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More Maids: More! (Black Eye BEY 98 205-2)

More Maids

Big Oz Music / Black Eye BEY 98 205-2 (CD, Germany, 1998)

Produced by More Maids;
Recorded by Chris Oz at Klangstudio Leyh, Sandhausen;
Mixed by Chris Oz at Venize Tonstudio, Grünstadt;
Mastered by Winnie Leyh at Klangstudio Leyh, Sandhausen;
Studio photos by Regine Zausch;
Cover artwork by Gudrun Walther and Peter Opfermann Publishing


Marion Fluck: Irish concert flute, vocals;
Gudrun Walther: fiddle, diatonic accordion, vocals;
Barbara Steinort: lead vocals, bouzouki;
Jan Glogger: live sound, bodhrán


  1. Jig of Life / Tom Billy’s / The Cuil Aodha (3.55)
  2. Ready for the Storm (3.44)
  3. Overcast (5.25)
  4. Mc Governs’s Favourite / The Morning Dew (3.29)
  5. Caledonia (3.49)

All tracks trad. except
Track 1a Kate Bush;
Tracks 2, 5 Dougie MacLean;
Track 3 Simon Thoumire