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Spirit of Celtic Dance

Spirit of Celtic Dance (Kreuz 978-3-7831-3204-5)

Spirit of Celtic Dance
Christoph Pampuch, Jürgen Treyz

Kreuz-Verlag 978-3-7831-3204-5 (CD, Germany, 12 August 2008)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at artes-Studio, Esslingen, May/June 2008;
Produced by Jürgen Treyz


Claus Steinort: Irish concert flute, uilleann pipes, tin whistle, concertina;
Jürgen Treyz: guitar, mandola, banjo, bass, keyboards;
Gudrun Walther: fiddle, diatonic accordion


  1. Lisheen (Jigs): The Fair Haired Boy, The Humours of Lisheen, Munster Buttermilk (4.25)
  2. Happy Days (Reels): George White’s Favourite, The Piper’s Despair, The Happy Days of Youth (4.37)
  3. Tarbolton Set (March Reels): O’Neill’s March, The Tarbolton (3.41)
  4. Toormore (Slides): Micho Russell’s, The Toormore, The Star Above the Garter (3.30)
  5. The Handsome Daughter (Reels): The Humours of Lissadell, McFadden’s Handsome Daughter (2.31)
  6. Chief O’Neill’s (Hornpipe - Jig): Chief O’Neill’s Hornpipe, Peter Byrne’s Fancy (3.17)
  7. Feadóg’s Set (Slow Air - Reel): The Dear Irish Boy, McGovern’s Favourite (4.07)
  8. Sliabh Luachra (Polkas): Gan Ainm, Sonny Riordan’s Bill the Weaver’s (2.57)
  9. Dusty Figs (Slip Jigs): A Fig for a Kiss, My Mind Will Never Be Easy, The Dusty Miller (4.00)
  10. Cashmere (Reels): The Bunch of Green Rushes, The Four Courts, The Cashmere Shawl (3.34)
  11. Mooncoin Set (Jigs): Handy with the Stick, Tobin’s Favourite, The Mooncain (4.17)
  12. The Fairydance (Hornpipe): The Fairies’ Hornpipe, The Honeysuckle (3.46)
  13. Ride a Mile-Set (Jig - Slip Jig): Old Man Dillon, Ride a Mile (3.20)