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Until the Cows Come Home

2Duos: Until the Cows Come Home (artes ARCD3043)

Until the Cows Come Home
2Duos (now renamed to Litha)

artes Records ARCD3043 (CD, Germany, February 2009)

Recorded, mixed and mastered April and November/December 2008 at artes Studio, Esslingen, Germany by Jürgen Treyz;
Produced by the 2Duos;
Design by Eva Giovannini


Gudrun Walther, lead vocals, fiddle, diatonic accordion;
Claire Mann, flute, whistles, fiddle, vocals;
Jürgen Treyz, guitar, dobro, vocals;
Aaron Jones, lead vocals, bouzouki, guitar


  1. Midlothian Mining Song (3.41)
  2. Der Markgrafensohn (4.46)
  3. Beyond the Glen: A Fig for a Kiss / Three Good Fellows from Beyond the Glen / Pasucáis d'Uviéu (4.47)
  4. Solo (4.17)
  5. Stets in Trauer (5.14)
  6. Beeswing (5.29)
  7. Spike Island Set: Mc Donagh's / Riuleadh Cailleach / Spike Island Lasses (5.02)
  8. Saints and Sinners (5.00)
  9. Die Rheinbraut (4.49)
  10. Tube Station: Seanamhac Tube Station / Aaron's Key / O'Dea's (5.01)
  11. Die Ballade von den drei Grafen und der Nonne (6.38)
  12. Braw Sailing (Roud 5537; G/D 6:1217) (4.19)
  13. Lasst uns all nach Hause gehen / Valse d'hier (4.08)

All tracks trad. arr. 2Duos except
Tracks 2, 9 trad. arr. Gudrun Walther, Jürgen Treyz;
Track 4 Sandy Denny;
Track 6 Richard Thompson;
Track 8 David Francey;
Track 10a John Carty;
Track 10b Paul Roche;
Track 10c Maurice Lennon, Paul Roche;
Track 13b Gudrun Walther