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RootBeat Records

Illustrated RootBeat Records Discography

This is a list of the albums on the RootBeat Records label between 2003 and 2019. It seems to be defunct now with their last issue released in March 2019 and their website gone.

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RootBeat Records

Kerfuffle, Not to Scale, CD, RBRCD01, 2003

Tegwen Roberts & Martin Harwood, I Think I Thought I Knew, CD, RBRCD02, 2004

Kerfuffle, K2, CD, RBRCD03, 2004

Charlie Barker, Sleeping at the Station, CD, RBRCD04, 2005

Kerfuffle, Links, CD, RBRCD05, 2006

Kerfuffle, To the Ground, CD, RBRCD06, 2008

Hannah James & Sam Sweeney, Catches & Glees, CD, RBRCD07, 2009

Kerfuffle, Lighten the Dark, CD, RBRCD08, 2009

Lady Maisery, Weave & Spin, CD, RBRCD09, 2011

Moore Moss Rutter, Moore Moss Rutter, CD, RBRCD10, 2011

Charlie Barker, Ghosts & Heroes, CD, RBRCD11, 2011

Jim Molyneux, Journey Boy, CD EP, RBRCD12, 2012

Hannah James & Sam Sweeney, State and Ancientry, CD, RBRCD13, 2012

Sue Brown and Lorraine Irwing: The 13<sup>th</sup> Bedroom (RootBeat RBRCD14) Sue Brown and Lorraine Irwing, The 13th Bedroom, CD, RBRCD14, 2012

Vera van Heeringen, Standing Tall, CD, RBRCD15, 2012

Matt Gordon & Leonard Podolak, Three Thin Dimes, CD, RBRCD16, 2012

The Rheingans Sisters, Glad Gold Hearts, CD, RBRCD17, 2013

Lady Maisery, This Woman’s Work, download-only single, RBRCD18, 2013

Lady Maisery, Mayday, CD, RBRCD19, 2013

The Askew Sisters: In the Air or the Earth (RootBeat RBRCD20) The Askew Sisters, In the Air or the Earth, CD, RBRCD20, 2014

Sam Sweeney, Made in the Great War, CD, RBRCD21, 2014

Ollie King, Gambit, CD, RBRCD22, 2014

Leveret, New Anything, CD, RBRCD23, 2015

Jaywalkers, Weave, CD, RBRCD24, 2015

Tuulikki Bartosik & Hannah James, Chatterbox, CD, RBRCD25, 2015

Moore Moss Rutter, Moore Moss Rutter II, CD, RBRCD26, 2015

The Dovetail Trio, Wing of Evening, CD, RBRCD27, 2015

The Rheingans Sisters, Already Home, CD, RBRCD28, 2015

Leveret, In the Round, CD, RBRCD29, 2016

Hannah James, JigDoll, CD, RBRCD30, 2016

Tuulikki Bartosik, Storied Sounds, CD, RBRCD31, 2016

Alma: Weave & Spin (RootBeat RBRCD32) Alma, Varieties, CD, RBRCD32, 2016

Lady Maisery, Cycle, CD, RBRCD33, 2016

Jack Harris, The Wide Afternoon, CD, RBRCD34, 2017

Ollie King, Diffractions, CD, RBRCD35, 2017

Rosie Hood: The Beautiful & the Actual (RootBeat RBRCD36) Rosie Hood, The Beautiful and the Actual, CD, RootBeat RBRCD36, 2017

Georgia Lewis, The Bird Who Sings Freedom, CD, RBRCD37, 2017

Leveret, Inventions, CD, RBRCD38, 2017

The Rheingans Sisters, Bright Field, CD, RBRCD39, 2018

Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, Utopia and Wasteland, CD, RBRCD40, 2018

Matthew Byrne Horizon Lines, CD, RBRCD41, 2018

Leveret: Diversions (RootBeat RBRCD42) Leveret, Diversions, CD, RootBeat RBRCD42, 2019