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Illustrated Hudson Records Discography

This is a list of the albums on Andy Bell’s Hudson Records label that I own or have ordered.

For a complete list see the Hudson Records website.

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The Furrow Collective: Wild Hog (Hudson HD001CD) The Furrow Collective, Wild Hog, LP/CD, HUD001LP/CD, 2016

Hannah Read & Rowan Rheingans, Hudson Session #1, DL EP, no issue number, 2017

Neil McSweeney: A Coat Worth Wearing (Hudson HUD002CD) Neil McSweeney, A Coat Worth Wearing, LP/CD, HUD002LP/CD, 2017

Richard Warren, Disentagled, LP, HUD003LP, 2017

Jon Boden: Afterglow (Hudson HUD004CD) Jon Boden, Afterglow, CD/LP/2 CD, HUD004LP/CD/CDX, 2017

Karine Polwart with Pippa Murphy: A Pocket of Wind Resistance (Hudson HUD005CD) Karine Polwart with Pippa Murphy, A Pocket of Wind Resistance, LP/CD, HUD005LP/CD, 2017

The Furrow Collective, The Tamosher, DL EP, no issue number, 2017

Hannah Reed, Way Out I’ll Wander, LP/CD, HUD006LP/CD, 2018

The Transports (Hudson HUD007CD) The Transports, The Transports 2017, LP/CD, HUD007LP/CD, 2018

Kings of the South Seas, Franklin, CD, HUD008CD, 2018

Moore Moss Rutter, III, LP/CD, HUD009LP/CD, 2017

Steven Adams and the French Drops, Virtue Signals, LP/CD, HUD010LP/CD, 2018

Michael Malarkey, Captain Solitaire, DL EP, probably HUD011, 2018

M.G. Boulter & The Froe, Blood Moon, EP, HUD012CD, 2018

Northern Flyway: Northern Flyway (Hudson HUD013CD) Northern Flyway, Northern Flyway, CD, HUD013CD, 2018

Karine Polwart: Laws of Motion (Hudson HUD014CD) Karine Polwart, Laws of Motion, LP/CD, HUD014LP/CD, 2018

The Furrow Collective: Fathoms (Hudson HD015CD) The Furrow Collective, Fathoms, CD, HUD015CD, 2018

Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings: Rose in June (Hudson HUD016CD) Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings, Rose in June, LP/CD, HUD016LP/CD, 2019

Angrusori: Live at Tou (Hudson HUD017CD) Angrusori, Live at Tou, CD, HUD017CD, 7 May 2021

Salt House: Huam (Hudson HUD018CD) Salt House, Huam, CD, HUD018CD, 2020

Sam Sweeney: Unearth Repeat (HUD019CD) Sam Sweeney, Unearth Repeat, LP/CD, HUD019LP/CD, 2020

M.G. Boulter: Clifftown (Hudson HUD020CD) M.G. Boulter, Clifftown, LP/CD, HUD020LP/CD, 2021

Jenny Sturgeon: The Living Mountain (Hudson HUD021CD) Jenny Sturgeon, The Living Mountain, LP/CD, HUD021LP/CD, 2020

Jon Boden: Last Mile Home (Hudson HUD022CD) Jon Boden, Last Mile Home, LP/CD, HUD022LP/CD, 2021

Bellowhead: Reassembled (Hudson HUD023CD) Bellowhead, Reassembled, 2 LP/CD, HUD023LP/CD, 2021

Spiers & Boden: Fallow Ground (Hudson HUD024CD) Spiers & Boden, Fallow Ground, CD, Hudson HUD024LP/CD, 2021

Karine Polwart & Dave Milligan: Still As Your Sleeping (Hudson HUD025CD) Karine Polwart & Dave Milligan, Still As Your Sleeping, LP/CD, HUD025LP/CD, 2021

Salt House: Working for Zeus (Hudson HUD026CD) Salt House, Working for Zeus, CD EP, HUD026CD, 2021

Sam Sweeney: Solo (Hudson HUD027CD) Sam Sweeney, Solo, DL EP, HUD027CD, 4 February 2022

Hannah Read & Michael Starkey: Cross the Rolling Water (Hudson HUD028CD) Hannah Reed & Michael Starkey, Cross the Rolling Water, CD, HUD028CD, 3 June 2022; LP, HUD028LP, 12 August 2022

Jenny Sturgeon & M.G. Boulter: Flint Knapped (Hudson) Jenny Sturgeon & M.G. Boulter, Flint Knapped, DL single, probably HUD029, 15 July 2022

M.G. Boulter: A Shadow Falls Over New Brighton (Hudson HUD030) M.G. Boulter, A Shadow Falls Over New Brighton, DL EP, HUD030, 3 June 2022

Hushman: Hushman (Hudson HUD031CD) Hushman, Hushman, LP/CD, HUD031LP/CD, 18 November 2022

Sam Sweeney: Escape That (Hudson HUD032CD) Sam Sweeney, Escape That, CD, HUD032CD, 21 October 2022; LP, HUD032LP, 11 November 2022

Salt House: Riverwoods (Hudson HUD033CD) Salt House, Riverwoods, CD, HUD033CD, 10 March 2023, LP, HUD033LP, April 2033

Liz Hanks: Land (Hudson HUD034CD) Liz Hanks, Land, CD/LP, HUD034CD/LP, 2 June 2023

Lucy Farrell: We Are Only Sound (Hudson HUD035CD) Lucy Farrell, We Are Only Sound, CD, HUD035CD, 21 April 2023; LP, HUD035LP, May 2023

The Young’uns: Tiny Notes (Hudson HUD036CD) The Young’uns, Tiny Notes, CD, HUD036CD, 7 April 2023; LP, HUD036LP, late April 2023

The Furrow Collective: The Longest Night (Hudson HUD0037D) The Furrow Collective, The Longest Night, DL EP, HUD037D, 2 December 2022

Jenny Sturgeon & Alice Allen: Cut & Run (Hudson) Jenny Sturgeon & Alice Allen, Cut & Run, DL single, probably HUD038, 19 April 2023

Sam Sweeney & Louis Campbell: Shapes (Hudson HUD032) Sam Sweeney & Louis Campbell, Shapes, DL, HUD039, 5 May 2023

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Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts, Shadows & Half Light, CD, GR! GRR003, 2008

Kerfuffle, To the Ground, CD, RootBeat RBRCD06, 2008

The Askew Sisters, Through Lonesome Woods, CD, WildGoose WGS372CD, 2009

Hannah James & Sam Sweeney, Catches & Glees, CD, RootBeat RBRCD07, 2009

Kerfuffle, Lighten the Dark, CD, RootBeat RBRCD08, 2009

Uiscedwr, Fish Cat Door, CD, Yucca YRCD04, 2009

The Demon Barbers, The Adventures of Captain Ward, CD, Demon Barber Sounds DBS003, 2010

Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts, Up from the Deep, CD, GR! GRR004, 2010

Fay Hield: Looking Glass (Topic TSCD573) Fay Hield, Looking Glass, CD, TSCD573, 2010

Jim Moray, In Modern History, CD, Niblick NIBL 10, 2010

Damien Barber, Mike Wilson, The Old Songs, CD, Demon Barber Sounds DBS004, 2011

The Woodbine & Ivy Band featuring Fay Hield, Spencer the Rover, DL single, Folk Police FPR901, 2011

Des Horsfall’s Kuschty Rye, The Good Gentleman’s Tonic, CD, Valve Analogue VAL CD 001, 2011

Lady Maisery, Weave & Spin, CD, RootBeat RBRCD09, 2011

Moore Moss Rutter, Moore Moss Rutter, CD, RootBeat RBRCD10, 2011

Spiers & Boden: The Works (Navigator 46) Spiers & Boden, The Works, CD, Navigator NAVIGATOR 46, 2011

Sue Brown and Lorraine Irwing, The 13th Bedroom, CD, RootBeat RBRCD14, 2012

Fay Hield: Orfeo (Topic TSCD586) Fay Hield, Orfeo, CD, TSCD586, 2012

Hannah James & Sam Sweeney, State and Ancientry, CD, RootBeat RBRCD13, 2012

Maz O’Connor, Upon a Stranger Shore, CD, Demon Barber Sounds DBS005, 2012

Vera van Heeringen, Standing Tall, CD, RBRCD15, 2012

Bellowhead, Christmas Bells / Jingle Bells, DL single, Navigator NAVIGATOR073RP4, 2013

M.G. Boulter, The Water or the Wave, CD, Harbour Song HSR001, 2013

The Full English (Topic TSCD823) The Full English Band, The Full English, CD, TSCD823, 2013

Lady Maisery, This Woman’s Work, DL single, RootBeat RBRCD18, 2013

Lady Maisery, Mayday, CD, RootBeat RBRCD19, 2013

Neil McSweeney, Cargo, CD, Harbour Song HSR004CD, 2013

Melrose Quartet, Fifty Verses, CD, own label MQCD02, 2013

The Rheingans Sisters, Glad Gold Hearts, CD, RootBeat RBRCD17, 2013

Martin Simpson, Vagrant Stanzas, CD/2 CD, Topic TSCD589/TXCD589, 2013

The Artisans, The Medieval Experience, CD, Askew Music AM0010, 2014

The Askew Sisters, In the Air or the Earth, CD, RootBeat RBRCD20, 2014

The Elizabethan Session (Quercus QRCD001) Various Artists, The Elizabethan Session, CD, Quercus QRCD001, 2014

The Furrow Collective: At Our Next Meeting (Furrow FURR007) The Furrow Collective, At Our Next Meeting, CD, Furrow FURR007, 2014

Kate in the Kettle, Swimmings of the Head, CD, own label, 2014

Nancy Kerr: Sweet Visitor (Little Dish LiDiCD001) Nancy Kerr, Sweet Visitor, CD, Little Dish LIDICD001, 2014

Ollie King, Gambit, CD, RootBeat RBRCD22, 2014

Sam Sweeney, Made in the Great War, CD, RootBeat RBRCD21, 2014

The Young’uns, Never Forget, CD, Hereteu Records YNGS10, 2014

Songs for the Voiceless (Haystack HAYCD006) Various Artists, Songs for the Voiceless, CD, Haystack HAYCD006, 2014

The Furrow Collective: Blow Out the Moon (Furrow FURR009) The Furrow Collective, Blow Out the Moon, EP, Furrow FURR009, 2015

Moore Moss Rutter, Moore Moss Rutter II, CD, RootBeat RBRCD26, 2015

Emily Portman: Coracle (Furrow FURR008) Emily Portman, Coracle, CD, Furrow FURR008, 2015

Gluepot, Lulu the Bear and Other Stories, CD, Harbour Song HSR014, 2015

Jaywalkers, Weave, CD, RootBeat RBRCD24, 2015

Simpson·Cutting·Kerr, Murmurs, CD/CD+DVD, Topic TSCD591/TXCD591, 2015

The Young’uns, Another Man’s Ground, CD, Hereteu Records YNGS30, 2015

Bellowhead, The Farewell Tour, 2 CD + DVD, Navigator NAVIGATOR095X, 2016

Jon Boden, Painted Lady, CD reissue, Navigator NAVIGATOR098, 2016

M.G. Boulter, With Wolves the Lamb Will Lie, CD, Harbour Song HSR012, 2016

The Froe, Wolf and the Woodpecker, CD, Transition TRANSCD13, 2016

Fay Hield: Old Adam (Soundpost SOPO5003) Fay Hield, Old Adam, CD, Soundpost SOPO5003, 2016

Hannah James, JigDoll, CD, RootBeat RBRCD30, 2016

Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons, Mr. Martin Simpson & Mr Dom Flemons Proudly Present a Selection of Ever Popular Favourites, CD, Fledg’ling FLED 3100, 2016

Songs of Separation: Songs of Separation (Navigator NAVIGATOR094) Various Artists, Songs of Separation, CD, Navigator NAVIGATOR094, 2016

Molly Evans, Deep Time and Narrow Space, CD, own label MOLLY01CD, 2017

Salt House, Undersong, CD, Make Believe MBR7CD, 2017

Martin Simpson, Trails & Tribulations, CD/2 CD, Topic TSCD593/TXCD593, 2017

Rob Harbron: Meanders (Rob Records CD03) Rob Harbron, Meanders, CD, Rob Records CD03, 2019

Martin Simpson: Rooted (Topic TXCD598) Martin Simpson, Rooted, 2 CD/LP, TXCD598/TXLP598, 2019

Shooglenifty: Acid Croft Vol. 9 (Shooglenifty SHOOGLE20120) Shooglenifty, Acid Croft Vol. 9, CD, Shooglenifty SHOOGLE20120, 2021

Heal &Harrow: Heal & Harrow (Shadowside SHADOW05) Heal & Harrow, Heal & Harrow, CD, Shadowside SHADOW05, 2022

Iona Lane: Hallival (Iona Lane ILR001CD) Iona Lane, Hallival, CD, Iona Lane ILR001CD, 2022

Janice Burns & Jon Doran: No More the Green Hills (Janice Burns & Jon Doran JBJD002) Janice Burns & Jon Doran, No More the Green Hills, CD, Janice Burns & Jon Doran JBJD002, 28 October 2022