, LP, 12T106, 1964

A.L. Lloyd (collector), Folk Music of Bulgaria, LP, 12T107, 1964

Ian Campbell, Kelly the Boy From Killane / The Boys of Wexford, single, STOP108, never issued (tracks issued by Transatlantic in 1965 as TRA SP 2 instead and credited as Topic recordings)

Alice Brenan, True Loves and False Lovers, EP, TOP109, never issued

Farewell Nancy (Topic 12T110, 1964) Farewell Nancy (Topic 12T110, 197x) Various Artists, Farewell Nancy: Sea Songs and Shanties, LP, 12T110, 1964

Vanessa Redgrave, Hanging on a Tree / Where Have All the Flowers Gone, single, STOP111, 1964

The Tine Rožanc Ensemble, Macedonian and Albanian Dances, EP, TOP112, 1964

Tom Paley, Peggy Seeger, Who’s Going to Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot?, LP, 12T113, 1964

Topic Sampler No 1 (topic TPS 114) Topic Sampler No 1 (topic TPS 114) Various Artists, Folk Songs (Topic Sampler No. 1), LP, TPS114, 1964

Dominic Behan, The Patriot Game / Erin Go Brath, single, STOP115, 1964

Paul Robeson, Kevin Barry / Ol’ Man River, single, STOP116, 1964

Topic Recorded Folk Song: A list of new and future issues from Topic Records, Spring 1965

Topic Recorded Folk Song: A list of new and future issues from Topic Records, Spring 1965

Hedy West, Old Times and Hard Times, LP, 12T117, 1965

A.L. Lloyd, First Person, LP, 12T118, 1966

12T119 was never issued.

The Campbell Family: The Singing Campbells (Topic 12T120) The Campbell Family, The Singing Campbells, LP, 12T120, 1965

Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, R&B From S&B, EP, TOP121, 1965

Tommy Armstrong of Tyneside (Topic 12T122) Louis Killen, Tom Gilfellon, Johnny Handle, Maureen Craik, Colin Ross, Tommy Armstrong of Tyneside, LP, 12T122, 1965

Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: Her Mantle So Green (Topic 12T123) Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: Her Mantle So Green (Topic 12T123) Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman, Her Mantle So Green, LP, 12T123, 1965

Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, More R&B From S&B, EP, TOP124, 1965

Harry Boardman, Maureen Craik, The Waterson Family: New Voices (Topic 12T125) Harry Boardman, Maureen Craik, The Waterson Family, New Voices, LP, 12T125, 1965

Louis Killen, Ballads & Broadsides, LP, 12T126, 1965

12T127 was a test pressing and/or nor appropriated.

Bonny Lass Come O'er the Burn (Topic 12T128, 1965) Bonny Lass Come O'er the Burn (Topic 12T128, 1976) Ray and Archie Fisher, Dolina MacLennan, Enoch Kent, Robin Gray, Bonny Lass Come O'er the Burn, LP, 12T128, 1965

12T129 was a test pressing and/or nor appropriated.

Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger, Bundook Ballads, LP, 12T130, 1965

12T131 and 12T132 were test pressings.

Gordeanna McCulloch, Norman Kennedy, The Exiles: New Voices From Scotland (Topic 12T133) Gordeanna McCulloch, Norman Kennedy, The Exiles, New Voices From Scotland, LP, 12T133, 1965

Jesse Fuller, Move On Down the Line, LP, 12T134, 1965

Frankie Armstrong, Anne Briggs, A.L. Lloyd: The Bird in the Bush (Topic 12T135) Frankie Armstrong, Anne Briggs, A.L. Lloyd, The Bird in the Bush: Traditional Erotic Songs, LP, 12T135, 1966

The Watersons: Frost and Fire (Topic 12T136) The Watersons, Frost and Fire: A Calendar of Ceremonial Folk Songs, LP, 12T136, 1965

The Fisher Family, Traditional & New Songs From Scotland, LP, 12T137, 1966

The Stewart Family: The Stewarts of Blair (Topic 12T138) The Stewart Family, The Stewarts of Blair, LP, 12T138, 1965

Paddy Tunney, A Wild Bee’s Nest, LP, 12T139, 1965

LaRena Clark, A Canadian Garland, LP, 12T140, 1965

12T141 was a test pressing and/or nor appropriated.

The Watersons: The Watersons (Topic 12T142) The Watersons, The Watersons, LP, 12T142, 1966

The Exiles, Freedom, Come All Ye, LP, 12T143, 1966

12T144 was a test pressing and/or nor appropriated.

Topic Sampler No 2 (Topic TPS145) Topic Sampler No 2 (Topic TPS145) Various Artists, Folk Songs: An Anthology (Topic Sampler No 2), LP, TPS145, 1966

Hedy West, Pretty Saro, LP, 12T146, 1966

Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger, The Manchester Angel, LP, 12T147, 1966

12T148 and 12T149 were test pressings.

Fred Jordan, Songs of a Shrophshire Farm Worker, LP, 12T150, 1966

Isabel Sutherland, Vagrant Songs of Scotland, LP, 12T151, 1966

12T152 was never issued.

Paddy Tunney, Arthur Kearney, Frank Kelly, Joe Tunney, Ireland Her Own, LP, 12T153, 1966

A.L. Lloyd (collector), Folk Music of Albania, LP, 12T154, 1966

Songs of Courtship (Caedmon TC1142) Songs of Courtship (Topic 12T157) Various Artists, Songs of Courtship (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 1), LP, Caedmon TC1142, 1961; Topic 12T157, 1968

Songs of Seduction (Caedmon TC1143) Songs of Seduction (Topic 12T158) Songs of Seduction (Topic 12T158) Classic Ballads  of Britain and Ireland Volume 1 (Rounder 11661-1778-2) Various Artists, Songs of Seduction (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 2), LP, Caedmon TC1143, 1961; Topic 12T158, 1968; CD, Rounder 1778, 2000

Jack of All Trades (Caedmon TC114) Jack of All Trades (Topic 12T159) Jack of All Trades (Topic 12T159) Various Artists, Jack of All Trades (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 3), LP, Caedmon TC1144, 1961; Topic 12T159, 1968

The Child Ballads 1 (Topic 12T160) The Child Ballads 1 (Topic 12T160) The Child Ballads 1 (Topic 12T160) Classic Ballads  of Britain and Ireland Volume 1 (Rounder 11661-1775-2) Various Artists, The Child Ballads 1 (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 4), LP, Caedmon TC1145, 1961; Topic 12T160, 1968; CD, Rounder 1775, 2000

The Child Ballads 2 (Caedmon TC1146) The Child Ballads 2 (Topic 12T161) The Child Ballads 2 (Topic 12T161) Classic Ballads  of Britain and Ireland Volume 2 (Rounder 11661-1776-2) Various Artists, The Child Ballads 2 (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 5), LP, Caedmon TC1146, 1961; Topic 12T161, 1968; CD, Rounder 1776, 2000

Frank Proffitt, North Carolina Songs and Ballads, LP, 12T162, 1966

Hedy West, Ballads, LP, 12T163, 1967

The Exiles: The Hale and the Hanged (Topic 12T164) The Exiles, The Hale and the Hanged, LP, 12T164, 1967

Paddy Tunney, The Irish Edge, LP, 12T165, 1966

Topic Sampler No 3 (Topic TPS166) Topic Sampler No 3 (Topic TPS166) Various Artists, Men at Work (Topic Sampler No. 3), LP, TPS166, 1966

The Watersons: A Yorkshire Garland (12T167, 1966) The Watersons: A Yorkshire Garland (12T167, 197x) The Watersons, A Yorkshire Garland, LP, 12T167, 1966

Topic Sampler No 4 (TPS 168) Topic Sampler No 4 (TPS 168) Various Artists, From Erin's Green Shore: Songs, Pipes & Fiddle Tunes in the Irish Tradition (Topic Sampler No. 4), LP, TPS168, 1966

Topic Sampler No 5 (Topic TPS169) Topic Sampler No 5 (Topic TPS169) Various Artists, A Prospect of Scotland (Topic Sampler No 5), LP, TPS169, 1966

Shirley Collins, The Sweet Primeroses, LP, 12T170, 1967

Sarah Ogan Gunning: A Girl of Constant Sorrow (Topic 12T171) Sarah Ogan Gunning, A Girl of Constant Sorrow, LP, 12T171, 1967

Frank Harte, Dublin Street Songs, LP, 12T172, 1967

Jimmy McBeath, Wild Rover No More, LP, 12T173, 1967

A.L. Lloyd: Leviathan! (Topic 12T174) A. L. Lloyd, Leviathan! Ballads & Songs of the Whaling Trade, LP, 12T174, 1967

Willie Clancy: The Minstrel From Clare (Topic 12T175) Willie Clancy, The Minstrel From Clare, LP, 12T175, 1967

Paddy in the Smoke (Topic 12T176) Paddy in the Smoke (Topic 12T176) Various Artists, Paddy in the Smoke: Irish Dance Music From a London Pub, LP, 12T176, 1968

Grand Airs of Connemara (Topic 12T177) Seán Mac Donnchadha, Pádraic Ó Catháin, Tomás Ó Neachtain, Feichín Ó Connluain, Grand Airs of Connemara, LP, 12T177, 1968

Norman Kennedy, Scots Songs and Ballads, LP, 12T178, 1968

The Stewart Family and other Traveller Families: The Travelling Stewarts (Topic 12T179) Various Artists, The Travelling Stewarts, LP, 12T179, 1968

Back o' Benachie (Topic 12T180) Various Artists, Back o' Benachie: Songs and Ballads from the Lowland East of Scotland, LP, 12T180, 1968

Festival at Blairgowrie (Topic 12T181) Festival at Blairgowrie (Topic 12T181, 1976 issue) Various Artists, Festival at Blairgowrie, LP, 12T181, 1967

Sarah Makem, Ulster Ballad Singer, LP, 12T182, 1968

Willie Scott: The Shepherd’s Song (Topic 12T183) Willie Scott, The Shepherd’s Song, LP, 12T183, 1968

The Breeze From Erin (Topic 12T184) The Breeze From Erin (Topic 12T184) Various Artists, The Breeze From Erin: Irish Folk Music on Wind Instruments, LP, 12T184, 1969

Lizzie Higgins, Princess of the Thistle, LP, 12T185, 1969

The High Level Ranters: Northumberland For Ever (Topic 12T186) The High Level Ranters: Northumberland For Ever (Topic 12T186) The High Level Ranters, Northumberland For Ever, LP, 12T(S)186, 1968

Hobart Smith, The Old Timey Rap, LP, 12T187, 1968

Deep Lancashire (Topic 12T188) Various Artists, Deep Lancashire, LP, 12T188, 1968

Louis Killen, Johnny Handle, Colin Ross, Along the Coaly Tyne, LP, 12T189, 1968

Dave & Toni Arthur: The Lark in the Morning (Topic 12T190) Dave & Toni Arthur, The Lark in the Morning, LP, 12T190, 1969

The Valley Folk, All Bells in Paradise, LP, 12T192, 1968

Phoebe Smith, Once I Had a True Love, LP, 12T193, 1970

Sailormen and Servingmaids (Caedmon TC1162) Sailormen and Servingmaids (Topic 12T194) Sailormen and Servingmaids (Topic 12T194) Various Artists, Sailormen and Servingmaids (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 6), LP, Caedmon TC1162, 1961; Topic 12T194, 1970

Fair Game and Foul (Caedmon TC1163) Fair Game and Foul (Topic 12T195) Various Artists, Fair Game and Foul (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 7), LP, Caedmon TC1163, 1961; Topic 12T195, 1970

A Soldier's Life for Me (Caedmon TC1164) A Soldier's Life for Me (Topic 12T196) A Soldier's Life for Me (Topic 12T196) Various Artists, A Soldier's Life for Me (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 8), LP, Caedmon TC1164, 1961; Topic 12T196, 1970

Songs of Christmas (Caedmond TC1224) Songs of Ceremony (Topic 12T197) Various Artists, Songs of Ceremony (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 9), LP, Caedmon TC1224, 1961; Topic 12T197, 1970

Animal Songs (Caedmon TC1225) Songs of Animals and Other Marvels (Topic 12T198) Songs of Animals and Other Marvels (Topic 12T198) Various Artists, Songs of Animals and Other Marvels (The Folk Songs of Britain Vol. 10), LP, Caedmon TC1225, 1961; Topic 12T198, 1970

John Burgess, King of Highland Pipers, LP, 12T199, 1969

Peter Bellamy: The Fox Jumps Over the Parson’s Gate (Topic 12T200) Peter Bellamy, The Fox Jumps Over the Parson’s Gate, LP, 12T200, 1969

Topic Sampler No 6 (Ttopic TPS201) Topic Sampler No 6 (Ttopic TPS201) Various Artists, Folk Songs: A Collection of Ballads & Broadsides (Topic Sampler No 6), LP, TPS201, 1970

More Grand Airs From Connemara (Topic 12T202) Seán Mac Donnchadha, Pádraic Ó Catháin, Tomás Ó Neachtain, Feichín Ó Connluain, More Grand Airs From Connemara, LP, 12T202, 1971

A.L. Lloyd et al: The Great Australian Legend (Topic 12T203) A.L. Lloyd, Trevor Lucas, Martyn Wyndham-Read, The Great Australian Legend: A Panorama of Bush Balladry and Song, LP, 12TS203, 1971

Various Artists, Owdham Edge, LP, 12T204, 1970

Topic Sampler No 7 (Topic TPS205) Topic Sampler No 7 (Topic TPS205) Various Artists, Sea Songs and Shanties (Topic Sampler No 7), LP, TPS205, 1971

The Oldham Tinkers, Oldham’s Burning Sands, LP, 12TS206, 1971

Anne Briggs, Anne Briggs, LP, 12T207, 1971

Hedy West, Ian Manuel, Matching Ballads of the British Isles and America, LP, 12T208, never issued

The Irish Country Four, The Irish Country Four, LP, 12TS209, 1971

Various Artists, The Wide Midlands: Songs, Stories and Tunes From the Central Countries, LP, 12TS210, 1971

Bernard Wrigley, The Phenomenal B. Wrigley, LP, 12TS211, 1971

Oak, Welcome to Our Fair, LP, 12TS212, 1971

12TS213 was a test pressing.

The Cheviot Ranters Country Dance Band, Sound of the Cheviots, LP, 12T214, 1973

Harry Boardman, Dave Hillery, Trans Pennine: Popular Song and Verse From Lancashire and Yorkshire, LP, 12TS215, 1971

Frankie Armstrong, Lovely on the Water, LP, 12TS216, 1972

Roy Harris: The Bitter and the Sweet (Topic 12TS217) Roy Harris, The Bitter and the Sweet, LP, 12TS217, 1972

Frank Harte, Through Dublin City, LP, 12T218, 1973

Canny Newcassel (Topic 12TS219) Various Artists, Canny Newcassel: Ballads and Songs From Newcastle and Thereabouts, LP, 12TS219, 1972

Ian Manuel, The Frosty Ploughshare, LP, 12TS220, 1972

Topic Sampler No 8 (Topic TPSS221) Various Artists, English Garland (Topic Sampler No 8), LP, TPSS221, 1972

The Cheviot Ranters, The Cheviot Hills: English Country Dance Music, LP, 12TS222, 1973

Peta Webb, I Have Wandered in Exile, LP, 12TS223, 1973

Various Artists, Folk Music of Yugoslavia, LP, 12TS224, 1973

Bob Hart, Songs From Suffolk, LP, 12TS225, 1973

The Clutha et al.: The Streets of Glasgow (Topic 12TS226) The Clutha et al., The Streets of Glasgow, LP, 12TS226, 1973

Various Artists, Wild Hills o’ Wannie: Small Pipes of Northumbria, LP, 12TS227, 1974

The Broadside From Grimsby, The Moon Shone Bright, LP, 12TS228, 1973

Various Artists, English Country Music From East Anglia, LP, 12TS229, 1973

Various Artists, The Lark in the Clear Air: Irish Traditional Music Played on Small Instruments, LP, 12TS230, 1974

Various Artists, Folk Music of Greece, LP, 12TS231, 1974

Frankie Armstrong, Roy Harris, A.L. Lloyd, Martyn Wyndham-Read: The Valiant Sailor (Topic 12TS232) Frankie Armstrong, Roy Harris, A.L. Lloyd, Martyn Wyndham-Read, The Valiant Sailor: Songs & Ballads of Nelson's Navy, LP, 12TS232, 1974

Fred Jordan, When the Frost Is on the Pumpkin, LP, 12TS233, 1974

Roy Harris, A.L. Lloyd, Ian Manuel, Bernard Wrigley, Martyn Wyndham-Read: Sea Shanties (Topic 12TS234) Roy Harris, A.L. Lloyd, Ian Manuel, Bernard Wrigley, Martyn Wyndham-Read, Sea Shanties, LP, 12TS234, 1974

George Spicer: Blackberry Fold (Topic 12T235) George Spicer, Blackberry Fold, LP, 12T235, 1974

Harry Boardman, A Lancashire Mon, LP, 12TS236, 1973

The Oldham Tinkers, Best o’ t’ Bunch, LP, 12TS237, 1974

Shirley Collins, Adieu to Old England, LP, 12TS238, 1974

Various Artists, Bonny North Tyne: Northumbrian Country Music, LP, 12TS239, 1974

Boscastle Breakdown (Topic 12T240) Various Artists, Boscastle Breakdown: Southern English Country Music, LP, 12T240, 1974

Bernard Wrigley, Rough & Wrigley, LP, 12TS241, 1974

The Clutha, Scots Ballads, Songs & Dance Tunes, LP, 12TS242, 1974

Bob Hart, Percy Webb, Ernest Austin, Flash Company, LP, 12TS243, 1974

Sam Larner, A Garland for Sam, LP, 12T244, 1974

The Cheviot Ranters, Cheviot Barn Dance, LP, 12TS245, 1974

Chants Corréziens: French Folk Songs From Corrèze (Topic 12T246) Various Artists, Chants Corréziens: French Folk Songs From Corrèze, LP, 12T246, 1974

John Kirkpatrick & Sue HarrisThe Rose of Britain’s Isle (Topic 12TS247) John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris, The Rose of Britain’s Isle, LP, 12TS247, 1974

John Lyons: The May Morning Dew (Topic 12TS248) John Lyons, The May Morning Dew, LP, 12T248, 1974

William Kimber: The Art of William Kimber (Topic 12T249) William Kimber, The Art of William Kimber, LP, 12T249, 1974

Séamus Ennis, The Wandering Minstrel, LP, 12TS250, 1975

The Russell Family, The Russell Family of Doolin, County Clare, LP, 12TS251, 1975

Cyril Poacher, The Broomfield Wager, LP, 12TS252, 1975

Songs of the Open Road (Topic 12T253) Various Artists, Songs of the Open Road, LP, 12T253, 1975

When Sheepshearing’s Done (Topic 12T254) Various, When Sheepshearing’s Done: Countryside Songs From Southern England, LP, 12T254, 1975

Gary & Vera Aspey, From the North, LP, 12TS255, 1975

Roy Harris: Champions of Folly (Topic 12TS256) Roy Harris, Champions of Folly, LP, 12TS256, 1975

Packie Manus Byrne, Songs of a Donegal Man, LP, 12TS257, 1975

Sussex Harvest (Topic 12T258) Ernest ‘Rabbity’ Baxter, Bob Blake, Mary Ann Haynes, Harry Upton, Sussex Harvest: A Collection of Traditional Songs From Sussex, LP, 12T258, 1975

Leo Rowsome, Classics of Irish Piping Vol. 1, LP, 12T259, 1975

Lizzie Higgins, Up and Awa’ Wi’ the Laverock, LP, 12TS260, 1975

Jumbo Brightwell, Songs From the Eel’s Foot, LP, 12TS261, 1975

William Andrews, Liam Walsh, Classics of Irish Piping Vol. 2, LP, 12T262, 1975

John MacDonald: The Singing Molecatcher of Morayshire (Greentrax CDTRAX9053) John MacDonald, The Singing Molecatcher of Morayshire, LP, 12TS263, 1975

Paddy Tunney, The Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow, LP, 12TS264, 1975

The Watersons: For Pence and Spicy Ale (Topic 12TS265) The Watersons, For Pence and Spicy Ale, LP, 12TS265, 1975

The Caledonian Companion (Topic 12TS266) Charlie Bremner, Willie Fraser, John Grant, Alex Green, The Caledonian Companion, LP, 12TS266, 1975

Various Artists, Morpeth Rant: Northumbrian Country Music, LP, 12TS267, 1975

James Scott Skinner, Bill Hardie, The Music of Scott Skinner, LP, 12TS268, 1975

Robert Cinnamond, You Rambling Boys of Pleasure, LP, 12T269, 1975

Johnny Handle: The Collier Lad (Topic 2-12TS270) Johnny Handle, The Collier Lad, LP, 12TS270, 1975

The High Level Ranters with Harry Boardman and Dick Gaughan: The Bonny Pit Laddie (Topic 2-12TS271/2) The High Level Ranters, Harry Boardman, Dick Gaughan, The Bonnie Pit Laddie, 2 LP, 12TS271/2, 1975

Frankie Armstrong, Songs and Ballads, LP, 12TS273, 1975

Bob Davenport, Down the Long Road, LP, 12TS274, 1975

Bob Cann: West Country Melodeon (Topic 12TS275) Bob Cann, West Country Melodeon, LP, 12TS275, 1975

The Oldham Tinkers, For Old Time’s Sake, LP, 12TS276, 1975

The Oldham Tinkers, For Old Time’s Sake / The Lancashire Toreador, single, STOP7001, 1975

Archie Fisher, Will Ye Gang, Love, LP, 12TS277, 1976

Alistair Anderson, Anthony and Carole Robb, Colin Ross, Jim Hall, Cut and Dry Dolly: Northumberland Small Pipes, LP, 12TS278, 1976

James F. Dickie, James F. Dickie’s Delights, LP, 12T279, 1976

James Scott Skinner, The Strathspey King, LP, 12T280, 1975

Tom Anderson, Ali Bain, The Silver Bow: Shetland Folk Fiddling Vol. 1, LP, 12TS281, 1976

Tom Gilfellon: In the Middle of the Tune (Topic 12TS282) Tom Gilfellon, In the Middle of the Tune, LP, 12TS282, 1976

Various Artists, Holey Ha’penny: Classic Recordings of Traditional Music From the North-East of England, LP, 12T283, 1976

The Gaugers, Beware of the Aberdonian, LP, 12TS284, 1976

Green Grow the Laurels (Topic 12TS285) Various Artists, Green Grow the Laurels: Country Singers From the South, LP, 12TS285, 1978

George Maynard, Ye Subjects of England: Traditional Songs From Sussex, LP, 12T286, 1976

Sean McAloon, John Rea, Drops of Brandy: Traditional Irish Music, LP, 12TS287, 1976

Felix Doran, The Last of the Travelling Pipers, LP, 12T288, 1976

Paddy Tunney, The Flowery Vale, LP, 12TS289, 1976

Cathal McConnell & Robin Morton: An Irish Jubilee (Topic 12T290) Cathal McConnell & Robin Morton, An Irish Jubilee, LP, 12T290, 1976

John Burgess, The Art of the Highland Bagpipe Vol. 1, LP, 12TS291, 1976

The Ling Family, Singing Traditions of a Suffolk Family, LP, 12TS292, 1977

Davie Stewart: Davie Stewart (Topic 12T293) Davie Stewart, Davie Stewart, LP, 12T293, 1978

Pat Mitchell, Uilleann Pipes, LP, 12TS294, 1976

John Kirkpatrick & Sue HarrisAmong the Many Attractions at the Show Will Be a Really High Class Band (Topic 12TS295) John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris, Among the Many Attractions at the Show Will Be a Really High Class Band, LP, 12TS295, 1976

Walter and Daisy Bulwer, Billy Cooper, et al., English Country Music, LP, 12T296, 1976

The High Level Ranters: Ranting Lads (Topic 12TS297) The High Level Ranters, Ranting Lads, LP, 12TS297, 1976

The High Level Ranters: Dance to Your Daddy (Topic STOP7003) The High Level Ranters, Dance to Your Daddy / The Lass Doon on the Quay, single, STOP7003, 1976

June Tabor: Airs and Graces (12TS298) June Tabor, Airs and Graces, LP, 12TS298, 1976

Gary & Vera Aspey, A Taste of Hotpot, LP, 12TS299, 1976

Martin Carthy: Crown of Horn (Topic TSCD300) Martin Carthy, Crown of Horn, LP, 12TS300, 1976

Martin Carthy, Bonny Lass of Anglesey / Palaces of Gold, single, STOP7002, 1976

Ian Manuel, The Dales of Caledonia, LP, 12TS301, 1977

Mary & Harvey Kershaw, Lancashire Sings Again!, LP, 12TS302, 1976

Jimmy McBeath, Bound to Be a Row, LP, 12T303, 1978

Jasper, Levy, Minty & Phoebe Smith, The Travelling Songster: An Anthology From Gypsy Singers, LP, 12TS304, 1977

The O’Halloran Brothers, The Men of the Island, LP, 12TS305, 1977

Jimmy Power, Irish Fiddle Player, LP, 12TS306, 1976

Belle Stewart: Queen Among the Heather (Topic 12TS307) Belle Stewart, Queen Among the Heather, LP, 12TS307, 1977

Frank Hinchliffe, In Sheffield Park: Traditional Songs From South Yorkshire, LP, 12TS308, 1977

Padraig O’Keeffe, Denis Murphy, Julia Clifford, Kerry Fiddles (Music From Sliabh Luachra Vol. 1), LP, 12T309, 1977

John, Julia & Billy Clifford, The Star of Munster Trio (Music From Sliabh Luachra Vol. 2), LP, 12TS310, 1977

John and Julia Clifford, The Humours of Lisheen (Music From Sliabh Luachra Vol. 3), LP, 12TS311, 1977

Billy Clifford, Matt Hayes, Catherine Ryan, Irish Traditional Flute Solos and Band Music From Kerry and Tipperary (Music From Sliabh Luachra Vol. 4), LP, 12TS312, 1977

Battlefield Band, Battlefield Band, LP, 12TS313, 1977

Kevin Mitchell, Free and Easy, LP, 12TS314, 1977

Dick Gaughan, Coppers and Brass: Scots and Irish Dance Music on Guitar, LP, 12TS315, 1977

Rose Murphy, Milltown Lass: Old Time Irish Fiddle and Accordion, LP, 12TS316, 1977

Various Artists, Songs and Southern Breezes, LP, 12T317, 1977

Bob Davenport, Postcards Home, LP, 12TS318, 1977

Bob Smith’s Ideal Band, Ideal Music for All the Year Round, LP, 12T319, 1977

Bob Smith’s Ideal Band, Better Than an Orchestra, LP, 12T320, 1977

The Cameron Men, The Cameron Men: Classic Scotch Fiddle Recordings From the Thirties, LP, 12T321, 1977

Leo Rowsome, Classics of Irish Piping Vol. 3, LP, 12T322, 1977

The Oldham Tinkers, Sit Thee Down, LP, 12TS323, 1977

Johnny Doughty, Round Rye Bay for More: Traditional Songs From the Sussex Coast, LP, 12TS324, 1977

Josie McDermott, Darby’s Farewell: Traditional Songs Played on Flute & Whistle, and Songs From Shilo, LP, 12T325, 1977

John Burgess, The Art of the Highland Bagpipe Vol. 2, LP, 12TS326, 1977

Roy Harris: By Sandbank Fields (Topic 12TS327) Roy Harris, By Sandbank Fields, LP, 12TS327, 1977

Bob Copper, Sweet Rose in June, LP, 12TS328, 1977

Chris Foster, Layers, LP, 12TS329, 1977

The Clutha, The Bonnie Mill Dams, LP, 12TS330, 1977

Lal & Norma Waterson: A True Hearted Girl (Topic 12TS331) Lal and Norma Waterson, A True Hearted Girl, LP, 12TS331, 1977

Mike Waterson: Mike Waterson (Topic 12T332) Mike Waterson, Mike Waterson, LP, 12TS332, 1977

Various Artists, Folk Music of Turkey, LP, 12TS333, 1977

Len Graham: Wind and Water (Topic 12TS334) Len Graham, Wind and Water, LP, 12TS334, 1977

Tommy Healy, John Duffy, Memories of Sligo, LP, 12TS335, 1978

The Watson Family, The Watson Family Tradition, LP, 12TS336, 1977

Jack and Charlie Coen, The Branch Line: Irish Traditional Music From Galway to New York, LP, 12TS337, 1977

Vincent Griffin, Traditional Fiddle Music From County Clare, LP, 12TS338, 1977

Packie Duignan & Seamus Horan, Music From County Leitrim, LP, 12TS339, 1978

Martin Carthy: Martin Carthy (Topic 12TS340) Martin Carthy, Martin Carthy, LP, 12TS340, 1977

Martin Carthy: Second Album (Topic 12TS341) Martin Carthy, Second Album, LP, 12TS341, 1977

Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick: Byker Hill (Topic 12TS342) Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, Byker Hill, LP, 12TS342, 1977

Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick: But Two Came By (Topic TSCD343) Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, But Two Came By, LP, 12TS343, 1977

Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick: Prince Heathen (Topic TSCD344) Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, Prince Heathen, LP, 12TS344, 1977

Martin Carthy: Landfall (Topic 12TS345) Martin Carthy, Landfall, LP, 12TS345, 1977

The Watersons: Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy (Topic 12TS346) The Watersons, Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy, LP, 12TS346, 1977

Angus Grant: Highland Fiddle (Topic 12TS347) Angus Grant, Highland Fiddle, LP, 12TS347, 1978

John Wright, Unaccompanied, LP, 12TS348, 1978

Various Artists, Devon Tradition: An Anthology From Traditional Singers, LP, 12TS349, 1979

Bob Davenport and The Rakes, 1977, LP, 12TS350, 1977

Various Artists, Folk Music of Norway, LP, 12TS351, 1977

Terry Teahan & Gene Kelly, Old Time Irish Music in America, LP, 12TS352, 1977

Various Artists, Gaelic Tradition in Cape Breton (The Music of Cape Breton Vol. 1), LP, 12TS353, 1978

Various Artists, Cape Breton Scottish Fiddle (The Music of Cape Breton Vol. 2), LP, 12TS354, 1978

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris: Shreds and Patches (Topic 12TS355) John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris, Shreds and Patches, LP, 12TS355, 1977

Vera Aspey, The Blackbird, LP, 12TS356, 1977

Johnny O’Leary, Music for the Set (Music From Sliabh Luachra Vol. 5), LP, 12TS357, 1977

Jackie Daly, Music From Sliabh Luachra Vol. 6, LP, 12TS358, 1977

John Reilly, The Bonny Green Tree, LP, 12T359, 1977

June Tabor: Ashes and Diamonds (Topic TSCD350) June Tabor, Ashes and Diamonds, LP, 12TS360, 1977

Bob Roberts, Songs From the Sailing Barges, LP, 12TS361, 1978

Mary Ann Carolan, Songs From the Irish Tradition, LP, 12TS362, 1982

Tom Lenihan, Paddy’s Panacea: Songs Traditional in West Clare, LP, 12TS363, 1978

Hugh Gillespie, Classic Recordings of Irish Traditional Fiddle Music, LP, 12T364, 1978

The Flanagan Brothers, An Irish Delight, LP, 12T365, 1979

Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band, LP, 12T366, 1979

John McGettigan and His Irish Minstrels, LP, 12T367, 1979

John Doonan, At the Feis: Irish Traditional Dance Music in Strict Tempo, LP, 12TS368, 1978

Nora Cleary, Ollie Conway, Siney Crotty, Mick Flynn, The Lambs on the Green Hills: Songs From County Clare, LP, 12TS369, 1978

Gordeanna McCulloch with The Clutha, Sheath and Knife, LP, 12TS370, 1978

Alistair Anderson: Corby Crag (Topic 12TS371) Alistair Anderson, Corby Crag, LP, 12TS371, 1978

George Hanna & Sarah Anne O’Neill, On the Shores of Lough Neagh: Traditional Songs of a Tyrone Family, LP, 12TS372, 1978

John Rea, Traditional Music on the Hammer Dulcimer, LP, 12TS373, 1979

Various Artists, The Earl Soham Slog: Step Dance and Country Music From Suffolk, LP, 12TS374, 1978

Various Artists, Sing, Say and Play: Traditional Songs and Music From Suffolk, LP, 12TS375, 1978

Various Artists, Melodeon Greats: A Collection of Melodeon Masterpieces, LP, 12T376, 1978

Cathal McConnell: On Lough Erne’s Shore (Topic 12TS377) Cathal McConnell, On Lough Erne’s Shore, LP, 12TS377, 1978

Vin Garbutt, Eston California, LP, 12TS378, 1977

Tom Anderson, Ali Bain, Shetland Folk Fiddling Vol. 2, LP, 12TS379, 1978

Shirley & Dolly Collins, For As Many As Will, LP, 12TS380, 1978

Battlefield Band, At the Front, LP, 12TS381, 1978

New Victory Band, One More Dance & Then, LP, 12TS382, 1978

Paddy Glackin, Mick Gavin, Michael O’Brien, The Flags of Dublin, LP, 12TS383, 1980

Dick Gaughan, Gaughan, LP, 12TS384, 1978

Vin Garbutt, Tossin’ a Wobbler, LP, 12T385, 1978

Barry Dransfield, Bowin’ and Scrapin’, LP, 12TS386, 1978

Billy Bennett, Almost a Gentleman, LP, 12T387, 1978

The High Level Ranters: Four in a Bar (Topic 12TS388) The High Level Ranters, Four in a Bar, LP, 12TS388, 1979

Martin Carthy: Because It’s There (Topic 12TS389) Martin Carthy, Because It’s There, LP, 12TS389, 1979

James Morrison and Tom Ennis, James Morrison and Tom Ennis: Classic Recordings of Irish Traditional Music in America, LP, 12TS390, 1980

Chris Foster, All Things in Common, LP, 12TS391, 1979

Walter Pardon, A Country Life, LP, 12TS392, 1982

John Burgess, The Art of the Highland Bagpipe Vol. 3, LP, 12TS393, 1980

Kentigern, Kentigern, LP, 12TS394, 1979

Travellers (Topic 12TS395) Various Artists, Travellers: Songs, Stories and Tunes From English Gypsies, LP, 12TS395, 1979

Gus Elen, You Have Made a Nice Old Mess of It, LP, 12TS396, 1979

Various Artists, Pass the Time: An Anthology of Donegal Fiddling, LP, 12TS397, never issued

John Doherty: Bundle and Go (Topic 12TS398) John Doherty, Bundle and Go, LP, 12TS398, 1980

The Oldham Tinkers, That Lancashire Band, LP, 12TS399, 1979

Peter Bellamy: Both Sides Then (Topic 12TS400) Peter Bellamy, Both Sides Then, LP, 12TS400, 1979

Joe Holmes & Len Graham: After Dawning (Topic 12TS401) Joe Holmes & Len Graham, After Dawning, LP, 12TS401, 1979

Alistair Anderson: Dookin’ for Apples (Topic 12TS402) Alistair Anderson, Dookin’ for Apples, LP, 12TS402, 1979

Alison McMorland & Peta Webb, Alison McMorland & Peta Webb, LP, 12TS403, 1980

Battlefield Band, Stand Easy, LP, 12TS404, 1979

Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise: Cilla & Artie (Topic 12TS405) Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise, Cilla & Artie, LP, 12TS405, 1979

Five Hand Reel, A Bunch of Fives, LP, 12TS406, 1979

Gary & Vera Aspey, Seeing Double, LP, 12TS407, 1979

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris: Facing the Music (Topic 12TS408) John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris, Facing the Music, LP, 12TS408, 1980

Boys of the Lough: Regrouped (Topic 12TS409) Boys of the Lough, Regrouped, LP, 12TS409, 1980

June Tabor with Martin Simpson: A Cut Above (Topic 12TS410) June Tabor with Martin Simpson, A Cut Above, LP, 12TS410, 1980

Nic Jones: Penguin Eggs (Topic 12TS411) Nic Jones, Penguin Eggs, LP, 12TS411, 1980

The Good Old Way (Topic TPSS412) Various Artists, The Good Old Way, LP, TPSS412, 1980

Alistair Anderson, Anthony and Carole Robb, Colin Ross, Jim Hall, Cut and Dry Dolly: Northumberland Small Pipes, LP, 12TS413, 1980

Robin Dransfield: Tidewave (Topic 12TS414) Robin Dransfield, Tidewave, LP, 12TS414, 1980

The Watersons: Green Fields (Topic 12TS415) The Watersons, Green Fields, LP, 12TS415, 1981

Umps and Dumps: The Moon’s in a Fit (Topic 12TS416) Umps and Dumps, The Moon’s in a Fit, LP, 12TS416, 1980

Alan Reid & Brian McNeill, Sidetracks, LP, 12TS417, 1980

Martin Carthy: Sweet Wivelsfield (Topic 12TS418) Martin Carthy, Sweet Wivelsfield, LP, 12TS418, 1981

Dick Gaughan, Handful of Earth, LP, 12TS419, 1981

Roaring Jelly, In the Roar, LP, 12TS420, 1981

Roaring Jelly, Christmas in Australia, single, SPOT7004, 1980

The Hemlock Cock & Bull Band, All Buttoned Up, LP, 12TS421, 1981

Boys of the Lough: In the Tradition (Topic 12TS422) Boys of the Lough, In the Tradition, LP, 12TS422, 1981

hris Miller, Ken Campbell: The Piper’s Maggot (Topic 12TS423) Chris Miller, Ken Campbell, The Piper’s Maggot, LP, 12TS423, 1981

Jock Tamson’s Bairns, The Lasses Fashion, LP, 12TS424, 1982

The New High Level Ranters: The New High Level Ranters (Topic 12TS425) The New High Level Ranters, The New High Level Ranters, LP, 12TS425, 1982

Martin Carthy: Out of the Cut (Topic 12TS426) Martin Carthy, Out of the Cut, LP, 12TS426, 1982

Alistair Anderson: Steel Skies (Topic 12TS427) Alistair Anderson, Steel Skies, LP, 12TS427, 1982

Vin Garbutt, Litle Innocents, LP, 12TS428, 1983

Various Artists, Ringing Strings: Fiddle Music of Norway - Shetland, LP, 12TS429, 1983

Martin Simpson: Grinning in Your Face (Topic 12TS340) Martin Simpson, Grinning in Your Face, LP, 12TS430, 1983

Brass Monkey: Brass Monkey (Topic 12TS431) Brass Monkey, Brass Monkey, LP, 12TS431, 1983

June Tabor: Abyssinians (Topic 12TS432) June Tabor, Abyssinians, LP, 12TS432, 1983

Boys of the Lough: Open Road (Topic 12TS433) Boys of the Lough, Open Road, LP, 12TS433, 1981

The High Level Ranters: Border Spirit (Topic 12TS434) The High Level Ranters, Border Spirit, LP, 12TS434, 1983

Curlew, Fiddle Music From Shetland and Beyond, LP, 12TS435, 1985

Scotch Measure, Scotch Measure, LP, 12TS436, 1985

Eric Bogle: When the Wind Blows (Topic 12TS437) Eric Bogle with John Munro and Brent Miller, When the Wind Blows, LP, 12TS437, 1985

Martin Simpson: Sad or High Kicking (Fledg’ling FLED 3022) Martin Simpson, Sad or High Kicking, LP, 12TS438, 1985

The House Band, The House Band, LP, 12TS439, 1985

The Cock and Bull Band, Eyes Closed and Rocking, LP, 12TS440, 1985

Bill Caddick: The Wild West Show (Topic 12TS441) Bill Caddick, The Wild West Show, LP, 12TS441, 1986

Brass Monkey: See How It Runs (Topic 12TS442) Brass Monkey, See How It Runs, LP, 12TS442, 1986

Andy M. Stewart, Phil Cunningham, Manus Lunny, Fire in the Glen, LP, 12TS443, 1986

John B. Spencer, Out With a Bang, LP, 12TS444, 1986

The House Band, Pacific, LP, 12TS445, 1987

Martin and Jessica Simpson: True Dare or Promise (Topic 12TS446) Martin & Jessica Simpson, True Dare or Promise, LP, 12TS446, 1987

Andrew Cronshaw: Till the Beasts’ Returning (Topic 12TS447) Andrew Cronshaw, Till the Beasts’ Returning, LP, 12TS447, 1988

Woody Guthrie, Columbia River Collection, LP, 12T448, 1988

June Tabor: Aqaba (Topic TSCD449) June Tabor, Aqaba, LP, 12TS449, 1988

Maddy Prior & June Tabor: No More to the Dance (Topic TSCD450) Maddy Prior & June Tabor, No More to the Dance, LP, 12TS450, 1988

The House Band, Word of Mouth, LP, 12TS451, 1988

Martin Carthy: Right of Passage (Topic TSCD452) Martin Carthy, Right of Passage, LP, 12TS452, 1988

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris: Stolen Ground (Topic 12TS453) John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris, Stolen Ground, LP, 12TS453, 1989

Albion Band ’89, Give Me a Saddle, I’ll Trade You a Car, LP, 12TS454, 1989

Scan Tester, I Never Played to Many Posh Dances, 2 LP, 12TS455/6, 1990

The Albion Band, 1990, LP, 12TS457, 1990

> Folk Music > Records > Topic / Free Reed Vinyl Records

Alistair Anderson: Concertina Workshop (Topic 12TFRS501) Alistair Anderson, Concertina Workshop, LP, 12TFRS501, 1975

Tommy McMahon & Bernard O’Sullivan, Clare Concertinas, LP, 12TFRS502, 1975

Chris Droney, The Flowing Tide: Irish Traditional Concertina Music, LP, 12TFRS503, 1975

John Kelly, Fiddle and Concertina Player, LP, 12TFRS504, 1975

Bernard O’Sullivan & Tommy McMahon, Irish Traditional Music of County Clare, LP, 12TFRS505, 1976

Various Artists, Irish Traditional Concertina Styles, LP, 12TFRS506, 1977

> Folk Music > Records > WMA

Glasgow Socialist Singers, Glasgow Y.C.L. Choir, The Internationale, 7" EP, WMA 101, 1958

> Folk Music > Records > Impact

Redriff Primary School, Children’s Singing Games, LP, IMP-A 101, 1969

Various Artists, Southern Freedom Songs, LP, IMP-S 102, 1970

Various Artists, The Painful Plough, LP, IMP-A 103, 1972

Various Artists, Room for Company, LP, IMP-S 104, 1972

> Folk Music > Records > Topic Special Project

Harry Upton, Why Can’t It Always Be Saturday?, LP, SP104, 1978

> Folk Music > Records > String

Various Artists, Beer Parlor Jive, LP, STR801, 1975

Emmett W. Lundy, Fiddle Tunes From Grayson County, Virginia, LP, STR802, 1977

Various Artists, Married Life Blues, LP, STR803, never issued

Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies, Taking Off!, LP, STR804, 1977

Various Artists, Stompin’ at the Honky Tonk, LP, STR805, 1977

Swift Jewel Cowboys, Chuck Wagon Swing, LP, STR806, 1980

Various Artists, Operators’ Specials, LP, STR807, 1979

> Folk Music > Records > Topic Music Hall Records

Various Artists, Play Another Before You Go, LP, 12TMH781, 1988

Various Artists, A Good Blowout for Fourpence, LP, 12TMH782, 1988