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50 Years of Folk Music in Newcastle

50 Years of Folk Music in Newcastle (LM-0006966)

50 Years of Folk Music in Newcastle
Various Artists

private issue, LM-0006966 (2 CD, UK, 2008)

Produced by Alistair Gillies;
Recorded live on the occasion of the Bridge Folk Club’s fiftieth birthday party;
Recorded and mastered by John Bushby;
Artwork and copying by Ceilidh Connections


see the individual tracks


CD 1

  1. High Level Ranters: Charlie Hunter jig / Rowley Burn hornpipe / Morpeth Rant rant / Because He Was a Bonny Lad / Salmon Tails marches
  2. Johnny Handle: Adam Buckham (Roud 3481)
  3. Chris Hendry, acc. by Johnny Handle: Mary Hamilton (Roud 79; Child 173; G/D 2:195)
  4.  — : Last of the Clydesdales (Roud 22005)
  5. Tom Gilfellon, acc. by High Level Ranters: The Hexhamshire Lass (Roud 3182)
  6.  — : Plains of Waterloo (Roud 960; Laws N32)
  7. Ray Fisher, acc. by Tom Gilfellon, guitar: Generations of Change
  8.  — : The Old Maid in the Garrett (Roud 802; G/D 7:1378; Henry H138)
  9. John Brennan: You Rambling Boys of Pleasure (Roud 386)
  10.  — : General Guinness (Roud 2914)
  11. Louis Killen, acc. concertina: The Cockfight (Roud 211; TYG 81)
  12.  — : Pleasant and Delightful (Roud 660; Laws O30; TYG 51)
  13. Alistair Anderson, concertina, acc. Tom Gilfellon, guitar: City of Savannah / Dookin for Apples

CD 2

  1. Benny Graham: Stanley Market (Roud 3490)
  2. Jim Hall, acc. Colin, fiddle: Gypsy’s Lullaby / Billy’s Reel
  3. Pete Wood: John o’ Greenfield (Roud V38524)
  4. High Level Ranters: Whinham’s Reel / Winshield’s Hornpipe
  5. Johnny Handle acc. by High Level Ranters: Elsie Marley (Roud 3065) / Hoop Her and Gird Her
  6. Chris Hendry acc. Johnny Handle, accordion: Westlin’ Winds (Roud 6936)
  7. Tom Gilfellon acc. Johnny Handle, accordion: Durham Strike (Roud V46415)
  8.  — : Wor Nannie’s a Maisor (Roud 21895)
  9. Ray Fisher: Behave Yersel’ story and poem
  10. John Brennan: Lady Margaret and Sweet William (Roud 253; Child 74; G/D 2:337)
  11.  — : The Forgetful Sailor
  12. Louis Killen: Fortune Turns the Wheel (Roud 3798; G/D 3:667)
  13. Louis Killen and Mike Waterson: When I Was a Working Lad
  14. High Level Ranters w/ Jim Hall, pipes, and Pete Wood, concertina: High Level Hornpipe with variations / Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deesside

All tracks trad. except
Track 1a Bobby McLeod;
Track 1b Forster Charlton;
Track 4 Archie Webster, ca. 1950;
Track 7 Matt Armour;
Track 10 trad. Dublin street song w/ extra verses by John Brennan;
Track 13b Alistair Anderson;
Track 14, 20-21 Tommy Armstrong;
Track 15b Billy Pigg;
Track 16a Robert Whinham (1814-1893);
Track 19 Robert Burns;
Track 26 Mike Waterson;
Track 27a trad, Billy Pigg / High Level Ranters;
Track 27b James Scott Skinner


Thank you very much to Ken Hunt for the cover picture and the album details