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Illustrated The Tradition Bearers Discography

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Various Artists: Celtic Connections (Living Tradition LTCD001) Various Artists, Celtic Connections: The Album, CD, LTCD001, 1994

> Folk Music > Records > 1000 series: Scots Songs and Ballads

Bob Blair: Reachin’ for the High, High Lands (Tradition Bearers LTCD1001) Bob Blair, Reachin’ for the High, High Lands, CD, LTCD1001, 2000

Jimmy Hutchison: Corachree (Tradition Bearers LTCD1002) Jimmy Hutchison, Corachree, CD, LTCD1002, 2000

Alison McMorland: Cloudberry Day (Tradition Bearers LTCD1003) Alison McMorland, Cloudberry Day, CD, LTCD1003, 2000

Maureen Jelks: Eence Upon a Time (Tradition Bearers LTCD1004) Maureen Jelks, Eence Upon a Time, CD, LTCD1004, 2000

Tom Spiers: Allan Water (Tradition Bearers LTCD1005) Tom Spiers, Allan Water, CD, LTCD1005, 2001

Jack Beck: Half Ower, Half Ower tae Aberdour (Tradition Bearers LTCD1006) Jack Beck, Half Ower, Half Ower tae Aberdour, CD, LTCD1006, 2001

Heather Heywood: Lassies Fair and Laddies Braw (Tradition Bearers LTCD1007) Heather Heywood, Lassies Fair and Laddies Braw, CD, LTCD1007, 2000

Ellen Mitchell: On Yonder Lea (Tradition Bearers LTCD1008) Ellen Mitchell, On Yonder Lea, CD, LTCD1008, 2002

Fiona Ross with Tony McManus: Clyde’s Water (Tradition Bearers LTCD1009) Fiona Ross with Tony McManus, Clyde’s Water, CD, LTCD1009, 2017

Geordie Murison: The Term Time Is Comin Roon (Tradition Bearers LTCD1020) Geordie Murison, The Term Time Is Comin Roon, CD, LTCD1020, 2017

Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre: Ballad Tree (Tradition Bearers LTCD1051) Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre, Ballad Tree, CD, LTCD1051, 2003

> Folk Music > Records > 1100 series: English Songs and Ballads

Terry Yarnell: A Bonny Bunch (Tradition Bearers LTCD1005) Terry Yarnell, A Bonny Bunch, CD, LTCD1101, 2003

Chris Foster: Jewels (Tradition Bearers LTCD1102) Chris Foster, Jewels, CD, LTCD1102, 2004

Steve Turner: The Whirligig of Time (Tradition Bearers LTCD1103) Steve Turner, The Whirligig of Time, CD, LTCD1103, 2008

Steve Turner: Rim of the Wheel (Tradition Bearers LTCD1104) Steve Turner, Rim of the Wheel, CD, LTCD1104, 2012

Steve Turner: Spirit of the Game (Tradition Bearers LTCD1105) Steve Turner, Spirit of the Game, CD, LTCD1105, 2016

Steve Turner: Late Cut (Tradition Bearers LTCD1106) Steve Turner, Late Cut, CD, LTCD1106, 2018

> Folk Music > Records > 1300 series: American Songs and Ballads

Sara Grey: Boy, She’s a Daisy (Tradition Bearers LTCD1301) Sary Grey, Boy, She’s a Daisy, CD, LTCD1301, 2002

> Folk Music > Records > 2000 series: Magic of Live

Walt Michael & Company: Legacy (Tradition Bearers LTCD2001) Walt Michael & Company, Legacy, CD, LTCD2001, 2000

Norman Kennedy: Live in Scotland (Tradition Bearers LTCD2002) Norman Kennedy, Live in Scotland, CD, LTCD2002, 2002

> Folk Music > Records > 3000 series

John Watt: Heroes (Tradition Bearers LTCD3001) John Watt, Heroes, CD, LTCD3001, 2000

Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre: Rowan in the Rock (Tradition Bearers LTCD3002) Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre, Rowan in the Rock, CD, LTCD3002, 2001

Chris Foster: Traces (Tradition Bearers LTCD3003) Chris Foster, Traces, CD, LTCD3003, 2003

Kieron Means: Run Mountain (Tradition Bearers LTCD3004) Kieron Means, Run Mountain, CD, LTCD3004, 2003

> Folk Music > Records > Borders Traditions

Borders Fiddles (Borders Traditions SBT 001D) Various Artists, Borders Fiddles (Borders Traditions Volume 1), CD, Borders Tradition LTCD4001, 2000

Borders Sangsters (Borders Traditions LTCD4002) Various Artists, Borders Sangsters (Borders Traditions Volume 2), CD, Borders Tradition LTCD4002, 2002

Borders Boxes (Borders Traditions LTCD4002) Various Artists, Borders Boxes (Borders Traditions Volume 4), CD, Borders Tradition LTCD4002, 2005

Borders Pipes (Borders Traditions LTCD4002) Various Artists, Borders Pipes (Borders Traditions Volume 5), CD, Borders Tradition LTCD4002, 2007

Borders Tunesmiths (Borders Traditions LTCD4003) Borders Tunesmiths, Borders Tunesmiths (Borders Traditions Volume 6), CD, Borders Tradition LTCD4003, 2009

Borders Young Pipers (Borders Traditions LTCD4004) Borders Young Pipers, Borders Young Pipers (Borders Traditions Volume 7), CD, Borders Tradition LTCD4004, 2012

> Folk Music > Records > 5000 series

Carol Anderson & Martin Macdonald: Single Track Road Trip (Tradition Bearers LTCD5001) Carol Anderson & Martin Macdonald, Single Track Road Trip, CD, LTCD5001, 2010

Folk Legacy: The 40th Girvan Traditional Folk Festival (Traditional Arts Development) Various Artists, The 40th Girvan Traditional Folk Festival, 2 CD, Traditional Arts Development, 2014