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A Place to Dwell

Folk Musicians Support Southend YMCA: A Place to Dwell

A Place to Dwell
Folk Musicians Support Southend YMCA

Southend YMCA (DL/CD, UK, 25 May 2018)

This is a benefit album for Southend YMCA, available from Bandcamp.

Compiled by Diana Collier with the help of Paul Collier and Alex Milne for the benefit of Southend YMCA;
Mastered by John Hannon at No Recording Studio;
Front and back cover images and text by Steven Collins;
Typesetting by Alex Collier


  1. Alex Rex: The Gift of Weeping (2.46)
  2. Cunning Folk: The Old Straight Track (5.07)
  3. Circle/Temple: I Possibly Am Again (4.28)
  4. Alasdair Roberts: The Little Collier (2.23)
  5. M.G. Boulter: His Name is Gene (3.27)
  6. Crafting for Foes: The Spin (4.10)
  7. Lost Harbours (Richard Thompson and Sabine Moore): Nine Ladies (3.07)
  8. Brazil Banks: Darby (3.29)
  9. Robert Sunday: Romy (2.58)
  10. Nancy Wallace: Yellow Tail (4.04)
  11. Nick Pynn: Feu de Joie (1.56)
  12. Kate Waterfield and Charlie Skelton: Lapwing to Shore (3.11)
  13. Sharron Kraus with a chorus of Fay Hield, Jon Boden, Jerry Simon, Jon Fletcher, Lisa Heller, Kate Housden, Jeannie Wright, Charlotte Piney, and Paul & Liz Davenport: Hearts Joined as One (3.33)

Track 1 Alex Neilson;
Track 2 George Hoyle;
Track 3 William Blake;
Track 4 Ewan McVicar;
Track 5 M.G. Boulter;
Track 6 Amana McManus, Adam Rees;
Track 7 Richard Thompson, Sabine Moore;
Track 8 Peter Collis;
Track 9 Robert Sunday;
Track 10 Nancy Wallace;
Track 11 Nick Pynn;
Track 12 Kate Waterfield, Charlie Skelton;
Track 13 Sharron Kraus