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You Know Me

Eliza Carthy: You Know Me (Convent CVRSING001b)

You Know Me
Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band

Convent Records CVRSING001b (DL single, 25 September 2015)

Press Release for You Know Me

You Know Me is my response to what has been happening in this country politically over the last year and longer, specifically in regard to the shameful way we have been treating desperate, uprooted people that need our help. Often those who have been driven from their homes have been put in this position because of government’s foreign policy, and yet we have turned our backs on them for the sake of garnering the votes of the uninformed in our general election. I couldn’t let it stand any longer; I had to say how I feel. I don’t care about immigration or international finance, what I care about is ensuring not another child has to drown in the Mediterranean for the sake of my ‘country’, whatever that is, whatever that means. Not in my name. I care about holding my arms open to those that have nothing; I care about the great tradition of hospitality, freedom of thought and speech. I have never turned anyone from my door and would never turn anyone away from my shore. Not in my name. There is plenty for everyone; the fruit in our garden is good.

Eliza Carthy

Recorded at The Convent, Stroud


Eliza Carthy: violin, vocals;
Sam Sweeney: violin, vocals;
David Delarre: acoustic guitar, vocals;
Barnaby Stradling: bass guitar;
Saul Rose: melodeon, vocals;
Andrew Waite: piano accordion, keyboards;
Laurence ‘Loz’ Hunt: percussion, electronics, vocals;
Bethany Porter: cello, vocals, party poppers, horn;
Lucy Farrell: viola, vocals;
‘Dearest’ Willy Molleson: drums, vocals;
Nick Malcolm: trumpet, vocals;
Adrien ‘Yen-Yen’ Toulouse: bass trombone, vocals


  1. You Know Me (3.45)
  2. Great Grey Back (3.17)