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Illustrated WildGoose Studios Discography

This list of albums on Doug Bailey’s WildGoose Studios record label is based on my own collection, which has by now nearly all of the label’s albums.

For more detailed information see WildGoose’s own discography.

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Hector Gilchrist and Liz Thomson: The Lea Rig (WildGoose WGS257CD) Hector Gilchrist and Liz Thomson, Selkie, CD, WGS257CD, 1993

Chris Timson & Anne Gregson: Sharp Practice (WildGoose WGS262CD) Chris Timson & Anne Gregson, Peaceful Harbour, CD, WGS262CD, 1996

Poachers Pocket: Fair Game (WildGoose WGS267CD) Poachers Pocket, Fair Game, CD, WGS267CD, 1996

Chris Bartram & Keith Holloway: Four Red Feet (WildGoose WGS268CD) Chris Bartram & Keith Holloway, Four Red Feet, CD, WGS268CD, 1996

Misalliance: Fortune My Foe (WildGoose WGS273CD) Misalliance, Fortune My Foe, CD, WGS273CD, 1996

Hector Gilchrist and Liz Thomson: The Lea Rig (WildGoose WGS274CD) Hector Gilchrist and Liz Thomson, The Lea Rig, CD, WGS274CD, 1996

Belshazzar’s Feast: One Too Many (WildGoose WGS276CD) Belshazzar’s Feast, One Too Many, CD, WGS276CD, 1996, CD, Terra Nova TERR CD0022, 2008

Ian Bruce: A Kind and Gentle Nature (WildGoose WGS277CD) Ian Bruce: A Kind and Gentle Nature (WildGoose WGS277CD) Ian Bruce, A Kind and Gentle Nature, CD, WGS277CD, 1996

Graham Metcalfe: Songs From Yorkshire and Other Civilisations (WildGoose WGS279CD) Graham Metcalfe, Songs From Yorkshire and Other Civilisations, CD, WGS279CD, 1996

The Mellstock Band: Tenants of the Earth (WildGoose WGS281CD) The Mellstock Band, Tenants of the Earth, CD, WGS281CD, 1996

Bursledon Village Band: The South Wind (WildGoose WGS283CD) Bursledon Village Band, The South Wind, CD, WGS283CD, 1997

Sue Brown and Lorraine Irwing: Call & Cry (WildGoose WGS284CD) Sue Brown and Lorraine Irwing, Call & Cry, CD, WGS284CD, 1997

Chris Bartram & Keith Holloway: From the Vale (WildGoose WGS285CD) Chris Bartram & Keith Holloway, From the Vale, CD, WGS285CD, 1998

Quimantu: Mar Adentro (WildGoose WGS286CD) Quimantu, Mar Adentro, CD, WGS286CD, 1997

Ian Giles: The Amber Triangle (WildGoose WGS287CD) Ian Giles, The Amber Triangle, CD, WGS287CD, 1997

Finality Jack: Glory Be (WildGoose WGS288CD) Finality Jack, Glory Be, CD, WGS288CD, 1998

Hen Party: “Nobody Here But Us…” (WildGoose WGS289CD) Hen Party, “Nobody Here But Us…”, CD, WGS289CD, 1998

Fieldwork: The Voyage (WildGoose WGS290CD) Fieldwork, The Voyage, CD, WGS290CD, 1998

Benji Kirkpatrick: Dance in the Shadow (WildGoose WGS291CD) Benji Kirkpatrick, Dance in the Shadow, CD, WGS291CD, 2008

Marilyn Tucker & Paul Wilson: Dead Maid's Land (WildGoose WGS292CD) Marilyn Tucker & Paul Wilson, Dead Maid's Land, CD, WGS292CD, 2008

Belshazzar’s Feast: Drop the Reed (WildGoose WGS293CD) Belshazzar’s Feast, Drop the Reed, CD, WGS293CD, 1998

Mick Pearce & Kitty Vernon: Dark the Day (WildGoose WGS294CD) Mick Pearce & Kitty Vernon, Dark the Day, CD, WGS294CD, 1998

Mick Ryan & Pete Harris: Hard Season (WildGoose WGS295CD) Mick Ryan & Pete Harris, Hard Season, CD, WGS295CD, 1999

Tim Laycock: Fine Colours (WildGoose WGS296CD) Tim Laycock, Fine Colours, CD, WGS296CD, 1999

Roy Harris: Live at The Lion (WildGoose WGS297CD) Roy Harris, Live at The Lion, CD, WGS297CD, 1999

Belshazzar’s Feast: Mr Kynaston’s Famous Dance (WildGoose WGS298CD) Belshazzar’s Feast, Mr Kynaston’s Famous Dance, CD, WGS298CD, 2000

Calennig: A Gower Garland (WildGoose WGS299CD) Calennig, A Gower Garland, CD, WGS299CD, 2000

Tom & Barbara Brown: Where Umber Flows (WildGoose WGS300CD) Tom & Barbara Brown, Where Umber Flows, CD, WGS300CD, 2000

Bursledon Village Band: Straight from the Fingers (WildGoose WGS301CD) Bursledon Village Band, Straight from the Fingers, CD, WGS301CD, 2001

Test Valley Community Choirs: Beneath Our Changing Sky (WildGoose WGS302CD) Test Valley Community Choirs, Beneath Our Changing Sky, CD, WGS302CD, 2001

Keith Kendrick & Lynne Heraud: Stars in My Crown (WildGoose WGS303CD) Keith Kendrick & Lynne Heraud, Stars in My Crown, CD, WGS303CD, 2000

Belshazzar’s Feast: John Playford’s Secret Ball (WildGoose WGS304CD) Belshazzar’s Feast, John Playford’s Secret Ball, CD, WGS304CD, 2001

Mick Ryan & Pete Harris: The Long Road (WildGoose WGS305CD) Mick Ryan & Pete Harris, The Long Road, CD, WGS305CD, 2001

Tom & Barbara Brown: Prevailing Winds (WildGoose WGS306CD) Tom & Barbara Brown, Prevailing Winds, CD, WGS306CD, 2002

Fieldwork: Tanks for the Memory (WildGoose WGS307CD) Fieldwork, Tanks for the Memory, CD, WGS307CD, 2002

Random: Deviation (WildGoose WGS308CD) Random, Deviation, CD, WGS308CD, 2003

Patterson Jordan Dipper: Flat Earth (WildGoose WGS309CD) Patterson Jordan Dipper, Flat Earth, CD, WGS309CD, 2002

Belshazzar’s Feast: Mr Kynaston’s Famous Dance, Vol. 2 (WildGoose WGS310CD) Belshazzar’s Feast, Mr Kynaston’s Famous Dance, Vol. 2, CD, WGS310CD, 2002

Hen Party: The Heart Gallery (WildGoose WGS311CD) Hen Party, The Heart Gallery, CD, WGS311CD, 2002

Mary Humphreys and Anahata: Sharp Practice (WildGoose WGS312CD) Mary Humphreys and Anahata, Sharp Practice, CD, WGS312CD, 2002

Dave Arthur with Pete Cooper & Chris Moreton: Return Journey (WildGoose WGS313CD) Dave Arthur with Pete Cooper & Chris Moreton, Return Journey, CD, WGS313CD, 2002

Belshazzar’s Feast: Mr Kynaston’s Famous Dance, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (WildGoose WGS314CD) Belshazzar’s Feast: Mr Kynaston’s Famous Dance, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (WildGoose WGS314CD) Belshazzar’s Feast, Mr Kynaston’s Famous Dance, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, 2 CD, WGS314CD, 2002, 2015

Crucible: Changeling (WildGoose WGS315CD) Crucible, Changeling, CD, WGS315CD, 2003

Den Giddens: A Little Bit Off the Top (WildGoose WGS316CD) Den Giddens, A Little Bit Off the Top, CD, WGS316CD, 2003

Keith Kendrick: Well Seasoned (WildGoose WGS317CD) Keith Kendrick, Well Seasoned, CD, WGS317CD, 2003

Mick Ryan & Pete Harris: Something to Show (WildGoose WGS318CD) Mick Ryan & Pete Harris, Something to Show, CD, WGS318CD, 2004

Hekety: Furze Cat (WildGoose WGS319CD) Hekety, Furze Cat, CD, WGS319CD, 2004

The Old Swan Band: Swan-Upmanship (WildGoose WGS320CD) Old Swan Band, Swan-Upmanship, CD, WGS320CD, 2004

Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner: The Moon Shines Bright (WildGoose WGS321CD) Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner, The Moon Shines Bright, CD, WGS321CD, 2004

Mary Humphreys and Anahata: Floating Verses (WildGoose WGS322CD) Mary Humphreys and Anahata, Floating Verses, CD, WGS322CD, 2004

Martin Graebe & Shan Cowan: Parallel Strands (WildGoose WGS323CD) Martin Graebe & Shan Cowan, Parallel Strands, CD, WGS323CD, 2005

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer: Scatter Pipes (WildGoose WGS324CD) Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Scatter Pipes, CD, WGS324CD, 2005

Hampshire Dance Tunes (WildGoose WGS325CD) Hampshire Dance Musicians, Hampshire Dance Tunes, CD, WGS325CD, 2006

Jim Causley: Fruits of the Earth (WildGoose WGS326CD) Jim Causley, Fruits of the Earth, CD, WGS326CD, 2005

Crucible: Crux (WildGoose WGS327CD) Crucible, Crux, CD, WGS327CD, 2005

Random: Toadstone (WildGoose WGS328CD) Random, Toadstone, CD, WGS328CD, 2005

Emily & Hazel Askew: Six By Two (WildGoose WGS329CD) Emily & Hazel Askew, Six By Two, CD, WGS329CD, 2005

Dave Bordewey and Dave Young: Beer and Black Pudding (WildGoose WGS330CD) Dave Bordewey and Dave Young, Beer and Black Pudding, CD, WGS330CD, 2005

Roy Clinging and Neil Brookes: Another Round (WildGoose WGS331CD) Roy Clinging and Neil Brookes, Another Round, CD, WGS331CD, 2005

Tom & Barbara Brown: Tide of Change (WildGoose WGS332CD) Tom & Barbara Brown, Tide of Change, CD, WGS332CD, 2005

Rattle on the Stovepipe: Eight More Miles (WildGoose WGS333CD) Rattle on the Stovepipe, Eight More Miles, CD, WGS333CD, 2006

Ron Taylor and Jeff Gillett: Both Shine as One (WildGoose WGS334CD) Ron Taylor and Jeff Gillett, Both Shine as One, CD, WGS334CD, 2006

The Devil’s Interval: Blood and Honey (WildGoose WGS335CD) The Devil’s Interval, Blood and Honey, CD, WGS335CD, 2006

Bob & Gill Berry: BitterSweet (WildGoose WGS336CD) Bob & Gill Berry, BitterSweet, CD, WGS336CD, 2006

Keith Kendrick: Songs From the Derbyshire Coast (WildGoose WGS337CD) Keith Kendrick, Songs From the Derbyshire Coast, CD, WGS337CD, 2006

Barry Lister: Ghosts & Greasepaint (WildGoose WGS338CD) Barry Lister, Ghosts & Greasepaint, CD, WGS338CD, 2006

Mick Ryan & Pete Harris: The Island of Apples (WildGoose WGS339CD) Mick Ryan & Pete Harris, The Island of Apples, CD, WGS339CD, 2006

Mary Humphreys and Anahata: Fenlandia (WildGoose WGS340CD) Mary Humphreys and Anahata, Fenlandia, CD, WGS340CD, 2006

Songs of Witchcraft and Magic (WildGoose WGS341CD) Various Artists, Songs of Witchcraft and Magic, CD, WGS341CD, 2007

Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner: September Days (WildGoose WGS342CD) Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner, September Days, CD, WGS342CD, 2007

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer: Sliptease (WildGoose WGS343CD) Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Sliptease, CD, WGS343CD, 2007

Issy & David Emeney: Legends & Lovers (WildGoose WGS344CD) Issy & David Emeney, Legends & Lovers, CD, WGS344CD, 2007

The Askew Sisters: All in a Garden Green (WildGoose WGS345CD) The Askew Sisters, All in a Garden Green, CD, WGS345CD, 2007

Hector Gilchrist: Ingleneuk (WildGoose WGS346CD) Hector Gilchrist, Ingleneuk, CD, WGS346CD, 2007

Tom & Barbara Brown: West Country Night Out (WildGoose WGS347CD) Tom & Barbara Brown, West Country Night Out, CD, WGS347CD, 2007

Jim Causley: Lost Love Found (WildGoose WGS348CD) Jim Causley, Lost Love Found, CD, WGS348CD, 2007

George Papavgeris: Life’s Eyes (WildGoose WGS349CD) George Papavgeris, Life’s Eyes, CD, WGS349CD, 2008

Neil Brookes and Tony Weatherall: The Whitchurch Hornpipe (WildGoose WGS350CD) Neil Brookes and Tony Weatherall, The Whitchurch Hornpipe, CD, WGS350CD, 2008

Tony Hall: One Man Hand (WildGoose WGS351CD) Tony Hall, One Man Hand, CD, WGS351CD, 2008

Folly Bridge: All in the Same Tune / Unabridged (WildGoose WGS352CDR) Folly Bridge, All in the Same Tune / Unabridged, CD-R, WGS352CDR, 2007, digital download, 2015

Belshazzar’s Feast: The Food of Love (WildGoose WGS353CD) Belshazzar’s Feast, The Food of Love, 2 CD, WGS353CD, 2008

The Claque: Sounding Now (WildGoose WGS354CD) The Claque, Sounding Now, CD, WGS354CD, 2008

Mick Ryan & Paul Downes: Grand Conversation (WildGoose WGS355CD) Mick Ryan & Paul Downes, Grand Conversation, CD, WGS355CD, 2008

Rubus: Nine Witch Knots (WildGoose WGS356CD) Rubus, Nine Witch Knots, CD, WGS356CD, 2008

Jack Crawford: Pride of the Season (WildGoose WGS357CD) Jack Crawford, Pride of the Season, CD, WGS357CD, 2008

Tom & Barbara Brown: Beyond the Quay (WildGoose WGS358CD) Tom & Barbara Brown, Beyond the Quay, CD, WGS358CD, 2008

Martin & Shan Graebe: Dusty Diamonds (WildGoose WGS359CD) Martin & Shan Graebe, Dusty Diamonds, CD, WGS359CD, 2008

Mick Ryan et al: The Navvy’s Wife (WildGoose WGS360CD) Mick Ryan et al, The Navvy’s Wife, CD, WGS360CD, 2008

Maggie Sand and Sandragon: Susie Fair (WildGoose WGS361CD) Maggie Sand and Sandragon, Susie Fair, CD, WGS361CD, 2009

Mary Humphreys and Anahata: Cold Fen (WildGoose WGS362CD) Mary Humphreys and Anahata, Cold Fen, CD, WGS362CD, 2009

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer: Gleowien (WildGoose WGS363CD) Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Gleowien, CD, WGS363CD, 2009

The Askew Sisters & Craig Morgan Robson: The Axford Five (WildGoose WGS364CD) The Askew Sisters & Craig; Morgan; Robson, The Axford Five, CD, WGS364CD, 2009

Generosity (WildGoose WGS365CD) Folk for M.S., Generosity: A Unique Collection Celebrating 20 Years of Folk for M.S., CD, WGS365CD, 2009

Belshazzar’s Feast: Frost Bites (WildGoose WGS366CD) Belshazzar’s Feast, Frost Bites, CD, WGS366CD, 2009

Roger Watson: Past and Present (WildGoose WGS367CD) Roger Watson, Past and Present, CD, WGS367CD, 2009

Issy & David Emeney: The Waiting (WildGoose WGS368CD) Issy & David Emeney, The Waiting, CD, WGS368CD, 2008

George Papavgeris: Looking Both Ways (WildGoose WGS369CD) George Papavgeris, Looking Both Ways, CD, WGS369CD, 2009

English Rebellion: Four Across (WildGoose WGS370CD) English Rebellion, Four Across, CD, WGS370CD, 2009

Rattle on the Stovepipe: No Use in Cryin’ (WildGoose WGS371CD) Rattle on the Stovepipe, No Use in Cryin’, CD, WGS371CD, 2009

The Askew Sisters: Through Lonesome Woods (WildGoose WGS372CD) The Askew Sisters, Through Lonesome Woods, CD, WGS372CD, 2009

Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner: Tickled Pink (WildGoose WGS373CD) Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner, Tickled Pink, CD, WGS373CD, 2010

Rattle on the Stovepipe: So Far, So Good (WildGoose WGS374CD) Rattle on the Stovepipe, So Far, So Good, CD, WGS374CD, 2010

Mick Ryan & Paul Downes: Away in the West (WildGoose WGS375CD) Mick Ryan & Paul Downes, Away in the West, CD, WGS375CD, 2010

Tim Laycock: Sea Strands (WildGoose WGS376CD) Tim Laycock, Sea Strands, CD, WGS376CD, 2010

Jim Causley: Dumnonia (WildGoose WGS377CD) Jim Causley, Dumnonia, CD, WGS377CD, 2011

The Old Swan Band: Swan for the Money (WildGoose WGS378CD) Old Swan Band, Swan for the Money, CD, WGS378CD, 2011

Mick Ryan et al: The Pauper’s Path (WildGoose WGS379CD) Mick Ryan et al, The Pauper’s Path, CD, WGS379CD, 2011

Short Sharp Shanties (WildGoose WGSCD380) Various Artists, Short Sharp Shanties, 3 CD, WGS380CD (comprises WGS381/2/8CD for a reduced price)

Short Sharp Shanties Vol. 1 (WildGoose WGS381CD) Various Artists, Short Sharp Shanties Vol. 1, CD, WGS381CD, 2011

Short Sharp Shanties Vol. 2 (WildGoose WGS382CD) Various Artists, Short Sharp Shanties Vol. 2, CD, WGS382CD, 2011

White Star Line-Up: Look Out! (WildGoose WGS383CD) White Star Line-Up, Look Out!, CD, WGS383CD, 2011

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer: Stones on the Ground (WildGoose WGS384CD) Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Stones to the Ground, CD, WGS384CD, 2011

Jeff Warner: Long Time Travelling (WildGoose WGS385CD) Jeff Warner, Long Time Travelling, CD, WGS385CD, 2011

Chris Sarjeant: Heirlooms (WildGoose WGS386CD) Chris Sarjeant, Heirlooms, CD, WGS386CD, 2012

Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham: Well Dressed (WildGoose WGS387CD) Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Well Dressed, CD, WGS387CD, 2012

Short Sharp Shanties Vol. 3 (WildGoose WGS388CD) Various Artists, Short Sharp Shanties Vol. 3, CD, WGS388CD, 2012

The Andover Museum Loft Singers: The Bedmaking (WildGoose WGS389CD) The Andover Museum Loft Singers, The Bedmaking, CD, WGS389CD, 2012

Maggie Boyle: Won’t You Come Away (WildGoose GGS390CD) Maggie Boyle, Won’t You Come Away, CD, WGS390CD, 2012

Lauren McCormick: On Bluestockings (WildGoose WGS391CD) Lauren McCormick, On Bluestockings, CD, WGS391CD, 2012

Dave Townsend and Gill Redmond: New Road to Alston (WildGoose WGS392CD) Dave Townsend and Gill Redmond, New Road to Alston, CD, WGS392CD, 2012

Mick Ryan & Paul Downes: When Every Song Was New (WildGoose WGS393CD) Mick Ryan & Paul Downes, When Every Song Was New, CD, WGS393CD, 2013

Alice Wylde: Songs of Old Appalachia (WildGoose WGS394CD) Alice Wylde, Songs of Old Appalachia, CD, WGS394CD, 2013

Freshly Ground: The Good Red Earth (WildGoose WGS395CD) Freshly Ground, The Good Red Earth, CD, WGS395CD, 2013

Paul Downes: The Boatman's Cure (WildGoose WGS386CD) Paul Downes, The Boatman's Cure, CD, WGS396CD, 2012

The Dollymopps: Wight Cockade (WildGoose WGS397CD) The Dollymopps, Wight Cockade, CD, WGS397CD, 2014

Rattle on the Stovepipe: Old Virginia (WildGoose WGS398CD) Rattle on the Stovepipe, Old Virginia, CD, WGS398CD, 2014

Andy Clarke and Steve Tyler: Wreck off Scilly (WildGoose WGS399CD) Andy Clarke and Steve Tyler, Wreck of Scilly, CD, WGS399CD, 2013

Ron Taylor and Jeff Gillett: Buy It, Try It (And Never Repent You) (WildGoose WGS400CD) Ron Taylor and Jeff Gillett, Buy It, Try It (And Never Repent You), CD, WGS400CD, 2013

Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll: A Handful of Sky (WildGoose WGS401CD) Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll, A Handful of Sky, CD, WGS401CD, 2014

Sarah Morgan: Only Remembered (WildGoose WGS402CD) Sarah Morgen, Ony Remembered, CD, WGS402CD, 2014

Mick Ryan et al: A Day’s Work (WildGoose WGS403CD) Mick Ryan et al, A Day’s Work, CD, WGS403CD, 2014

Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner: Far Distant Stars (WildGoose WGS404CD) Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner, Far Distant Stars, CD, WGS404CD, 2014

NYFTE—National Youth Folklore Troupe of England (WildGoose WGS405CD) NYFTE, National Youth Folklore Troupe of England, CD, WGS405CD, 2014

Tom & Barbara Brown: Just Another Day (WildGoose WGS406CD) Tom & Barbara Brown, Just Another Day, CD, WGS406CD, 2014

The Old Swan Band: Fortyssimo (WildGoose WGS407CD) Old Swan Band, Fortyssimo, CD, WGS407CD, 2014

Anna Shannon: A Celebration of Old England (WildGoose WGS408CD) Anna Shannnon, A Celebration of Old England, CD, WGS408CD, 2014

Hector Gilchrist: Days o’ Grace (WildGoose WGS409CD) Hector Gilchrist, Days o’ Grace, CD, WGS409CD, 2014

Moirai: Sideways (WildGoose WGS410CD) Moirai, Sideways, CD, WGS410CD, 2015

Niamh Boadle: Maid on the Shore (WildGoose WGS411CD) Niamh Boadle, Maid on the Shore, CD, WGS411CD, 2015

Derek Gifford: Songs From the Past … into the Future (WildGoose WGS412CD) Derek Gifford, Songs From the Past … into the Future, CD, WGS412CD, 2015

Seriouskitchen: The Whispering Road (WildGoose WGS413CD) Seriouskitchen, The Whispering Road, CD, WGS413CD, 2015

Martin & Shan Graebe: Calm and Collected (WildGoose WGS414CD) Martin & Shan Graebe, Calm and Collected, CD, WGS414CD, 2016

Crows: Time to Rise (WildGoose WGS415CD) Crows, Time to Rise, CD, WGS415CD, 2016

Granny’s Attic: Off the Land (WildGoose WGS416CD) Granny’s Attic, Off the Land, CD, WGS416CD, 2016

Mick Ryan & Paul Downes: The Passing Hour (WildGoose WGS417CD) Mick Ryan & Paul Downes, The Passing Hour, CD, WGS417CD, 2016

Jim Causley: Cyprus Well (WildGoose WGS418CD) Jim Causley, Cyprus Well, CD, WGS418CD, 2017

Rattle on the Stovepipe: Poor Ellen Smith (WildGoose WGS419CD) Rattle on the Stovepipe, Poor Ellen Smith, CD, WGS419CD, 2017

Jim Causley: I Am the Song (WildGoose WGS420CD) Jim Causley, I Am the Song, CD, WGS420CD, 2017

Moirai: Here & Now (WildGoose WGS421CD) Moirai, Here & Now, CD, WGS421CD, 2017

Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne: Outway Songster (WildGoose WGS422CD) Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Outway Songster, CD, WGS422CD, 2017

Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham: Shine On (WildGoose WGS423CD) Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Shine On, CD, WGS423CD, 2018

Mischief Afoot: Mischief Afoot (WildGoose WGS424CD) Mischief Afoot, Mischief Afoot, CD, WGS424CD, 2018

Jeff Warner: Roam the Country Through (WildGoose WGS425CD) Jeff Warner, Roam the Country Through, CD, WGS425CD, 2018

Hector Gilchrist: Gleanings (WildGoose WGS426CD) Hector Gilchrist, Gleanings, CD, WGS426CD, 2018

Bob & Gill Berry: Echoes of Alfred (WildGoose WGS427CD) Bob & Gill Berry, Echoes of Alfred, CD, WGS427CD, 2018

Mick Ryan: Here at the Fair (WildGoose WGS428CD) Mick Ryan, Here at the Fair, 2 CD, WGS428CD, 2019

Out of Hand: Too Young to Drive the Bus (WildGoose WGS429CD) Out of Hand, Too Young to Drive the Bus, CD, WGS429CD, 2019

Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner: Watching for Winkles (WildGoose WGS430CD) Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner, Watching for Winkles, CD, WGS430CD, 2019

Sara Grey & Kieron Means: Better Days a Comin (WildGoose WGS431CD) Sara Grey & Kieron Means, Better Days a Comin, CD, WGS431CD, 2019

Rattle on the Stovepipe: Through the Woods (WildGoose WGS432CD) Rattle on the Stovepipe, Through the Woods, CD, WGS432CD, 2020

Moirai: Framed: The Alice Wheeldon Story (WildGoose WGS433CD) Moirai, Framed: The Alice Wheeldon Story, CD, WGS433CD, 2019

The Old Swan Band: Fortyfived (WildGoose WGS434CD) Old Swan Band, Fortyfived, CD, WGS434CD, 2019

Dave Arthur: Someone to Love You (WildGoose WGS435CD) Dave Arthur, Someone to Love You, CD, WGS435CD, 2020

William Barnes: The Year Clock (WildGoose WGS436CD) William Barnes, The Year Clock, 2 CD, WGS436CD, 2020

Belshazzar’s Feast: That’s All Folkies! (WildGoose WGS437CD) Belshazzar’s Feast, That’s All Folkies!, CD, WGS437CD, 2021

The Exmouth Shanty Men: Tall Ships and Tavern Tales (WildGoose WGS438CD) The Exmouth Shanty Men, Tall Ships and Tavern Tales, 2 CD, WGS438CD, 2022

Bosun Higgs: A Most Particular Vintage (WildGoose WGS439CD) Bosun Higgs, A Most Particular Vintage, CD, WGS439CD, 2022

WGS440CD not yet released

Patakas: When You’re Ready (WildGoose WGS441CD) Patakas, When You’re Ready, CD EP, WGS441CD, 2 June 2023

WGS442CD not yet released

Dave Lowry: Songs of a Devon Man (WildGoose WGS443CD) Dave Lowry, Songs of a Devon Man, CD, WGS443CD, 5 January 2024

Mat Green & Andy Turner: Time for a Stottycake (WildGoose WGS444CD) Mat Green & Andy Turner, Time for a Stottycake, CD, WGS444CD, 5 January 2024

Pete Cooper and Richard Bolton: Burning Bright (WildGoose WGS445CD) Pete Cooper and Richard Bolton, Burning Bright, CD, WGS445CD, 1 March 2024

Becky Price and Friends: An Outbreak of Cats (WildGoose WGS441CD) Becky Price and Friends, An Outbreak of Cats, CD, WGS445CD, 29 March 2024

> Folk Music > Records > Recorded and produced by Doug Bailey on other record labels

Mick Ryan & Pete Harris: The Widow’s Promise (Terra Nova TERR CD0011) Mick Ryan & Pete Harris, The Widow’s Promise, CD, Terra Nova TERR CD0011, 1996

Chris Bartram & Keith Holloway: The Traditional Morris Dance Music Album (Music Club MCCD 176) Chris Bartram & Keith Holloway: The Traditional Morris Dance Music Album (Talking Elephant TECD200) Chris Bartram & Keith Holloway, The Traditional Morris Dance Music Album, CD, Music Club MCCD 176, 1998; CD, Talking Elephant TECD200, 2012

Rosie Upton: Basket of Oysters (Village Pump PUMP010) Rosie Upton, Basket of Oysters, CD, Village Pump PUMP010, 2014