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Bellowhead: Live at Shepherds Bush Empire

Bellowhead: Live at Shepherds Bush Empire (Westpark 87170)

Live at Shepherds Bush Empire

Westpark Music 87170 (DVD, Germany, 9 February 2009)

Produced by Bend Mandelson and Rob Keyloch;
Recorded live on 26 September 2007 at Shepherds Bush Empire, London;
Concert film produced and directed by Ed Cooper for Marked Film Productions


Jon Boden: vocals, fiddle, tambourine;
John Spiers: melodeon, concertina, backing vocals;
Benji Kirkpatrick: guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, tenor banjo, backing vocals;
Andy Mellon: trumpet, flugelhorn, backing vocals;
Justin Thurgur: trombone;
Brendan Kelly: saxophones, bass clarinet, backing vocals;
Gideon Juckes: sousaphone, helicon, tubass, backing vocals;
Pete Flood: drums, glockenspiel, stomp box, frying pan, knives and forks, party blowers, clockwork toys, Casio VL-tone, megaphonic scratching;
Rachael McShane: cello, fiddle, vocals;
Paul Sartin: fiddle, oboe, backing vocals, megaphone;
Giles Lewin: fiddle, bagpipes, backing vocals


  1. Prickle-Eye Bush (Roud 144; Child 95; G/D 2:248)
  2. Jack Robinson / Argiers / Old Tom of Oxford
  3. The Outlandish Knight (Roud 21; Child 4; G/D 2:225; Henry H163)
  4. Across the Line (Roud 8239)
  5. London Town (Roud 868; G/D 2:299)
  6. Jiggery Pokerwork / Haul Away (Roud 809) / Seven Stars
  7. Spectre Review
  8. Rigs of the Time (Roud 876)
  9. If You Will Not Have Me, You May Let Me Go
  10. Death and the Lady (Roud 1031)
  11. Hopkinson’s Favourite
  12. Flash Company (Roud 954)
  13. The Rochdale Coconut Dance
  14. Fire Marengo
  15. Sloe Gin: Frozen Gin / The Vinegar Reel / The Sloe
  16. Jordan (Roud 2103)
  17. Frog’s Legs & Dragon’s Teeth