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Come All Ye

[Sandy Denny, Ashley Hutchings]

This traditional sounding song was a fine introduction to Fairport’s watershed album of 1969, Liege and Lief, where “reeling and rocking came to terms with each other.” The lyrics are autobiographical. Although this song is credited to Sandy and Ashley Hutchings, his biography by Hinton & Wall quotes Ashley saying “It was basically Sandy’s composition which I wrote a few verses for.”

The song was later re-released on the double CD compilation Meet on the Ledge: The Classic Years 1967-1975. An alternative mix (not alternative recording!) of this track was released in 2002 on the Fairport unConventioNal 4 CD set.

The song is heard in It All Comes ’Round Again, but only as part of the incidental music.

Cover Versions

  1. Vulcan’s Hammer on their album The Two Magicians (Kissing Spell, 1975)
  2. Fairport Convention live at Cropredy 1983 on the cassette The Boot - 1983 Fairport Reunion (1984)
  3. Fairport Convention with Vikki Clayton live at Cropredy 1997 on their 3 CD set The Cropredy Box (1998)


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