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Veteran Records Illustrated Veteran Records Discography

This is a list of the (still few) CDs on the Veteran label that I own. For a complete list see the Veteran CD catalogue.

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Stepping It Out! (Veteran VTC1CD) Various Artists, Stepping It Out! Traditional Folk Music, Songs and Dances from England, CD, VTC1CD, 1993

Songs Sung in Suffolk (Veteran VTC2CD) Various Artists, Songs Sung in Suffolk: Popular Folk Songs, Old Songs and Ballads, CD, VTC2CD, 2000

Comic Songs Sung in Suffolk (Veteran VTC3CD) Various Artists, Comic Songs Sung in Suffolk, CD, VTC3CD, 2000

Down in the Fields (Veteran VTC4CD) Various Artists, Down in the Fields: An Anthology of Traditional Folk Music From Rural England, CD, VTC4CD, 2001

When the Wind Blows (Veteran VTC5CD) Various Artists, When the Wind Blows: An Anthology of Traditional Folk Music From Coastal England, CD, VTC5CD, 2001

It Was on a Market Day—One (Veteran VTC6CD) Various Artists, It Was on a Market Day—One: English Traditional Folk Singers, CD, VTC6CD, 2005

It Was on a Market Day—Two (Veteran VTC7CD) Various Artists, It Was on a Market Day—Two: English Traditional Folk Singers, CD, VTC7CD, 2006

Many a Good Horseman (Veteran VTDC8CD) Various Artists, Many a Good Horseman: Traditional Music Making from Mid-Suffolk, CD, VTDC8CD, 2009

Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh and All (Veteran VTC9CD) Bob Cann, Tommy Morrissey, Charlie Pitman, George Withers, Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh and All: Folk Songs Sung in the West Country, CD, VTC9CD, 2004

Stepping It Out Again! (Veteran VTC10CD) Various Artists, Stepping It Out Again! Traditional Folk Music, Songs and Stories from England & Ireland, CD, VTC10CD, 2011

The Pigeon on the Gate (Veteran VTDC11CD) Various Artists, The Pigeon on the Gate: Melodeon Players from East Anglia, 2 CD, VTDC11CD, 2008

“I Thought I Was the Only One!” (Veteran VTDC12CD) Various Artists, “I Thought I Was the Only One!”: Dulcimer Playing in East Anglia, CD+DVD, VTDC12CD, 2015

George Fradley: One of the Best (Veteran VT114) George Fradley, One of the Best, cass., VT114, 198x

Mabs & Gordon Hall: As I Went Down to Horsham (Veteran VT115CD) Mabs & Gordon Hall, As I Went Down to Horsham, CD, VT115CD, 2008

Charlotte & Betsy Renals, Sophie Legg: Catch Me If You Can (Veteran VT119CD) Charlotte & Betsy Renals, Sophie Legg, Catch Me If You Can: Songs From Cornish Travellers, CD, VT119CD, 2003

“What a Lovely War!” (Veteran VT121CD) Various Artists, “What a Lovely War!” , cass., VT121, ca. 1990; CD, VT121CD, 2014

Will Noble: In That Beautiful Dale (Veteran VT124CDR) Will Noble, In That Beautiful Dale, cassette, VT124, 1992; CD-R, VT124CDR, 2021

Duncan Williamson: Put Another Log on the Fire (Veteran VT128DR) Duncan Williamson, Put Another Log on the Fire, CD, VT128DR, 2014

Vic Legg: I’ve Come to Sing a Song (Veteran VT129CD) Vic Legg, I’ve Come to Sing a Song, CD, VT129CD, 2000

Who Owns the Game? (Veteran VT130CD) Various Artists, Who Owns the Game? Traditional Songs and Melodeon Tunes From Central Suffolk, CD, VT130CD, 2001

When the May Is All in Bloom (Veteran VT131CD) Bob and John Copper, Louie Fuller, Gordon Hall, Bob Lewis, Ron Spicer, When the May Is All in Bloom , CD, VT131CD, 1995

Maggie Murphy: Linkin’ O’er the Lea (Veteran VT134CD) Maggie Murphy, Linkin’ O’er the Lea, CD, VT134CD, 1996

The Fox & the Hare (Veteran VT135CD) Harry Green et al, The Fox & the Hare, CD, VT135CD, 2005

The Yellow Handkerchief (Veteran VT136CD) Phoebe Smith, The Yellow Handkerchief, CD, VT136CD, 2001

Bob Cann: ‘Proper Job’ (Veteran VT138CD) Bob Cann, ‘Proper Job’, CD, VT138CD, 1999

Good Order! (Veteran VT140CD) Various Artists, Good Order! Ladies and Gentlemen Please: Traditional Singing & Music From The Eel’s Foot, CD, VT140CD, 2000

Pass the Jug Round (Veteran VT142CD) Various Artists, Pass the Jug Round: Traditional Songs and Music From Cumberland recorded in the 1950s, CD, VT142CD, 2001

Phil Tanner: The Gower Nightingale (Veteran VT145CD) Phil Tanner, The Gower Nightingale, CD, VT145CD, 2003

Will Noble & John Cocking: Yon Green Banks (Veteran VT147CD) Will Noble & John Cocking, Yon Green Banks, CD, VT147CD, 2004

Fred Jordan: A Shropshire Lad (Veteran VTD148CD) Fred Jordan, A Shropshire Lad, 2 CD, VTD148CD, 2003

Heel & Toe (Veteran VT150CD) Various Artists, Heel & Toe: Heel & Toe: Traditional Folk Songs, Music Hall Songs & Tunes From Norfolk, Cambridgeshire & Essex 1959-1962, CD, VT150CD, 2005

Tom, Jean & Ashley Orchard: Holsworthy Fair (Veteran VT151CD) Tom, Jean & Ashley Orchard, Holsworthy Fair, CD, VT151CD, 2005

Billy Bennington: The Barford Angel (Veteran VT152CD) Billy Bennington, The Barford Angel, CD, VT152CD, 2005

Viv Legg: Romany Roots (Veteran VT153CD) Viv Legg, Romany Roots, CD, VT153CD, 2006

Good Hearted Fellows (Veteran VT154CD) Various Artists, Good Hearted Fellows, CD, VT154CD, 2006

Ray Hubbard: Norfolk Bred (Veteran VT155CD) Ray Hubbard, Norfolk Bred, CD, VT155CD, 2007

John & Tim Lyons: Easy & Bold (Veteran VT158CD) John & Tim Lyons, Easy & Bold, CD, VT158CD, 2012

An Audience With the Shepherds (Veteran VT159CD) The Shepherds, An Audience With the Shepherds, CD, VT159CD, 2015

Will Noble: It’s Gritstone for Me (Veteran VT161CD) Will Noble with Cuthbert and Lydia Noble, It’s Gritstone for Me, CD, VT161CD, 2017

The Folk Handbook (Backbeat Books ISBN 978-0-879030-901-5) Various Artists, The Folk Handbook, book w/ CD, Backbeat Books, 2007