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All Round England & Back Again

All Round England & Back Again (Saydisc SDL 332)

All Round England & Back Again
English Customs and Traditions
Peter Kennedy (collector and editor)

Saydisc SDL 332 (LP, UK, 1982)

Interviews, recordings and notes by Peter Kennedy;
Photographs by Brian Shuel;
Produced by Gef Lucena (Saydisc), Peter Kennedy (Folktracks) and David Wilkins (Valley Recordings);
Sleeve design by Bob Doling

Sleeve Photos

upper left: Mummers, Marshfield;
upper right: Hobby Horse, Padstow;
bottom left: Morris dancers, Bampton-in-the-Bush;
bottom middle: the Garland, Castleton;
bottom left: Pace-Egg Play, Midgley


Side 1

  1. Helston (Cornwall):
    The Furry Dance & Hal-an-Tow (Roud 1520)
  2. Padstow (Cornwall):
    Hobby Horse Day (Roud 305)
  3. Castleton (Derbyshire):
    Oak-Apple / Garland Day
  4. Bampton-in-the-Bush (Oxfordshire):
    The Whit-Monday Morris
  5. Abbots Bromley (Staffordshire):
    The Horn Dance

Side 2

  1. Antrobus (Cheshire):
    The Soul-Cakers (Roud 304)
  2. Barrow-on-Humber (Lincolnshire):
    The Plough-Lags
  3. Far & Near Sawrey (Cumbria):
    The Easter Jolly-Boys
  4. Wassailers (Cornwall & Somerset)
    (a) Charlie Bate, Padstow
    (b) Fred Adams, Minehead & Carhampton
    (c) Harry & Walter Sealey, Ash Priors