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1651: Cast a Bell

1651: Cast a Bell(Beautiful Jo BEJOCD-33)

Cast a Bell

Beautiful Jo Records BEJOCD-33 (CD, UK, 2001)

Recorded by Oliver Knight in the music room at Gregynog near Newtown, Powsy, in July and September 2000;
Each track was recorded as a complete entity; there has been no overdubbing or editing;
Mixed by Oliver Knight and Mark Emerson at Panda Sound, Robin Hood’s Bay;
Black and white photographs by David Fisher;
Colour photograph by Denis Kennedy


Mark Emerson: violin, viola, piano;
Tim Harries: double bass;
Andy Cutting: diatonic button accordion


  1. Kettledrum (4.39)
  2. Maiden Lane: Maiden Lane / Chirping of the Nightingale / Chirping of the Lark (9.14)
  3. Kemp’s Jig: Kemp’s Jig / Picking of Sticks / Woodicock (5.57)
  4. Lady Lie Near Me: Lady Lie Near Me / Beggar Boy (5.25)
  5. Cast a Bell: Millfield / Grimstock / Cast A Bell (16.07)
  6. Under Alder (2.44)
  7. Bobbing Joe: Bobbing Joe / Under Alder (reprise) (7.38)
  8. Night Piece (5.53)
  9. Once I Loved a Maiden Fair (3.28)

All tunes are from Playford’s English Dancing Master except
Track 7, 7b D.M. Emerson