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Fairport Convention with Swarb: Scrum-Half Bricking

Fairport Convention with Swarb: Scrum-Half Bricking (Front Row BRUFC-01)

Scrum-Half Bricking
Fairport Convention with Swarb

Front Row Records BRUFC-1 (CD, UK, 2003)

Production co-ordination by Neil Wayne;
Recorded live on the UK Winter tour at Derby Assembly Rooms, 19 February 2003;
Recorded by Rob Braviner from the front-desk soundboard;
Mastered by Don Walker at Editpoint Mastering;
Design and compilation for Belper RUFC by the Free Reed Team;
Artwork and origination by John D. Petty at Word & Image;
Cover photo by Mark Hadley;
Inner photos by Mark Hadley and Chris Bates


Simon Nicol: guitar, vocals;
Chris Leslie: violin, vocals;
Ric Sanders: violin;
Dave Swarbrick: violin;
Dave Pegg: bass vocals;
Neil Wayne: concertina;
Gerry Conway: drums


  1. “A Word from the Pres…" then…
    Woodworm Swing (4.07)
  2. The Happy Man (2.54)
  3. Banks of Claudy (Roud 266; Laws N40; G/D 5:1036; Henry H5, H693) (5.39)
  4. “Welcome To Swarb…” then…
    My Heart’s in New South Wales (5.25)
  5. Rosie (4.34)
  6. The Heart of the Song (3.38)
  7. Lea Rigs / Dovecot Park / Balquidder Lassies (6.15)
  8. Neil’s Morris (4.01)
  9. …Thanks from Simon…” then…
    Meet on the Ledge (6.56)

Track 1 Ric Sanders;
Track 2 trad. (Adderbury) arr. Chris Leslie;
Track 3, 8 trad.;
Tracks 4-5 Dave Swarbrick;
Track 7 trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick;
Track 6 Peter Scrowther;
Track 9 Richard Thompson