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Claire Mann: Claire Mann

Claire Mann: Claire Mann (Foot Stompin' CDFSR1712)

Claire Mann
Claire Mann

Foot Stompin' Records CDFSR1712 (CD, Ireland, 2001)

Produced by Aaron Jones and Simon Thoumire;
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Sound Cafe, Penicuik;
Engineered by David Gray;
except [3, 10] recorded and mixed at Pure Sound Digital Audio+, Cardross;
Cover photograph by David Harrold;
Design by 16K Design


Claire Mann, fiddle, flute, tin whistle, vocals;
Aaron Jones, 10-string bouzouki, guitar, electric bass, vocals;
John Joe Kelly, bodhrán;
Brian McAlpine, keyboards;
Simon Thoumire, concertina


  1. Fahey's: Fahey's / Pauline's Place / Miser's Purse (3.50)
  2. Chloe's Passion: Chloe's Passion / The Kitchen Maid (3.48)
  3. The Green Laurels (Roud 279; G/D 6:1138; Henry H165ab) (4.13)
  4. Cumberland to Colpitts: Andy McGann's / Ormond Sound / Banks of Lough Gowna / The Boys of Coomanore (4.44)
  5. Polkas: Ella Buckley's Fancy / Gneevguillia Polka / McDermott's Polka (3.53)
  6. Mornings at Bonny Doon (3.31)
  7. Mrs Malaprop's Obsessed Island: Obsessive Island / Claire's Jig / Mrs Malaprop (3.36)
  8. Tim's Mazurkas (3.42)
  9. Cronin's: Tune for Frankie / Mutt's Favourite / Gerard Cronin's (4.18)
  10. Drinaun Dhun (6.10)
  11. The Commodore: John Henry's / The Commodore / Galway High Reel (3.44)
  12. Fiddle Cushion: Lord Seaforth / Fiddle Cushion / O'Dea's (4.11)

Track 1a Paddy Fahey;
Track 1b P.J. King;
Tracks 1c, 2b, 3, 4abd, 5ab, 9c, 10, 11ac, 12a trad.;
Track 2a Dr Angus McDonald;
Track 4c Paddy O'Brien;
Track 5c, 8 Tim O'Leary;
Track 6 André Marchand;
Track 7 Claire Mann;
Track 9a Mairéad Ni Mhaonáigh;
Track 9b Jerry Holland;
Track 11b Billy McComisky, Brendan Mulvihill;
Track 12b Simon Bradley;
Track 12c Maurice Lennon, Paul Roche