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Greenwich Village Records

Illustrated Greenwich Village Records Discography

This is a list of albums on Joe Stead's Greenwich Village Records label, most of which I have. Also I've listed my few albums from its sister label Sweet Folk and Country.

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Various: The Shanty Men (Greenwich Village GVR 201) Matt Armour, Alex Campbell, Johnny Collins, John Goodluck, Erik Ilott, Jim Mageean, Don Shepherd, Joe Stead, Mick Tems, The Shanty Men, LP, GVR 201, 1978

Nicholas Driver: Bare Bones (Greenwich Village GVR 202) Nicholas Driver, Bare Bones, The Traditional Art of Bones Playing, LP, GVR 202, 1978

Jim Mageean: Of Ships…and Men (Greenwich Village GVR 203) Jim Mageean, Of Ships…and Men, LP, GVR 203, 1978

Dave Walters: Innocence & Experience (Greenwich Village GVR 204) Dave Walters, Innocence & Experience, LP, GVR 204, 1979

Martyn Bradley: Time Can't Stand Still (Greenwich Village GVR 205) Martyn Bradley, Time Can't Stand Still, LP, GVR 205, 1980

Phil Beer: Mandoline (Greenwich Village GVR 206) Phil Beer, Mandoline, LP, GVR 206, 1979

Stan Hugill: Aboard the Cutty Sark (Greenwich Village GVRXCD207) Stan Hugill, Aboard the Cutty Sark, 2 LP, GVRX 207, 1979

Tundra: The Kentish Songster (Greenwich Village GVR 208) Tundra, The Kentish Songster, LP, GVR 208, 1980

The McCalmans: The Ettrick Shepherd (Greenwich Village GVR 209) The McCalmans, The Ettrick Shepherd, LP, GVR 209, 1980

Roger Watson: Mixed Traffic (Greenwich Village GVR 210) Roger Watson, Mixed Traffic, LP, GVR 210, 1980

Jim Couza: Brightest and Best (Greenwich Village GVR 211) Jim Couza, Brightest and Best, An Anthology of Hammered Dulcimer Music, LP, GVR 211, 1982

Arky's Toast: From the Half Moon to the Rising Sun (Greenwich Village GVR 212) Arky's Toast, From the Half Moon to the Rising Sun, LP, GVR 212, 1979

David Roche: All Ireland Champion Button Accordion (Greenwich Village GVR 213) David Roche, All Ireland Champion Button Accordion, LP, GVR 213, 1980

Calennig: Songs and Tunes from Wales (Greenwich Village GVR 214) Calennig, Songs and Tunes from Wales, LP, GVR 214, 1980

Mai Jones, Beryl Watkins, Sian Jarman, John Gittins, Barrie Griffiths: Tonnau Gwerin (Greenwich Village GVR 215) Mai Jones, Beryl Watkins, Sian Jarman, John Gittins, Barrie Griffiths, Tonnau Gwerin, LP, GVR 215, 1981

Tim Laycock: Capers & Rhymes (Greenwich Village GVR 216) Tim Laycock, Capers & Rhymes, LP, GVR 216, 1980

Stan Hugill: Stan Hugill Reminisces (Greenwich Village GVR 217) Stan Hugill, Stan Hugill Reminisces, LP, GVR 217, 1980

Tundra: Songs from Greenwich (Greenwich Village GVR 218) Tundra, Songs from Greenwich, LP, GVR 218, 1981

The Wilson Family: Horumarye (Greenwich Village GVR 219) The Wilson Family, Horumarye, LP, GVR 219, 1983

Eavesdropper: The March Hare (Greenwich Village GVR 220) Eavesdropper, The March Hare, LP, GVR 220, 1983

Jim Couza: Friends & Neighbours (Greenwich Village GVR 221) Jim Couza, Friends & Neighbours, LP, GVR 221, 1983

Martyn Wyndham-Read: A Rose from the Bush (Greenwich Village GVR 222) Martyn Wyndham-Read, A Rose from the Bush, LP, GVR 222, 1984

Martyn Wyndham-Read, The Rose / The Queensland Shed's Begun, single, GVRS 222, 1984

Anni and Jim Mageean, Alan Fitzsimons, Benny Graham, The Wilson Family, Aall Tegithor Like the Foaks o' Shields, LP, GVR 223, 1981

Calennig: You Can Take a White Horse Anywhere (Greenwich Village GVR 224) Calennig, You Can Take a White Horse Anywhere, LP, GVR 224, 1983

Martyn Wyndham-Read et al.: The Old Songs (Greenwich Village GVR 225) Martyn Wyndham-Read, Martin Carthy et al., The Old Songs, LP, GVR 225, 1984

Jim Mageean & Johnny Collins: Strontrace! (Greenwich Village GVR 226) Jim Mageean, Strontrace!, LP, GVR 226, 1983

Dick Miles: Cheating the Tide (Greenwich Village GVR 227) Dick Miles, Cheating the Tide, LP, GVR 227, 1984

Pete Seeger, Illapu, Osvaldo Torres, Capri, Peace & Freedom in South America, LP, GVR 228, 1987

The Portway Pedlars: In Greenwood Shades (Greenwich Village GVR 229) The Portway Pedlars, In Greenwood Shades, Songs of Oxfordshire collected by Alfred Williams, LP, GVR 229, 1984

Joe Stead: A Baker's Score (Greenwich Village GVR 227) Joe Stead, A Baker's Score, LP, GVR 230, 1986

Sara Grey & Ellie Ellis: You Gave Me a Song… (Greenwich Village GVT 231) Sara Grey and Ellie Ellis, You Gave Me a Song…, LP/cass, GVR/GVT 231, 1986

Martyn Wyndham-Read: Across the Line (Greenwich Village GVR 232) Martyn Wyndham-Read, Across the Line, LP, GVR 232, 1986

Pete Seeger with Illapu, Live at the Royal Festival Hall, LP, GVR 233, 1985

Pete Seeger, Can't You See This System's Rotten Through and Through?, LP, GVR 234, 1985

Martyn Wyndham-Read et al.: Yuletracks (Greenwich Village GVR 235) Martyn Wyndham-Read, Martin Carthy et al., Yuletracks, LP, GVR 235, 1986

GVR 236 not issued?

Keith Hancock: This World We Live In (Greenwich Village GVR 237) Keith Hancock, The World We Live In, LP, GVR 237, 1986

Dick Miles: Playing for Time (Greenwich Village GVR 238) Dick Miles, Playing for Time, LP, GVR 238, 1986

The Wilson Family: The Third World War (Greenwich Village GVRS 239) The Wilson Family, The Third World War, single, GVRS 239, 1984

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Joe Stead: Live at the Whittlebury Folk Club (Sweet Folk and Country SFA 007) Joe Stead, Live at the Whittlebury Folk Club, LP, Sweet Folk and Country SFA 007, 1974

Paul and Linda Adams: Far Over the Fell (Sweet Folk and Country SFA 027) Paul and Linda Adams, Far Over the Fell, LP, Sweet Folk and Country SFA 027, 1975

John Goodluck: Speed the Plough (Sweet Folk and Country SFA 047) John Goodluck, Speed the Plough, LP, Sweet Folk and Country SFA 047, 1976

Paul and Linda Adams: Country Hirings (Sweet Folk and Country SFA 053) Paul and Linda Adams, Country Hirings, LP, Sweet Folk and Country SFA 053, 1976

Tundra: A Kentish Garland (Sweet Folk and Country SFA 078) Tundra, A Kentish Garland, LP, Sweet Folk and Country SFA 078, 1978

Jim Mageean & Johnny Collins: Make the Rafters Roar (Sweet Folk and Country SFA 103) Jim Mageean & Johnny Collins, Make the Rafters Roar, LP, Sweet Folk and Country SFA 103, 1979

Jim Mageean & Johnny Collins: Live at Herga! (Sweet Folk and Country SFA 123) Jim Mageean & Johnny Collins, Live at Herga!, LP, Sweet Folk and Country SFA 123, 1982