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Alice Wylde: Songs of Old Appalachia

Alice Wylde: Songs of Old Appalachia (WildGoose WGS394CD)

Songs of Old Appalachia
Alice Wylde

WildGoose Studios WGS394CD (CD, UK, 2013)

Alice Wylde was born and raised as one of eight children in the heart of West Virginia, the only state completely within the Appalachian Mountain range. She spent 43 years of her life living up the same holler, until she made the move to England. She learned many songs from her mother and from folks in the local area and has sung them all her life.

The cover picture shows the house where Alice was raised. The picture was taken in 1978.

Recorded and produced by Doug Bailey and Alice Wylde at WildGoose Studios, May Cottage, Wherwell, Hampshire;


Alice Wylde: vocals, banjo;
Dan Stewart: banjos, guitar, dulcimer, fiddle


  1. West Virginia Boys (Roud 4275) (2.39)
  2. Bill Stafford (Roud 257; Laws H1; Henry H0) (3.33)
  3. My Old Brown Coat and Me (Roud 3114) (4.49)
  4. Babes in the Wood (Roud 288; Laws Q34) (2.06)
  5. Shiloh’s Hill (Roud 2200; Laws A11) (4.07)
  6. Groundhog (Roud 3125) (4.16)
  7. Old Pheobe Ice (Roud 7051) (1.53)
  8. Heart of Glass (3.56)
  9. Revolutionary Tea (Roud 1934; Laws A24) (3.18)
  10. Johnny Doyle (Roud 455; Laws M2; G/D 5:1020; Henry H137) (4.26)
  11. Unclouded Day (Roud 17614) (2.39)

All tracks trad.