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Eliza Carthy: Angels & Cigarettes

Eliza Carthy: Angels & Cigarettes (Warner Brothers 9362 47698 2)

Angels & Cigarettes
Eliza Carthy

Warner Brothers 9362 47698 2 (CD, USA, September 2000)

Eliza Carthy: Train Song (Warner Brothers PRO-CD-100594)

Eliza Carthy
Promo CD, contains Train Song and Fuse

Warner Brothers / no number (CD, USA, March 2000)

Train Song
Promo CD, contains the CD version and a “DNA mix” of this song

Warner Brothers PRO-CD-100594 (CD, USA, 2001)

Recorded between January 1998 and May 2000 at Riverside, Glasgow; Gardeners Cottage, Edinburgh; Al’s Bunker, Brighton; Air Lyndhurst Hall, London; The Metway, Brighton; Clarion, Brighton; Essele Beat Co, Brighton; Guillone Tell, Paris;
Produced, engineered and mixed by Al Scott;
Recorded and mixed on Pro Tools;
Additional engineers: Jake Rousham, Metway; Colin Walker, Clarion; Geoff Foster, AIR; Dave Maclean, Riverside; Stephane Briand, Guillome Tell;
Photography by Tom Howard;
Design and art direction by Gareth While.


Eliza Carthy: violin, viola, octave violin, tenor guitar, keyboards, vocals;
Barnaby Stradling: bass, acoustic guitar [8], Rhodes piano;
Ben Ivitsky: guitars, violin, whooshy noises, moog, vocals;
Sam Thomas: drums;
Heather Macleod, Lucy Adams: background vocals;
Martin Green: piano accordion, moog, keyboards

Martin Carthy: guitar [4, 6];
B.J. Cole: pedal steel guitar [4-5, 7];
Dolphin Boy: programming [3];
Phil Johnson: Hammond organ [8];
Willi Moleson: drums [2];
Alan Prosser: guitar [7];
Al Scott: organ keyboard [8];
Leland Sklar: bass guitar [4, 7-8];
Carole Steele: stuff and mooses [2], congas, bongos, percussion [4, 7];
Van Dyke Parks: piano [7, 10];
The Mondrian String Quartet [10];
The Orchestra, arranged and conducted by Van Dyke Parks [6]


  1. Whispers of Summer (4.37)
  2. Train Song (3.59)
  3. Beautiful Girl (3.24)
  4. Whole (4.01)
  5. Poor Little Me (5.22)
  6. The Company of Men (3.34)
  7. Perfect (3.52)
  8. Wildwood (3.08)
  9. Breathe (4.07)
  10. Fuse (4.45)

Tracks 1, 5 Eliza Carthy, Barnaby Stradling, Sam Thomas, Ben Ivitsky, Martin Green;
Track 2 Eliza Carthy, Ben Ivitsky;
Tracks 3, 4, 7, 9 Eliza Carthy, Barnaby Stradling, Sam Thomas, Ben Ivitsky;
Track 6 Eliza Carthy, Ben Ivitsky, Martin Carthy;
Track 8 Paul Weller;
Track 10 Eliza Carthy