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Illustrated Traditional Sound Recordings Discography

This list of Traditional Sound Recordings albums is based on my own collection, expanded by information from Rod Stradling's Discography of Recorded Traditional Music.

Traditional Sound RecordingsTradition Masters

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The Woods, Early Morning Rain, LP, TSR 001, 1969

The Union Folk, A Basketful of Oysters, LP, TSR 002, 1969

Jon Rennard, Brimbledon Fair, LP, TSR 003, 1970

The Lonesome Travellers, The Lonesome Travellers, LP, TSR 004, 1970

The Trugs, And Boldly Go to Sea, LP, TSR 005, 1971

The Ripley Wayfarers, Chips and Brown Sauce, LP, TSR 006, 1971

The Union Folk, Waiting for a Train, LP, TSR 007, 1971

Martin Carter, Someone New, LP, TSR 008, 1971

Illman Riley, Gambler, LP, TSR 009, 1971

Jon Rennard, The Parting Glass, LP, TSR 010, 1971

Notts Alliance, The Cheerful 'Orn, LP, TSR 011, 1972

Martin Carter, Ups & Downs, LP, TSR 012, 1972

The Ripley Wayfarers, Five Wells, LP, TSR 013, 1972

Johnny Collins & Friends, The Traveller's Rest, LP, TSR 014, 1973

John Goodluck, The Suffolk Miracle, LP, TSR 015, 1974

The Tees-side Fettlers, Ring of Iron, LP, TSR 016, 1974

Roger Watson, The Pick & the Malt Shovel, LP, TSR 017, 1974

The Ripley Wayfarers, Gentlemen of High Renown, LP, TSR 018, 1974

Jon Raven et al., The Bold Navigators: The Story of England's Canals in Song, LP, TSR 019, 1975

Johnny Collins & Company, Johnny's Private Army, LP, TSR 020, 1975

The Tees-side Fettlers, Travelling the Tees, LP, TSR 021, 1975

Richard Plant, Better Be Sane, LP, TSR 022, 1975

Canny Fettle, Varry Canny, LP, TSR 023, 1975

Brian Osborne, Ae Fond Kiss, LP, TSR 024, 1976

Derek & Dorothy Elliott, Yorkshire Relish, LP, TSR 025, 1976

Strawhead, Farewell Musket, Pipe & Drum, LP, TSR 026, 1977

Canny Fettle, Trip to Harrogate, LP, TSR 027, 1977

John Goodluck, Monday's Childe, LP, TSR 028, 1977

The Savannah Jazz Band & Mary Asquith, With Traditional Style, LP, TSR 029, 1977

Graham Shaw, I Am the Minstrel, LP, TSR 030, 1978

Tom Shepley's Band, How Do You Do?, LP, TSR 031, 1978

Strawhead, Fortunes of War, LP, TSR 032, 1978

White Hart, In Search of Reward, LP, TSR 033, 1979

Yorkshire Relish, An Old Family Business, LP, TSR 034, 1980

Strawhead, Songs from the Book of England, 2 LP, TSR 035/036, 1980

The Fettlers, Pride of the North, LP, TSR 037, 1980

Ram's Bottom, The Young May Moon, LP, TSR 038, 1981

Alan Bell, The Band in the Park, LP, TSR 039, 1982

Strawhead, Through Smoke & Fire, LP, TSR 040, 1982

Johnny Collins & Friends, Free & Easy, LP, TSR 041, 1982

Graham & Sheila Nelmes, High Is the Tower, LP, TSR 042, 1983

Pat Ryan, Moving On, LP, TSR 043, 1983

Ian Woods & Charley Yarwood, Hooks & Nets, LP, TSR 044, 1984

Strawhead, Gentlemen of Fortune, LP, TSR 045, 1984

Bryony, Part Time Job, cass., TSR 046, 1984

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These CDs are budget reissues and compilations released by Fellside Recordings who now own the Traditional Sound Recordings catalogue.

Johnny Collins, The Best of the Early Years, CD, FTSR1, 1998

Canny Fettle, Trip to Harrogate, CD, FTSR2, 1999

Enlist for a Soldier (Fellside FTSR3) Various Artists, Enlist for a Soldier: The Soldier in Song from the English Civil War to the Falklands, CD, FTSR3, 2002

Jon Raven et al., The Bold Navigators: The Story of England's Canals in Song, CD, FTSR4, 1999

Various Artists, Seasons, Ceremonies & Rituals: The Calendar in Traditional Song, CD, FTSR5, 2002