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Fellside Recordings

Illustrated Fellside Recordings Discography

This list of Fellside Recordings albums is based on my own collection, expanded by cover pictures and information I found in some blogs and elsewhere on the net.

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Paul and Linda Adams: Far Over the Fell (Sweet Folk and Country SFA 027) Paul and Linda Adams, Far Over the Fell, LP, Sweet Folk and Country SFA 027, 1975

Paul and Linda Adams: Country Hirings (Sweet Folk and Country SFA 053) Paul and Linda Adams, Country Hirings, LP, Sweet Folk and Country SFA 053, 1976

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Terry Docherty: The Teller of Tales (Fellside FE001) Terry Docherty, The Teller of Tales, LP, FE001, 1976

The Best of BBC Radio Carlisle’s Folk Workshop (Fellside FE002) Various Artists, The Best of BBC Radio Carlisle’s Folk Workshop, LP, FE002, 1976

Geoff Purvis: The Border Fiddler (Fellside FE003) Geoff Purvis: The Border Fiddler (Fellside FECD3) Geoff Purvis, The Border Fiddler, LP, FE003, 1976 / CD, FECD3, 1997

Dave Walters: Comes Sailing In (Fellside FE004) Dave Walters, Comes Sailing In, LP, FE004, 1977

Farmstead: The Sheep and the Hay (Fellside FE005) Farmstead, The Sheep and the Hay, LP, FE005, 1977

Paul and Linda Adams: Among the Old Familiar Mountains (Fellside FE006) Paul and Linda Adams, Among the Old Familiar Mountains, LP, FE006, 1977

The Border Country Dance Band (Fellside FE003) The Border Country Dance Band, The Border Country Dance Band, LP, FE007, 1977

Robbie Ellis: Under Beacon’s Brow (Fellside FE008) Robbie Ellis, Under Beacon’s Brow, LP, FE008, 1977

Brian Dewhurst: Follow That With Your Sea Lions (Fellside FE009) Brian Dewhurst, Follow That With Your Sea Lions, LP, FE009, 1977

The Packmen’s Blue Record (Fellside FE010) The Packmen, The Packmen’s Blue Record, LP, FE010, 1978

Barry Skinner: Bushes & Briars (Fellside FE011) Barry Skinner with Geoff Lakeman, Bushes & Briars, LP, FE011, 1978

Wassailers: Wassailers (Fellside FE012) Wassailers, Wassailers, LP, FE012, 1978

Canny Cumberland (Fellside FE013) Linda Adams, Robbie Ellis, Angi Marchent, Derwent Pickering, Hodgett's Barnstormers, Canny Cumberland: Songs and Tales in Cumbrian Dialect, LP, FE013, 1979

Greg Stephens and Crookfinger Jack: The Beggar Boy of the North (Fellside FE014) Greg Stephens and Crookfinger Jack: The Beggar Boy of the North (Harbourtown HARCD 051) Greg Stephens & Crookfinger Jack, The Beggar Boy of the North, LP, FE014, 1979

The Rockytops: Life Can Be Beautiful (Fellside FE015) The Rockytops, Life Can Be Beautiful, LP, FE015, 1978

The Gateway Jazzband with George Chisholm (Fellside FE016) The Gateway Jazzband, The Gateway Jazzband with George Chisholm, LP, FE016, 1979

Roy Harris: The Rambling Soldier (Fellside FE017) Roy Harris: The Rambling Soldier (Fellside FECD17) Roy Harris, The Rambling Soldier, LP, FE017, 1979 / CD, FECD17, 1997

Steve Turner: Out Stack (Fellside FE018) Steve Turner, Out Stack, LP, FE018, 1979

Woodbine Lizzie By Numbers Promo Letter
Woodbine Lizzie By Numbers Promo Letter

Woodbine Lizzie: They Don’t Write ’Em Like That Anymore (Fellside FES402) Woodbine Lizzie, By Numbers, LP, FE019, 1979

The Border Dance Band at Gretna Hall (Fellside FE020) The Border Dance Band, The Border Dance Band at Gretna Hall, LP, FE020, 1980

Colin Thompson: Three Knights (Fellside FE021) Colin Thompson, Three Knights, LP, FE021, 1980

Hoghton Band: An Evening With Hoghton Band (Fellside FE022) Hoghton Band, An Evening With Hoghton Band, LP, FE022, 1980

Jez Lowe: Jez Lowe (Fellside FECD23) Jez Lowe, Jez Lowe, LP, FE023, 1980

Pat Knowles: Standard Settings (Fellside FE024) Pat Knowles, Standard Settings, LP, FE024, 1980

Woodbine Lizzie: A Night Out With Woodbine Lizzie (Fellside FE025) Woodbine Lizzie, A Night Out With Woodbine Lizzie, LP, FE025, 1981

Gerry Hallom: Travellin' Down the Castlereagh (Fellside FE026) Gerry Hallom, Travellin' Down the Castlereagh, LP, FE026, 1981

Martyn Wyndham-Read: Emu Plains (Fellside FE027) Martyn Wyndham-Read: Emu Plains (Fellside FECD27) Martyn Wyndham-Read, Emu Plains, LP, FE027, 1981 / CD, FECD27, 2001

Hoghton Band: The Pride of Lancashire (Fellside FE028) Hoghton Band, The Pride of Lancashire, LP, FE028, 1981

Rob Gordon’s Fourth Caledonian Ball (Fellside FE029) Rob Gordon and his Band, Rob Gordon’s Fourth Caledonian Ball, LP, FE029, 1982

Steve Turner: Jigging One Now (Fellside FE030) Steve Turner, Jigging One Now, LP, FE030, 1982

Sara Grey & Ellie Ellis: A Breath of Fresh Air (Fellside FE031) Sara Grey & Ellie Ellis, A Breath of Fresh Air, LP, FE031, 1982

Peter Bellamy: Keep on Kipling (Fellside FE032) Peter Bellamy, Keep on Kipling, LP, FE032, 1982

Bobby Eaglesham: Weather the Storm (Fellside FE033) Bobby Eaglesham, Weather the Storm, LP, FE033, 1982

Jez Lowe: The Old Durham Road (Fellside FE034) Jez Lowe: The Old Durham Road (Fellside FECD34) Jez Lowe, The Old Durham Road, LP/CD, FE034/FECD34, 1983

Jolly Jack: Rolling Down to Old Maui (Fellside FE035) Jolly Jack, Rolling Down to Old Maui, LP, FE035, 1983

Gerry Hallom: A Run a Minute (Fellside FE036) Gerry Hallom, A Run a Minute, LP, FE036, 1983

Swan Arcade: Together Forever (Fellside FE037) Swan Arcade, Together Forever, LP, FE037, 1984

Richard Grainger: Herbs on the Heart (Fellside FE038) Richard Grainger, Herbs on the Heart, LP, FE038, 1984

Sara Grey & Ellie Ellis: Making the Air Resound (Fellside FE039) Sara Grey & Ellie Ellis, Making the Air Resound, LP, FE039, 1984

Hoghton Band Plays Your Requests (Fellside FE040) Hoghton Band, Plays Your Requests, LP, FE040, 1984

Bram Taylor: Bide a While (Fellside FE041) Bram Taylor, Bide a While, LP, FE041, 1984

Steve Turner: Eclogue (Fellside FE042) Steve Turner, Eclogue, LP, FE042, 1984

Life and Times: Strawplait and Bonelace (Fellside FE043) Life and Times, Strawplait and Bonelace, LP, FE043, 1984

Roy Harris: Utter Simplicity (Fellside FE044) Roy Harris, Utter Simplicity, LP, FE044, 1985

Lancashire Fayre: Not Easily Forgotten (Fellside FE045) Lancyshire Fayre, Not Easily Forgotten, LP, FE045, 1985

Rhiannon: The Birds of Rhiannon (Fellside FE046) Rhiannon, The Birds of Rhiannon, LP, FE046, 1985

A Selection from The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs (Fellside FE047) A Selection from The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs (Fellside FECD47) Various Artists, A Selection from The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, LP, FE047, 1986 / CD, FECD47, 1994

Threeway Street: Drunkards and Lovers (Fellside FE061) Threeway Street, Drunkards and Lovers, LP, FE048, 1985

Jez Lowe: Galloways (Fellside FE049) Jez Lowe, Galloways, LP, FE049, 1985

Flash Company (Fellside FE050) Various Artists, Flash Company: A Celebration of the First 10 Years of Fellside Records, LP, FE050, 1986

Brian Peters: Persistence of Memory (Fellside FE051) Brian Peters, Persistence of Memory, LP, FE051, 1985

Mark T and the Brickbats: Johnny There (Fellside FE052) Mark T and the Brickbats, Johnny There, LP, FE052, 1986

Iain MacGillivray: Rolling Home (Fellside FE053) Iain MacGillivray, Rolling Home, LP, FE053, 1986

Swan Arcade: Diving for Pearls (Fellside FE054) Swan Arcade, Diving for Pearls, LP, FE054, 1986

Jez Lowe & Jake Walton: Two a Roue (Fellside FE055) Jez Lowe & Dave Walton, Two a Roue, LP, FE055, 1986

Jill & Bernard Blackwell: Adventures of Notion (Fellside FE056) Jill & Bernard Blackwell, Adventures of Notion, LP, FE056, 1986

Bram Taylor: Dreams and Songs to Sing (Fellside FE057) Bram Taylor, Dreams and Songs to Sing, LP, FE057, 1986

Steve Turner: Braiding (Fellside FE058) Steve Turner: Braiding (Fellside FE058) Steve Turner, Braiding, LP, FE058, 1987

Anonyma: Burnt Feathers (Fellside FE059) Anonyma, Burnt Feathers, LP, FE059, 1987

Ian Walker: Flying High (Fellside FE060) Ian Walker, Flying High, LP, FE060, 1987

Patti Reid: Patti Reid (Fellside FECD61) Patti Reid, Patti Reid, LP, FE061, 1987 / CD, FECD61, 2006

Zydeco Ceilidh Band: Zydeco Ceilidh Band (Fellside FE062) Zydeco Ceilidh Band, Zydeco Ceilidh Band, LP, FE062, 1987

Ken Campbell: Going Solo (Fellside FE063) Ken Campbell, Going Solo, LP, FE063, 1988

Marilyn Middleton Pollock: Nobody Knows You (Fellside FE064) Marilyn Middleton Pollock, Nobody Knows You, LP, FE064, 1988

Dave Goulder: January Man (Fellside FE065) Dave Goulder, The Man Who Put the Engine in the Chip Shop, LP, FE065, 1988

Alasdair Robertson: Friends & Companions (Fellside FE066) Alasdair Robertson, Friends & Companions, LP, FE066, 1988

Jolly Jack: A Long Time Travelling (Fellside FE067) Jolly Jack, A Long Time Travelling, LP, FE067, 1988

Bisiker & Romanov: Bisiker & Romanov (Fellside FE068) Bisiker & Romanov, Bisiker & Romanov, LP, FE068, 1988

Strange Folk: Unhand Me, You Bearded Loon! (Fellside FE069) Strange Folk, Unhand Me, You Bearded Loon!, LP, FE069, 1988

Jez Lowe: Bad Penny (Fellside FE070) Jez Lowe, Bad Penny, LP, FE070, 1985 / CD, FECD70, 1995

Life and Times: Shropshire Iron (Fellside FE071) Life and Times, Shropshire Iron, LP, FE071, 1989

Cockersdale: Doin’ the Manch’ (Fellside FE072) Cockersdale: Doin’ the Manch’ (Fellside FECD72) Cockersdale, Doin’ the Manch’, LP, FE072, 1988 / CD, FECD72, 2001

Ian Walker: Shadows in Time (Fellside FE073) Ian Walker, Shadows in Time, LP, FE073, 1989

Gerry Hallom: Old Australian Ways (Fellside FE074) Gerry Hallom, Old Australian Ways, LP, FE074, 1989

Bram Taylor: Taylor Made (Fellside FE075) Bram Taylor, Taylor Made, LP, FE075, 1990

Blodwen’s Dream Promo Letter: Fellside’s First CD Release

Ian Bruce: Blodwen’s Dream (Fellside FECD76) Ian Bruce, Blodwen’s Dream, CD, FECD76, 1990

Phil Hare: Living on Credit (Fellside FE077) Phil Hare, Living on Credit, LP, FE077, 1990

Anne Briggs: Classic Anne Briggs (Fellside FECD78) Anne Briggs, Classic Anne Briggs, CD, FECD78, 1990

Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies: Briefly on the Street (Fellside FE079) Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies: Briefly on the Street (Fellside FECD79) Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies, Briefly on the Street, LP/CD, FE079/FECD79, 1990

Gill Bowman: City Love (Fellside FECD80) Gill Bowman, City Love, CD, FECD80, 1990

Hughie Jones: Hughie’s Ditty Bag (Fellside FECD81) Hughie Jones, Hughie’s Ditty Bag, CD, FECD81, 1991

Hamish Bayne & Martin Cole: Making Music (Fellside FECD82) Hamish Bayne & Martin Cole, Making Music, CD, FECD82, 1991

Mick Bisiker: Home Again (Fellside FECD83) Mick Bisiker, Home Again, CD, FECD83, 1991

Martyn Wyndham-Read: Mussels on a Tree (Fellside FECD84) Martyn Wyndham-Read, Mussels on a Tree, CD, FECD84, 1992

Ian Bruce: Out of Office (Fellside FECD85) Ian Bruce, Out of Office, CD, FECD85, 1992

Marilyn Middleton Pollock: A Doll’s House (Fellside FECD86) Marilyn Middleton Pollock, A Doll’s House, CD, FECD86, 1992

Voices (Fellside FECD87) Voices (Musica Pangaea MP10004) Various Artists, Voices: English Traditional Songs, CD, FECD87, 1992

Ian Walker & Sétanta: Crossing the Borderlines (Fellside FECD88) Ian Walker & Sétanta, Crossing the Borderlines, CD, FECD88, 1993

Jez Lowe: Back Shift (Fellside FECD89) Jez Lowe, Back Shift, LP, FECD89, 1992

The Paul Brennan Band: Fire in the Soul (Fellside FECD90) The Paul Brennan Band, Fire in the Soul, CD, FECD90, 1993

Wizz & Simeon Jones: Late Nights & Long Days (Fellside FECD91) Wizz & Simeon Jones, Late Nights & Long Days, CD, FECD91, 1993

Bram Taylor: Further Horizons (Fellside FECD92) Bram Taylor, Further Horizons, CD, FECD92, 1993

Christine Kydd: Heading Home (Fellside FECD93) Christine Kydd, Heading Home, CD, FECD93, 1993

Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies: Bede Weeps (Fellside FECD94) Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies, Bede Weeps, CD, FECD94, 1993

The Ragtime Millionaires: Making a Million (Fellside FECD95) The Ragtime Millionaires, Making a Million, CD, FECD95, 1993

Edgerton Layhe: Rough & Tumble (Fellside FECD96) Edgerton Layhe, Rough & Tumble, CD, FECD96, 1993

John Wright: Ride the Rolling Sky (Fellside FECD97) John Wright, Ride the Rolling Sky, CD, FECD97, 1993

A.L. Lloyd: Classic A.L. Lloyd (Fellside FECD98) A.L. Lloyd, Classic A.L. Lloyd, CD, FECD98, 1994

Heather Innes: Coaineadh (Fellside FECD99) Heather Innes, Coineadh: Songs From the Heart, CD, FECD99, 1994

Banklands (Fellside FECB100) Various Artists, Banklands: The Story of Fellside Records, CD, FECB100, 1994

Cockersdale: Been Around for Years (Fellside FECD101) Cockersdale, Been Around for Years, CD, FECD101, 1994

Martyn Wyndham-Read: Sunlit Plains (Fellside FECD102) Martyn Wyndham-Read, Sunlit Plains, CD, FECD102, 1995

Pete Oakley: Ghost in the City (Fellside FECD103) Pete Oakley, Ghost in the City, CD, FECD103, 1995

Sisters Unlimited: No Bed of Roses (Fellside FECD104) Sisters Unlimited, No Bed of Roses, CD, FECD104, 1995

Peggy Seeger: Classic Peggy Seeger (Fellside FECD105) Peggy Seeger feat. Tom Paley, Classic Peggy Seeger, CD, FECD105, 1996

John Wright Band: The Things We’ve Handed Down (Fellside FECD106) The John Wright Band, The Things We’ve Handed Down, CD, FECD106, 1996

Sandra and Nancy Kerr: Neat and Complete (Fellside FE107) Sandra and Nancy Kerr, Neat and Complete, CD, FECD107, 1996

Dick Wardell: Street Life Blues (Fellside FECD108) Dick Wardell, Street Life Blues, CD, FECD108, 1996

The Ragtime Millionaires: Life Is Good Sometimes (Fellside FECD109) The Ragtime Millionaires, Life Is Good Sometimes, CD, FECD109, 1996

Ballads (Fellside FECD110) Various Artists, Ballads, CD, FECD110, 1997

Bob Fox & Benny Graham: How Are You Off for Coals? (Fellside FECD111) Bob Fox & Benny Graham, How Are You Off for Coals?, CD, FECD111, 1995

Lucky Bags: Food for Thought (Fellside FECD112) Lucky Bags, Food for Thought, CD, FECD112, 1996

The Rufus Crisp Exerience: Chickens Are A-Crowing (Fellside FE113) The Rufus Crisp Experience, Chickens Are A-Crowing, CD, FECD113, 1997

Rick Kemp: Escape (Fellside FECD114) Rick Kemp, Escape, CD, FECD114, 1996

Martyn Wyndham-Read and No Man’s Band: Beneath a Southern Sky (Fellside FECD115) Martyn Wyndham-Read & No Man’s Band, Beneath a Southern Sky, CD, FECD115, 1997

Frankie Armstrong: Till the Grass O’ergrew the Corn (Fellside FECD116) Frankie Armstrong, Till the Grass O’ergrew the Corn, CD, FECD116, 1997

Gordeanna McCulloch: Sheath and Knife (Fellside FECD117) Gordeanna McCulloch, Sheath & Knife: Scottish Songs & Ballads, CD, FECD117, 1997

Keith Kendrick: Home Ground (Fellside FECD118) Keith Kendrick, Home Ground, CD, FECD118, 1997

Liliana Bertolo, Evelyne Girardon, Sandra Kerr: Voice Union (Fellside FECD119) Liliana Bertolo, Evelyne Girardon, Sandra Kerr, Voice Union, CD, FECD119, 1997

Bram Taylor: Pick of the Grinner (Fellside FECD120) Bram Taylor, Pick of the Grinner, CD, FECD120, 1997

John Wright Band: Other Roads (Fellside FECD121) The John Wright Band, Other Roads, CD, FECD121, 1997

Bob Davenport: The Red Haired Lad (Fellside FECD122) Bob Davenport and The Rakes, The Red Haired Lad, CD, FECD122, 1997

Cockersdale: Wide Open Skies (Fellside FECD123) Cockersdale, Wide Open Skies, CD, FECD123, 1997

Bob Fox & Stu Luckley: Box of Gold (Fellside FECD124) Bob Fox & Stu Luckley, Box of Gold, CD, FECD124, 1997

Wassail! A Traditional Celebration of an English Midwinter (Fellside FECD125) Wassail! A Traditional Celebration of an English Midwinter (Fellside FECD125) John Kirkpatrick et al, Wassail! A Traditional Celebration of an English Midwinter, CD, FECD125, 1998

Grace Notes: Red Wine & Promises (Fellside FECD126) Grace Notes, Red Wine & Promise, CD, FECD126, 1998

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan: Starry Gazy Pie (Fellside FE127) Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Starry Gazy Pie, CD, FECD127, 1997

Keith Hills: Recovery (Fellside FECD128) Keith Hills, Recovery, CD, FECD128, 1997

Gordon Tyrrall: A Distance from the Town (Fellside FECD129) Gordon Tyrrall, A Distance from the Town, CD, Fellside FECD129, 1998

Peggy Seeger with Irene Scott: Almost Commercially Viable (Fellside FECD130) Peggy Seeger with Irene Scott, Almost Commercially Viable, CD, Fellside FECD130, 1998

Fyre & Sworde: Songs of the Border Reivers (Fellside FECD131) Various Artists, Fyre & Sworde: Songs of the Border Reivers, CD, FECD131, 1998

Ushna: Twice Brewed (Fellside FECD132) Ushna, Twice Brewed, CD, FECD132, 1998

Rick Kemp: Spies (Fellside FECD133) Rick Kemp, Spies, CD, FECD133, 1998

Steve Tilston: Solorubato (Fellside FECD134) Steve Tilston, Solorubato, CD, FECD134, 1998

John Conolly & Pete Sumner: Trawlertown (Fellside FECD135) John Conolly & Pete Sumner, Trawlertown, CD, FECD135, 1998

Simon Haworth: Coast to Coast (Fellside FECD136) Simon Haworth, Coast to Coast, CD, FECD136, 1998

Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan: Scalene (Fellside FE137) Sandra and Nancy Kerr, Scalene, CD, FECD137, 1999

Lucky Bags: Delight in Disorder (Fellside FECD138) Lucky Bags, Delight in Disorder, CD, FECD138, 1998

Buz Collins: Water and Rain (Fellside FECD139) Buz Collins, Water and Rain, CD, FECD139, 1999

Jolly Jack & Friends: Rolling Down to Old Maui (Fellside FECD140) Jolly Jack & Friends, Rolling Down to Old Maui: Shanties and Songs of the Sea, CD, FECD140, 1999

Andy May: Happy Hours (Fellside FECD224) Clive Gregson, Happy Hour, CD, FECD141, 1999

Kathy Stewart: Celestial Shoes (Fellside FECD142) Kathy Stewart, Celestial Shoes, CD, FECD142, 1999

Johnny Silvo & Diz Disley: Blues in the Backyard (Fellside FECD143) Johnny Silvo & Diz Disley, Blues in the Back Yard, CD, FECD143, 1999

Frankie Armstrong: The Garden of Love (Fellside FECD144) Frankie Armstrong, The Garden of Love, CD, FECD144, 1999

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan: Steely Water (Fellside FE145) Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Steely Water, CD, FECD145, 1999

Martyn Wyndham-Read and No Man’s Band: Beyond the Red Horizon (Fellside FECD146) Martyn Wyndham-Read & No Man’s Band, Beyond the Red Horizon, CD, FECD146, 1999

Hughie Jones: Seascape (Fellside FECD147) Hughie Jones, Seascape, CD, FECD147, 1999

Bram Taylor: Singing! The Bram Taylor Collection (Fellside FECD148) Bram Taylor, Singing! The Bram Taylor Collection, CD, FECD148, 1999

Mad Pudding: Grand Hotel (Fellside FE149) Mad Pudding, Grand Hotel, CD, FECD149, 1999

Tryckster: When the Stone Is Exposed (Fellside FECD150) Tryckster, When the Stone Is Exposed, CD, FECD150, 1999

Frankie Armstrong: Lovely on the Water (Fellside FECD151) Frankie Armstrong, Lovely on the Water, CD, FECD151, 2000

Sandra Kerr: Yellow, Red & Gold (Fellside FE152) Sandra Kerr, Yellow, Red & Gold, CD, FECD152, 2000

422: One (Fellside FECD153) 422, One, CD, FECD153, 2000

Alistair McCulloch: Highly Strung (Fellside FECD154) Alistair McCulloch, Highly Strung, CD, FECD154, 2000

Peta Webb & Ken Hall: As Close As Can Be (Fellside FECD155) Peta Webb & Ken Hall, As Close As Can Be, CD, FECD155, 2000

Flash Company (Fellside FECD156) Various Artists, Flash Company: A Celebration of 25 Years of Fellside Records (1976-2001), 2 CD, FECD156, 2001

Martyn Wyndham-Read & No Man’s Band: Where Ravens Feed (Fellside FECD157) Martyn Wyndham-Read & No Man’s Band, Where Ravens Feed, CD, FECD157, 2001

Voices in Harmony (Fellside FECD158) Various Artists, Voices in Harmony: English Traditional Songs, CD, FECD158, 2001

Bram Taylor: Fragile Peace (Fellside FECD159) Bram Taylor, Fragile Peace, CD, FECD159, 2001

Swan Arcade: Round Again (Fellside FECD160) Swan Arcade, Round Again, CD, FECD160, 2001

Spiers & Boden: Through & Through (Fellside FECD161) Spiers & Boden, Through & Through, CD, FECD161, 2001

Peter Bellamy: Mr Bellamy, Mr Kipling & the Tradition (Fellside FECD162) Peter Bellamy, Mr Bellamy, Mr Kipling & the Tradition, 2 CD, FECD162, 2001

Grace Notes: Anchored to the Time (Fellside FECD163) Grace Notes, Anchored to the Time, CD, FECD163, 2001

Clive Gregson: Comfort & Joy (Fellside FECD164) Clive Gregson, Comfort & Joy, CD, FECD164, 2001

Little Johnny England: Little Johnny England (Fellside FECD165) Little Johnny England, Little Johnny England, CD, FECD165, 2001

Little Johnny England: Mercs & Cherokees (Fellside FECD166) Little Johnny England, Mercs & Cherokees, CD, FECD166, 2001

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan: Between the Dark and Light (Fellside FE167) Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Between the Dark and Light, CD, FECD167, 2002

AltarNative: Cumbrian Odyssey (Fellside FECD168) AltarNative, Cumbrian Odyssey, CD, FECD168, 2002

Clive Gregson: Carousel of Noise (Fellside FECD169) Clive Gregson, Carousel of Noise, CD, FECD169, 2002

Kirsty McGee: Honeysuckle (Fellside FECD170) Kirsty McGee, Honeysuckle, CD, FECD170, 2002

422: New Numbers (Fellside FECD171) 422, New Numbers, CD, FECD171, 2003

Simon Haworth: Taking Routes (Fellside FECD172) Simon Haworth, Taking Routes, CD, FECD172, 2003

A.L. Lloyd: England & Her Traditional Songs (Fellside FECD173) A.L. Lloyd, England & Her Traditional Songs, CD, FECD173, 2003

Andy May: The Yellow Haired Laddie (Fellside FECD174) Andy May, The Yellow Haired Laddie, CD, FECD174, 2003

Spiers & Boden: Bellow (Fellside FECD175) Spiers & Boden, Bellow, CD, FECD175, 2003

Song Links (Fellside FECD176D) Various Artists, Song Links: A Celebration of English Traditional Songs and Their Australian Variants, 2 CD, FECD176D, 2003

Dr Faustus: The First Cut (Fellside FECD177) Dr Faustus, The First Cut, CD, FECD177, 2003

FolkESTRA North! (Fellside FECD178) FolkESTRA North, FolkESTRA North!, CD, FECD178, 2003

Alistair McCulloch: Wired Up (Fellside FECD179) Alistair McCulloch, Wired Up, CD, FECD179, 2003

The Witches of Elswick: Out of Bed (Fellside FECD180) The Witches of Elswick, Out of Bed, CD, FECD180, 2003

Benji Kirkpatrick: Half a Fruit Pie (Fellside FECD181) Benji Kirkpatrick, Half a Fruit Pie, CD, FECD181, 2004

Fanfare for the South West (Fellside FECD182) Folk South West, Fanfare for the South West, CD, FECD182, 2003

Bram Taylor: The Night Is Young (Fellside FECD183) Bram Taylor, The Night Is Young, CD, FECD183, 2004

Clive Gregson: Long Story Short (Fellside FECD184) Clive Gregson, Long Story Short, CD, FECD184, 2004

Ed Rennie: Narrative (Fellside FECD185) Ed Rennie, Narrative, CD, FECD185, 2004

Jon Loomes: Fearful Symmetry (Fellside FECD186) Jon Loomes, Fearful Symmetry, CD, FECD186, 2005

Peter Bellamy: Fair Annie (Fellside FECD187) Peter Bellamy, Fair Annie, 2 CD, FECD187, 2004

Hoghton Band: The Hoghton Band Collection (Fellside FECD188) Hoghton Band, The Hoghton Band Collection, CD, FECD188, 2005

Dr Faustus: Wager (Fellside FECD189) Dr Faustus, Wager, CD, FECD189, 2005

Song Links 2 (Fellside FECD190D) Various Artists, Song Links 2: A Celebration of English Traditional Songs and Their American Variants, 2 CD, FECD190D, 2005

422: Major Third (Fellside FECD191) 422, Major Third, CD, FECD191, 2005

Spiers & Boden: Tunes (Fellside FECD192) Spiers & Boden, Tunes, CD, FECD192, 2005

Maddie Southorn: The Pilgrim Soul (Fellside FECD193) Madddie Southorn, The Pilgrim Soul, CD, FECD193, 2005

Spiers & Boden: Songs (Fellside FECD194) Spiers & Boden, Songs, CD, FECD194, 2005

Kieron Means: Far As My Eyes Can See (Fellside FECD195) Kieron Means, Far As My Eyes Can See, CD, FECD195, 2005

Sara Grey: A Long Way From Home (Fellside FECD196) Sara Grey, A Long Way From Home, CD, FECD196, 2005

Martyn Wyndham-Read & No Man’s Band: Oceans in the Sky (Fellside FECD197) Martyn Wyndham-Read & No Man’s Band, Oceans in the Sky, CD, FECD197, 2005

Hughie Jones and Friends: Liverpool Connexions (Fellside FECD198) Hughie Jones and Friends, Liverpool Connexions, CD, FECD198, 2005

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan: Strands of Gold (Fellside FECD199) Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Strands of Gold, CD, FECD199, 2006

James Keelaghan: Then Again (Fellside FECD200) James Keelaghan, Then Again, CD, FECD200, 2006

The Queensberry Rules: The Black Dog & Other Stories (Fellside FECD201) The Queensberry Rules, The Black Dog & Other Stories, CD, FECD201, 2006

Tom Kitching and Gren Bartley: Rushes (Fellside FECD202) Tom Kitching and Gren Bartley, Rushes, CD, FECD202, 2007

Landmarks (Fellside FECD203) Various Artists, Landmarks: 25 Years of a Leading Folk Music Label, 3 CD, FECD203, 2006

James Keelaghan: A Few Simple Verses (Fellside FECD204) James Keelaghan, A Few Simple Verses, CD, FECD204, 2006

Fribo: The Ha' o' Habrahellia (Fellside FECD205) Fribo, The Ha' o' Habrahellia, CD, FECD205, 2006

Bram Taylor: Song Singer (Fellside FECD206) Bram Taylor, Song Singer, CD, FECD206, 2007

Last Orders: Last Orders (Fellside FECD207) Last Orders, Last Orders, CD, FECD207, 2007

Frankie Armstrong: Encouragement (Fellside FECD208) Frankie Armstrong, Encouragement, CD, FECD208, 2008

Grace Notes: Northern Tide (Fellside FECD209) Grace Notes, Northern Tide, CD, FECD209, 2007

The Queensberry Rules: Landlocked (Fellside FECD210) The Queensberry Rules, Landlocked, CD, FECD210, 2008

Kerr Fagan Harbron: Station House (Fellside FECD211) Kerr, Fagan, Harbron, Station House, CD, FECD211, 2008

Crucible: Love & Money (Fellside FECD212) Crucible, Love & Money, CD, FECD212, 2008

Jack McNeill & Charlie Heys: Light Up All the Beacons (Fellside FECD213) Jack McNeill & Charlie Heys, Light Up All the Beacons, CD, FECD213, 2008

The Maerlock: Sofa (Fellside FECD214) The Maerlock, Sofa, CD, FECD214, 2008

Rachel and Lillias: Dear Someone (Fellside FECD150) Rachel and Lillias, Dear Someone, CD, FECD215, 2008

Peter Bellamy: Fair England’s Shore (Fellside FECD216) Peter Bellamy, Fair England’s Shore, 2 CD, FECD216, 2008

Phil Hulse: Unpredicted Storm (Fellside FECD217) Phil Hulse, Unpredicted Storm, CD, FECD217, 2008

Graham & Sam Pirt: Dance ti’ Thee Daddy (Fellside FECD218) Graham & Sam Pirt, Dance ti’ Thee Daddy, CD, FECD218, 2008

A.L. Lloyd: Ten Thousand Miles Away (Fellside FECD219) A.L. Lloyd, Ten Thousand Miles Away: English and Australian Folk Songs, 2 CD, FECD219, 2008

A.L. Lloyd: An Evening With A.L. Lloyd (Fellside FECD220) A.L. Lloyd, An Evening With A.L. Lloyd, CD, FECD220, 2010

Dave Goulder: The Golden Days of Steam (Fellside FECD221) Dave Goulder, The Golden Days of Steam: The Railway Songs of Dave Goulder, CD, FECD221, 2008

Tom Kitching and Gren Bartley: Boundary (Fellside FECD222) Tom Kitching and Gren Bartley, Boundary, CD, FECD222, 2009

Elbow Jane: 3 Side Island (Fellside FECD223) Elbow Jane, 3 Side Island, CD, FECD223, 2009

Andy May: Happy Hours (Fellside FECD224) Andy May, Happy Hours, CD, FECD224, 2009

Sara Grey: Sandy Boys (Fellside FECD225) Sara Grey, Sandy Boys, CD, FECD225, 2009

Ken Campbell’s Ideal Band (Fellside FECD226) Ken Campbell’s Ideal Band, Ken Campbell’s Ideal Band, CD, FECD226, 2009

The Queensberry Rules: Take Your Own Roads (Fellside FECD227) The Queensberry Rules, Take Your Own Roads, CD, FECD227, 2009

The Hut People: Home Is Where the Hut Is (Fellside FECD228) The Hut People, Home Is Where the Hut Is, CD, FECD228, 2010

Jack McNeill & Charlie Heys: The Northern Road (Fellside FECD229) Jack McNeill & Charlie Heys, The Northern Road, CD, FECD229, 2010

Wendy Weatherby: A Shirt of Silk or Snow (Fellside FECD230) Wendy Weatherby, A Shirt of Silk or Snow, CD, FECD230, 2010

Joseph Topping: Ghosts in the Shadow (Fellside FECD231) Joseph Topping, Ghosts in the Shadow, CD, FECD231, 2010

Lizzie Nunnery: Company of Ghosts (Fellside FECD232) Lizzie Nunnery, Company of Ghosts, CD, FECD232, 2010

The Urban Folk Quartet: The Urban Folk Quartet (Fellside FECD233) The Urban Folk Quartet, The Urban Folk Quartet, CD, FECD233, 2010

Suntrap: Unravelling (Fellside FECD234) Suntrap, Unravelling, CD, FECD234, 2010

Ewan McLennan: Rags & Robes (Fellside FECD235) Ewan McLennan, Rags & Robes, CD, FECD235, 2010

Boo Hewerdine, Jez Lowe, Julie Matthews, Rory McLeod, Ruth Notman, Kate Fox, Elvis McGonagall: All Along the Wall (Fellside FECD236) Boo Hewerdine, Jez Lowe, Julie Matthews, Rory McLeod, Ruth Notman, Kate Fox, Elvis McGonagall, All Along the Wall, CD, FECD236, 2010

422: Go Forth (Fellside FECD237) 422, Go Forth, CD, FECD237, 2010

James Findlay: Sport and Play (Fellside FECD238) James Findlay, Sport and Play, CD, FECD238, 2010

Pilgrims’ Way: Wayside Courtesies (Fellside FECD239) Pilgrims’ Way, Wayside Courtesies, CD, FECD239, 2011

A.L. Lloyd: Bramble Briars and Beams of the Sun (Fellside FECD219) A.L. Lloyd, Bramble Briars and Beams of the Sun, 2 CD, FECD240, 2011

Hedy West: Ballads & Songs From the Appalachians (Fellside FECD241) Hedy West, Ballads & Songs From the Appalachians, 2 CD, FECD241, 2011

Elbow Jane: The Boldest Blood (Fellside FECD242) Elbow Jane, The Boldest Blood, CD, FECD242, 2011

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick: Walnut Creek (Fellside FECD243) Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, Walnut Creek, CD, FECD243, 2011

Fiona Cuthill & Stevie Lawrence: A Cruel Kindness (Fellside FECD244) Fiona Cuthill & Stevie Lawrence, A Cruel Kindness, CD, FECD244, 2011

Pilgrims’ Way: Shining Gently All Around (Fellside FPDL1) Pilgrims’ Way, Shining Gently All Around, Download, FPDL1, 2011

Jack McNeill & Charlie Heys: Two Fine Days (Fellside FECD245) Jack McNeill & Charlie Heys, Two Fine Days, CD, FECD245, 2012

Bram Taylor: Jokers & Rogues (Fellside FECD246) Bram Taylor, Jokers & Rogues, CD, FECD246, 2012

Gren Bartley: Songs to Scythe Back the Overgrown (Fellside FECD247) Gren Bartley, Songs to Scythe Back the Overgrown, CD, FECD247, 2012

The Hut People: Picnic (Fellside FECD248) The Hut People, Picnic, CD, FECD248, 2012

Grace Notes: 20 (Fellside FECD249) Grace Notes, 20, CD, FECD249, 2012

Ewan McLennan: The Last Bird to Sing (Fellside FECD250) Ewan McLennan, The Last Bird to Sing, CD, FECD250, 2012

Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar: The Queen’s Lover (Fellside FECD251) Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, The Queen’s Lover, CD, FECD251, 2012

James Findlay: Another Day Another Story (Fellside FECD252) James Findlay, Another Day Another Story, CD, FECD252, 2012

Peter Bellamy Sings the Barrack-Room Ballads of Rudyard Kipling (Fellside FECD253) Peter Bellamy, The Barrack-Room Ballads of Rudyard Kipling, 2 CD, FECD253, 2012

Hadrian’s Union: In Your Own Time (Fellside FECD254) Hadrian’s Union, In Your Own Time, CD, FECD254, 2012

Joe Tilston: Embers (Fellside FECD255) Joe Tilston, Embers, CD, FECD255, 2013

Gren Bartley: Winter Fires (Fellside FECD256) Gren Bartley, Winter Fires, CD, FECD256, 2013

James Findlay, Bella Hardy, Brian Peters, Lucy Ward: The Liberty to Choose (Fellside FECD257) James Findlay, Bella Hardy, Brian Peters, Lucy Ward, The Liberty to Choose: A Selection of Songs From The New Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, CD, FECD257, 2013

Hughie Jones: Maritime Miscellany (Fellside FECD258) Hughie Jones, Maritime Miscellany, CD, FECD258, 2014

Sara Grey: Down in Old Dolores (Fellside FECD259) Sara Grey, Down in Old Dolores, CD, FECD259, 2013

A.L. Lloyd: Turtle Dove (Fellside FECD260) A.L. Lloyd, Turtle Dove: England and Her Traditional Songs Vol. 2, CD, FECD260, 2014

Pete Morton: The Frappin’ and Ramblin’ Pete Morton (Fellside FECD261) Pete Morton, The Frappin’ and Ramblin’ Pete Morton, CD, FECD261, 2014

Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar: The Call (Fellside FECD262) Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, The Call, CD, FECD262, 2014

Ewan McLennan: Stories Still Untold (Fellside FECD263) Ewan McLennan, Stories Still Untold, CD, FECD263, 2014

The Hut People: Cabinet of Curiosities (Fellside FECD264) The Hut People, Cabinet of Curiosities, CD, FECD264, 2014

Joe Topping: The Vagrant Kings (Fellside FECD265) Joe Topping, The Vagrant Kings, CD, FECD265, 2015

Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith: Let the Wind Blow High or Low (Fellside FECD264) Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith, Let the Wind Blow High or Low, CD, FECD266, 2014

Tom Kitching: Interloper (Fellside FECD267) Tom Kitching, Interloper, CD, FECD267, 2015

Gren Bartley: Magnificient Creatures (Fellside FECD268) Gren Bartley, Magnificient Creatures, CD, FECD268, 2015

Pete Morton: The Land of Time (Fellside FECD269) Pete Morton, The Land of Time, CD, FECD269, 2015

Ciaran Algar: The Final Waltz (Fellside FECD270) Ciaran Algar, The Final Waltz, CD, FECD270, 2016

Pete Morton with Full House: Game of Life (Fellside FECD271) Pete Morton with Full House, Game of Life, CD, FECD271, 2016

The Journey Continues (Fellside FECD272) Various Artists, The Journey Continues: Fellside at 40, 3 CD, FECD272, 2016

Pete Seeger in England (Fellside FECD273) Pete Seeger, Pete Seeger in England, 2 CD, FECD273, 2016

Pilgrims’ Way: Red Diesel (Fellside FECD274) Pilgrims’ Way, Red Diesel, CD, FECD274, 2016

Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar: The Silent Majority (Fellside FECD275) Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, The Silent Majority, CD, FECD275, 2016

Early Scottish Ragtime (Fellside FECD276) Vic Gammon & Friends, Early Scottish Ragtime, CD, FECD276, 2016

Ewan McLennan & George Monbiot: Breaking the Spell of Loneliness (Fellside FECD277) Ewan McLennan & George Monbiot, Breaking the Spell of Loneliness, CD, FECD277, 2016

Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith: Night Hours (Fellside FECD278) Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith, Night Hours, CD, FECD278, 2016

Emily Sanders, Chris Parkinson, Pete Morton: The Magical Christmas Tree (Fellside FECD279) Emily Sanders, Chris Parkinson & Pete Morton, The Magical Christmas Tree, CD, FECD279, 2016

The Hut People: Routes (Fellside FECD280) The Hut People, Routes, CD, FECD280, 2017

Greg Russell: Inclined to Be Red (Fellside FECD281) Greg Russell, Inclined to Be Red, CD, FECD281, 2017

Destination: Fellside Recordings 1976-2018 (Fellside FECD282) Various Artists, Destination: The End of an Era for a Leading Folk Music Label, 3 CD, FECD282, 2018

Rick Kemp: Perfect Blue (Fellside FECD283) Rick Kemp, Perfect Blue, CD, FECD283, 2018

Peter Bellamy: The Maritime Suite (Fellside FECD284) Peter Bellamy, The Maritime Suite, CD, FECD284, 2018

Strings That Nimble Leap (Fellside FECD285) Various Artists, Strings That Nimble Leap, Fylde Guitars and Their Players, 2 CD, Fylde Guitars / Fellside FECD285, 2019

Jez Lowe: The Jez Lowe Fellside Collection (Fellside FECD286) Jez Lowe, The Jez Lowe Fellside Collection, 5 CD, FECD286, 2020

> Folk Music > Records > Fellside DVDs

Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar in Concert (Fellside FEDV001) Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar in Concert, DVD, FEDV001, 2015

> Folk Music > Records > Fellside Singles and EPs

Brian Dewhurst, The Vicar and the Frog / Honky Tonk Music, single, FES401, 1977

Woodbine Lizzie: They Don’t Write ’Em Like That Anymore (Fellside FES402) Woodbine Lizzie, They Don’t Write ’Em Like That Anymore / Dirty Photographs, single, FES402, 1980

Dance with Rob Gordon Vol. 1 (Fellside FEP403) Rob Gordon and his Band, Dance with Rob Gordon Vol. 1, EP, FEP403, 1981

> Folk Music > Records > Fellside Cassette Budget Priced Series

Various, A Lakeland Collection, cassette, FSC1, 1987

Various, The Fellside Song Sampler, cassette, FSC2, 1987

Various, The Fellside Instrumental Sampler, cassette, FSC3, 1987

Various, Fellside’s Folk Favourites, cassette, FSC4, 1987

Peter Bellamy: Songs an’ Rummy Conjurin’ Tricks (Fellside FSC5) Peter Bellamy, Songs an’ Rummy Conjurin’ Tricks, cassette, FSC5, 1991

Derek Gifford: A Mixed Case (Fellside FSC6) Derek Gifford, A Mixed Case, cassette, FSC6, 1991

Martin Hall: Ringing the Changes (Fellside FSC7) Martin Hall, Ringing the Changes, cassette, FSC7, 1992

Simon Haworth & Tina Cooper: The First Shift (Fellside FSC8) Simon Haworth & Tina Cooper, The First Shift, cassette, FSC8, 1994

> Folk Music > Records > Fellside Sampler

Men Folk (Fellside FECS1) Various Artists, Men Folk, CD, FECS1, 2005

Women Folk (Fellside FECS2) Various Artists, Women Folk, CD, FECS2, 2005

Cutting Edge (Fellside FECS3) Various Artists, Cutting Edge, CD, FECS3, 2005

> Folk Music > Records > Manufactured by Fellside

Blagdon Arms Folk Club: Once a Week’s Enough (Blagdon Arms Folk Club C.2005) Blagdon Arms Folk Club, Once a Week’s Enough, LP, Blagdon Arms Folk Club C.2005, 1977

Westfield Junior School: Love Is the Rule (2Westfield Junior School WJS1) The Pupils of Westfield Junior School, Workington, Love Is the Rule, 7" single, Westfield Junior School WJS1, 1984

Lawrence Hoy et al: Beyond the Seas (Gateway 004) Lawrence Hoy et al, Beyond the Seas, LP, Gateway 004, 1988

Strings That Nimble Leap (Fellside FECD285) Various Artists, Strings That Nimble Leap, Fylde Guitars and Their Players, 2 CD, Fylde Guitars / Fellside FECD285, 2019

> Folk Music > Records > The Tradition Masters

Johnny Collins: The Best of the Early Years (Fellside FTSR1) Johnny Collins, The Best of the Early Years, CD, FTSR1, 1998

Canny Fettle: Trip to Harrogate (Fellside FTSR2) Canny Fettle, Trip to Harrogate, CD, FTSR2, 1999

Enlist for a Soldier (Fellside FTSR3) Various Artists, Enlist for a Soldier: The Soldier in Song from the English Civil War to the Falklands, CD, FTSR3, 2002

Jon Raven et al: The Bold Navigators (Fellside FTSR4) Jon Raven et al., The Bold Navigators: The Story of England’s Canals in Song, CD, FTSR4, 1999

Seasons, Ceremonies & Rituals (Fellside FTSR5) Various Artists, Seasons, Ceremonies & Rituals: The Calendar in Traditional Song, CD, FTSR5, 2002

> Folk Music > Records > Smallfolk

Bagpuss: The Songs & Music (Smallfolk SMF1) Bagpuss, The Songs & Music, CD, SMF1, 1998

Sandra Kerr: ’Hi!’ Said the Elephant (Smallfolk SMF2) Sandra Kerr and Friends, ’Hi!’ Said the Elephant, CD, SMF2, 2009