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Illustrated Springthyme Discography

This discography is based on the (still few) albums on the Springthyme / Autumn Harvest label that I own, plus information on other albums whereever I could find them. For more information see the Springthyme Records website.

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Various Artists, Scots Songs and Music Live from the Kinross Festival, LP/cass., SPR/SPRC 1001, 1973

John Watt and Davey Stewart with The Beggar's Mantle Ceilidh Band, Shores of the Forth, LP/cass./CD, SPR/SPRC/SPRCD 1002, 1976

Various Artists, Scots Songs and Music Live from the Kinross Festival 2, LP/cass., SPR/SPRC 1003, 1976

Ossian, Ossian, LP/cass./CD, SPR/SPRC/SPRCD 1004, 1977

Tom Hughes, Tom Hughes and His Border Fiddle, LP, SPR 1005, 1981

The Foundry Bar Band, The Foundry Bar Band, LP/cass./CD, SPR/SPRC/SPRCD 1007, 1981

Bill Black and His Scottish Dance Band, The Shepherd's Choice, LP/cass., SPR/SPRC 1008, 1982

Mirk, Tak a Dram Afore Ye Go, LP/cass., SPR/SPRC 1009, 1982

The Border Strathspey and Reel Society, Ringing Strings of the Border, LP/cass., SPR/SPRC 1010, 1983

Kontraband, North Star, LP, SPR 1011, 1983

The Foundry Bar Band, On the Road, LP/cass., SPR/SPRC 1012, 1983

Sprangeen, Sprangeen, LP/cass./CD, SPR/SPRC/SPRCD 1013, 1984

Various Artists, Bothy Greats, LP/cass., SPR/SPRC 1014, 1984

Jim Reid, I Saw the Wild Geese Flee, LP/cass./CD, SPR/SPRC/SPRCD 1015, 1984

Savourna Stevenson, Tickled Pink, LP/cass./CD, SPR/SPRC/SPRCD 1016, 1985

Various Artists, Coorse and Fine: Songs and Ballads of Dundee, LP/cass., SPR/SPRC 1017, 1985

An Teallach Ceilidh Band, The Plough and the Stars, LP/cass., SPR/SPRC 1018, 198x

Duncan Williamson, Mary and the Seal, cass., SPRC 1019, 1987

Jimmy McBeath, Wild Rover No More, cass., SPRC 1020, 198x

Lizzie Higgins, Princess of the Thistle, cass., SPRC 1021, 198x

Iain McLachlan, An Island Heritage, cass./CD, SPRC/SPRCD 1022, 198x

Bill Black and His Scottish Dance Band, Coast to Coast, cass., SPRC 1023, 199x

Angus Grant, Highland Fiddle, cass., SPRC 1024, 198x

Jeannie Robertson, The Great Scots Ballad Singer, cass., SPRC 1025, 198x

The Foundry Bar Band, Rolling Home, LP/cass./CD, SPR/SPRC/SPRCD 1026, 1988

Joe Aitken, If Ye've Never Been tae Kirrie, cass., SPRC 1027, 198x

An Teallach Ceilidh Band, Drops of Brandy, LP/cass., SPR/SPRC 1028, 198x

Billy Ross & John Martin, Braes of Lochiel, cass./CD, SPRC/SPRCD 1029, 1990

Jim Reid & John Huband, Freewheeling Now, cass./CD, SPRC/SPRCD 1030, 1990

The Gaugers, The Fighting Scot, cass., City of Aberdeen Libraries / Springthyme SPR 1031, 1990; CD, Sleepytown SLPYCD002, 1999

Aly Bain & Young Champions, Aly Bain & Young Champions, CD, SPRCD 1032, 199x

Bill Black and His Scottish Dance Band, A Reel Cracker, cass., SPRC 1033, 199x

Jim Crawford, On the Melodeon, cass., SPRC 1034, 199x

Michael Philip Ceilidh Band, At the Riverside, cass./CD, SPRC/SPRCD 1035, 199x

The Leda Trio, Airs for the Seasons, cass./CD, SPRC/SPRCD 1036, 199x

Bill Black and His Scottish Dance Band, The Dawning, cass./CD, SPRC/SPRCD 1037, 199x

Jane Turriff, Singin Is Ma Life, cass./CD, SPRC/SPRCD 1038, 1996

Jock Duncan, Ye Shine Whar Ye Stan!, cass./CD, SPRC/SPRCD 1039, 1996

Katherine Campbell, The Songs of Amelia and Jane Harris, CD, SPRCD 1041, 2004

Shepheard, Spiers & Watson, They Smiled As We Cam In, CD, SPRCD 1042, 2005

Shepheard, Spiers & Watson, Over the High Hills, CD, SPRCD 1043, 2012

Tom Hughes, Traditional Fiddle Music of the Scottish Borders, CD, SPRCD 1044, 2012

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Norman Kennedy, I Little Thocht My Love Wid Leave Me, CD, AH 001, 2004

Various Artists, Here's a Health to the Company (Old Songs & Bothy Ballads Volume 1), CD, AH 002, 2005

Various Artists, For Friendship and for Harmony (Old Songs & Bothy Ballads Volume 2), CD, AH 003, 2006

Various Artists, Some Rants o' Fun (Old Songs & Bothy Ballads Volume 3), CD, AH 004, 2007

Gordon Easton, The Last of the Clydesdales, CD, AH 005, 2007

Various Artists, Nick-Knack on the Waa (Old Songs & Bothy Ballads Volume 4), CD, AH 006, 2008

Various Artists, Grand to Be a Working Man (Old Songs & Bothy Ballads Volume 5), CD, AH 007, 2009

Various Artists, There's Bound to Be a Row (Old Songs & Bothy Ballads Volume 6), CD, AH 008, 2010

Bob Lewis, Drive Sorrows Away, CD, AH 009, 2010

Various Artists, Hurrah Boys Hurrah! (Old Songs & Bothy Ballads Vol. 7), CD, AH 010, 2011

Various Artists, The Little Ball of Yarn (Old Songs & Bothy Ballads Volume 8), CD, AH 011, 2012