‘100’ Series: American Old Time Music

Various Artists: Push Them Clouds Away, Old Time Country Music, 1924-38, cassette MTCAS101, 1985; CD MTCD101, 2003

Various Artists: Old Ship Sailing for the Promised Land, White Gospel Music, 1926-38, cassette MTCAS102, 1985; CD MTCD102, 2003

Various Artists: Yearlings in the Canebreak, Texas Fiddle Music, 1924-30, cassette MTCAS103, 1985; CD MTCD103, 2003

Various Artists: Where the Southern Crosses the Dog, Mississippi Fiddle Music, 1928-35, cassette MTCAS104, 1985; CD MTCD104, 2003

John ‘Seven Foot Dilly’ Dilleshaw, Georgia Bust Down, 1930, cassette MTCAS105, 1985; CD MTCD105, 2003

‘250’ Series: Digital Books

Keith Chandler, Morris Dancing in the English South Midlands 1660-1900, CD-ROM, MTCD250, 2002

Dan Worrall, House Dance, Dance music played on the Anglo-German concertina by musicians of the house dance era, digital book with embedded audio files, CD-ROM, MTCD251, 2012

Bob and Jacqueline Patten, A Somerset Scrapbook, digital book with embedded audio files, CD-ROM, MTCD252, 2013

Alan Helsdon, Vaughan Williams in Norfolk, digital book with embedded midi files, CD-ROM, MTCD253, 2014

Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Travellers' Songs from England and Scotland, digital book with embedded MP3 sound files, CD-ROM, MTCD254, 2015

Alan Helsdon, Vaughan Williams in Norfolk Volume 2, digital book with embedded midi files, CD-ROM, MTCD255, 2017

‘300’ Series

Bob Hart, A Broadside, 2 CD, MTCD301/2, 1998

Cyril Poacher, Plenty of Thyme, CD, MTCD303, 1999

George Townshend, Come, Hand to Me the Glass, CD, MTCD304, 2000; reissue on 2 CD, MTCD304/5, 2012

Walter Pardon, Put a Bit of Powder on It, Father, 2 CD, MTCD305/6, 2000

Wiggy Smith and other Smith Family members, Band of Gold, CD, MTCD307, 2000

Daisy Chapman, Ythanside, CD, MTCD308, 2000

Various Artists, Just Another Saturday Night: Sussex 1960, 2 CD, MTCD309/10, 2001

Various Artists, Up in the North and Down in the South: Songs and Music from the Mike Yates Collection1964-2000, 2 CD, MTCD311/2, 2001

Joe Rae, The Broom Blooms Bonny, CD, MTCD313, 2001

Ray Andrews, Classic English Banjo, CD, MTCD314, 2001

Kevin and Ellen Mitchell, Have a Drop Mair, 2 CD, MTCD315/6, 2001

George Dunn, Chainmaker, 2 CD, MTCD317/8, 2002

Various Artists, A Catalogue Sampler, CD, MTCD319, 2005

Various Artists, Here's Luck to a Man …: Gypsy Songs and Music from South-East England, CD, MTCD320, 2003

MTCD321-4: see MTCD501-4

Various Artists, From Puck to Appleby: Songs of Irish Travellers in England, 2 CD, MTCD325/6, 2003

Oak, Country Songs and Music, 2 CD, MTCD327/8, 2003

Various Artists, The Hardy Sons of Dan: Football, Hunting and Other Traditional Songs from Around Lough Erne's Shore, 2 CD, MTCD329/30, 2004

Various Artists, Around the Hills of Clare: Songs and a Recitation from the Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie Collection, 2 CD, MTCD331/2, 2004

Various Artists, The Birds Upon the Tree, CD, MTCD333, 2004

Stephen Baldwin, Here's One You'll Like, I Think, CD, MTCD334, 2005

Various Artists, Songs from the Golden Fleece: A Song Tradition Today, 2 CD, MTCD335/6, 2005

Lizzie Higgins, In Memory of Lizzie Higgins, 2 CD, MTCD337/8, 2006

Various Artists, A Story to Tell: Keith Summers in Suffolk 1972-79, 2 CD, MTCD339/40, 2007

MTCD341-4: see MTCD505-8

The Brazil Family, Down by the Old Riverside, 3 CD, MTCD345-7, 2007

Ken Langsbury, And Then It Happened!, CD, MTCD348, 2009

May Bradley, Sweet Swansea, CD, MTCD349, 2010

Fred ‘Pip’ Whiting, Old-Time Hornpipes, Polkas and Jigs, CD, MTCD350, 2011

Bill Smith, A Country Life: Songs and Stories of a Shropshire Man, CD, MTCD351, 2011

Harry Langston, Dear Gladys, Dear Gertie …: Songs of Lancashire Life, CD, MTCD352, 2011

Sarah Makem, As I Roved Out, 3 CD, MTCD353-5, 2011

Various Artists, King's Head Folk Club: Traditional Performers at this London Folk Club 1968-1970, 2 CD, MTCD356/7, 2012

Various Artists, A Second Catalogue Sampler, CD, MTCD358, 2012

Bernie Cherry, With Powder, Shot and Gun, CD, MTCD359, 2013

David Stacey, Good Luck to the Journeyman, CD, MTCD360, 2015

The Willett Family, Adieu to Old England, 2 CD, MTCD361/2, 2013

Cecilia Costello, Old Fashioned Songs, 2 CD, MTCD363/4, 2014

Caroline Hughes, Sheep-Crook and Black Dog, 2 CD, MTCD365/6, 2014

Various Artists, I Pray You Pay Attention: More Traditional Songs from Around Lough Erne's Shore, 2 CD, MTCD367/8, 2014

Sam Larner, Cruising Round Yarmouth, 2 CD, MTCD369/70, 2014

Harry Upton, Why Can't it Always be Saturday?, CD, MTCD371, 2015

Various Artists, I Wish There Was No Prisons, CD, MTCD372, 2015

Various Artists, Boshamengro: English Gypsy Musicians, CD, MTCD373, 2017

Bob Lewis & Bob Copper, The Two Bobs' Worth, CD, MTCD374, 2017

Freda Palmer, Leafield Lass, 2 CD, MTCD375/6, 2018

Charlie Bridger: Won't You Buy My Pretty Flowers? (Musical Traditions MTCD377) Charlie Bridger, Won't You Buy My Pretty Flowers?, CD, MTCD377, 7 July 2019

‘500’ Series: American CDs

Various Artists, Far in the Mountains: Volumes 1 & 2, 2 CD, MTCD501/2 (formerly MTCD321/2), 2002

Various Artists, Far in the Mountains: Volumes 3 & 4, 2 CD, MTCD503/4 (formerly MTCD323/4), 2002

Various Artists, Meeting's a Pleasure: Folk Songs of the Upper South, Volumes 1 & 2, 2 CD, MTCD505/6 (formerly MTCD341/2), 2007

Various Artists, Meeting's a Pleasure: Folk Songs of the Upper South, Volumes 3 & 4, 2 CD, MTCD507/8 (formerly MTCD343/4), 2007

Art Galbraith, fiddle, with Gordon McCann, guitar, Dixie Blossoms, CD, MTCD509, 2010

Roger Cooper, with Robin Kessinger, guitar, and Michael Garvin, bass and occasional guitar, Essence of Old Kentucky, CD, MTCD510, 2010

Morgan MacQuarrie, with Gordon MacLean, piano, Over the Cabot Trail, CD, MTCD511, 2011

Nimrod Workman, Mother Jones' Will, CD, MTCD512, 2011

Various Artists, Far in the Mountains: Volumes 5: Echoes from the Mountains, CD, MTCD513, 2013

Various Artists, When Cecil Left the Mountains: Historic Recordings of Appalachian Singers and Musicians 1927-1955, 2 CD, MTCD514/5, 2017

Various Artists, A Distant Land to Roam: Anglo-American Songs and Tunes from Texas to Maine, CD, MTCD516, 2018