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Angus Grant: Highland Fiddle

Angus Grant: Highland Fiddle (Topic 12TS347)

Highland Fiddle
Angus (Aonghas) Grant (13.09.1931-)

Topic Records 12TS347 (LP, UK, 1978)
Springthyme Records SPRC 1024 (cass., UK, 1987)

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Recorded by Tony Engle at Glenfinnan, March 1977;
Notes by Alan Bruford;
Production, design and photography by Tony Engle


Angus Grant: fiddle;
Willie Lawrie: piano, piano accordion;
John McIntyre: bass


Side 1

  1. Pipe Major Sam Scott / Portree Bay 6(8 pipe marches (2.44)
  2. Flower o’ the Quern slow air (2.25)
  3. Mrs H.L. McDonald of Dunach / J.F. MacKenzie / Captain MacDiarmid march, strathspey and reel (3.27)
  4. Mo Mhàthair / Laura Andrews Gaelic air and hornpipe (2.58)
  5. The Goatherd / The Curlew pipe jigs (2.17)
  6. Millicent’s Favourite / Harvest Home hornpipes (2.13)
  7. Stirling Castle / MacKinnon’s Reel strathspey and reel (1.36)
  8. Dargai pibroch (2.04)

Side 2

  1. Kilworth Hills / Loch Maree retreat airs (2.01)
  2. Niel Gow’s Lament for His Second Wife / Marquis of Huntly’s Farewell / Marquis of Tullibardine slow air, srathspey and reel (3.47)
  3. Marquis of Lorne / The Minstrel’s Favourite hornpipes (1.49)
  4. Iain Ghlinn Cuaich / Seann Drochaid Gaelic air and reel (2.30)
  5. Miss Adye / Lady Montgomerie strathspey and reel (1.40)
  6. Da Mirrie Boys of Greenland / Leveneep Head / Willafjord Shetland reels (3.00)
  7. Forneth House slow air (1.43)
  8. Clan MacColl / Cameron’s Got His Wife Again / Jock Wilson’s Ball march, strathspey and reel (3.30)

All tracks trad. except
Track 1a Pipe Major Peter R. Macleod;
Tracks 2, 4b, 8 James Scott Skinner;
Track 3a Pipe Major Willie Lawrie;
Track 3b Pipe Major William J. Ross;
Track 4a Neil MacLean;
Track 5b Donald MacPherson;
Track 9 Pipe Major G.S. McLennan;
Track 10a Niel Gow;
Track 10b William Marshall;
Track 10c John Crerar;
Track 13a Logan;
Track 14b Frank Jamieson;
Track 14c Tom Anderson, Willie Johnson;
Track 15 Robert Petrie;
Track 16a John MacColl

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Aonghas Grant: The Hills of Glengarry

Aonghas Grant: The Hills of Glengarry (Shoogle SHOOGLE07006)

The Hills of Glengarry
Aonghas Grant (13.09.1931-)

Shoogle Records SHOOGLE07006 (CD, UK, 31 October 2007)

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Aonghas Grant: fiddle;
Angus R Grant: fidlde;
Christine Hanson: cello;
Paul Connelly: concertina;
Ross Martin: guitar


  1. Glengarry’s Gathering / Glengarry’s Dirk / Lochgarryside
  2. The Souter’s Lass / The Westcoaster / The Mariner
  3. The Earl of Jura
  4. Di Molaidh an Uisge Bheatha (In Dispraise of Whisky)
  5. The Hills of Glengarry / Aonghas Grant’s Farewell to Lagavoulin
  6. Morag’s Wedding / MacKinnon’s
  7. Memories of Ardachy / Jock’s Fiddle
  8. The Long Legged Lassie / Aonghas Grant’s Welcome to Fochabers
  9. The Shepherd’s Crook
  10. Niel Gow’s Farewell to Whisky
  11. Heather Manson’s Wedding / Farquhar and Hetty’s
  12. Maigdhean Na H Arigh (The Shielding Song) / Capt Campbell / Cameron’s Got His Wife Again / The Red Burn
  13. The Parting Glass