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Eliza Carthy: Restitute

Eliza Carthy: Restitute (Under the Bed UTBCD20191)

Eliza Carthy

Under the Bed Records UTBCD20191 (2 CD, UK, 14 February 2019)
Topic Records TSCD599 (CD, UK, 10 May 2019)

Eliza Carthy: Restitute (Topic TSCD599)

Produced by Eliza Carthy and Ben Seal;
Recorded at Eliza Carthy’s home in Robin Hood’s Bay;
Drawings by Rosie Winray;
Cover art by Rosie Winray and Cally Callomon


Eliza Carthy: vocals, wooden skeleton (Napoleon Boneyparts) [1], violin [1, 6, 8-10], viola [1, 10], Octave violin [1-2], chopsticks [1];
Martin Carthy: guitar [2];
Jon Boden: concertina [4], vocals [7];
David Delarre: acoustic guitar [9];
Ben Somers: double bass [9];
Ben Seal: keyboards [10]


CD 1

  1. Friendship (Roud V22654) (3.12)
  2. The Leaves in the Woodland (6.45)
  3. Helter Skelter (2.52)
  4. The Man Who Puffs the Big Cigar (6.33)
  5. Gentlemen Rankers (4.37)
  6. The Slave’s Lament (Roud V29702) / Farewell to a Dark Haired Friend (6.23)
  7. Dream of Napoleon (Roud 1538) (5.00)
  8. Lady All Skin and Bone (Roud 501) (5.00)
  9. The Old Sexton (Roud V18121) (3.17)
  10. The Last Rose of Summer (Roud 13861) (3.31)

CD 2

  1. The Announcer’s Daughter
    audio book with original music written and read by Eliza Carthy,
    played by Eliza Carthy and Ben Seal

Track 1 trad. arr. Eliza Carthy, Ben Seal;
Track 2 Peter Bellamy;
Track 3 words Jonathan Swift, music trad. arr. Eliza Carthy;
Track 4 Leon Rosselson;
Track 5 words Rudyard Kipling, music Peter Bellamy;
Track 6a Robert Burns;
Track 6b Eliza Carthy;
Track 7 trad. arr. Eliza Carthy, Jon Boden;
Track 8-9 trad. arr. Eliza Carthy;
Track 10 words Thomas Moore, music Ben Seal, Eliza Carthy


Eliza Carthy presents Restitute: