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Ballads of the Book

Ballads of the Book (Chemical Underground CHEM098CD)

Ballads of the Book
Various Artists

Chemical Underground CHEM098CD (CD, UK, March 5, 2007)

Poems by Scottish writers set to music by Scottish musicians


  1. Mike Heron: Song for Irena [lyrics John Burnside, music Mike Heron] (4.50)
  2. De Rosa: Steam Comes Off Our House [lyrics Michel Faber, music De Rosa] (3.57)
  3. James Yorkston and the Athletes: A Calvinist Nearly Avoids Pleasure [lyrics Bill Duncan, music James Yorkston] (2.21)
  4. Foxface: Dreamcatcher [lyrics Rody Gorman, music Foxface] (2.42)
  5. Lord Cut-Glass with David Laing: A Sentimental Song [lyrics Alasdair Gray, music Lord Cut-Glass] (3.00)
  6. Aidan Moffat & The Best-Ofs: The Sixth Stone [lyrics Ian Rankin, music Aidan Moffat] (2.44)
  7. Norman Blake: Girl [lyrics John Burnside, music Norman Blake] (6.01)
  8. Karine Polwart: The Good Years [lyrics Edwin Morgan, music Karine Polwart] (5.04)
  9. Sons and Daughters: The War on Love Song [lyrics A.L. Kennedy, music Sons and Daughters] (4.05)
  10. Alasdair Roberts: The Leaving [lyrics Robin Robertson, music Alasdair Roberts] (4.40)
  11. Strike the Colours: Message in a Bottle [lyrics Rody Gorman, music Strike the Colours] (4.22)
  12. Aerogramme: If You Love Me You'd Destroy Me [lyrics Hal Duncan, music Aerogramme] (4.51)
  13. Malcolm Middleton: The Rebel in His Own Tonight [lyrics Alan Bissett, music Malcolm Middleton] (4.41)
  14. Trashcan Sinatras with Roddy Hart, Emma Pollock and ‘Evil’ Graham Lee: Half an Apple [lyrics Ali Smith, music Trashcan Sinatras] (3.51)
  15. Vashti Bunyan: The Fire [lyrics Rodge Glass, music Vashti Bunyan] (3.03)
  16. King Creosote: Where and When? [lyrics Laura Hird, music King Creosote] (3.09)
  17. Emma Pollock: Jesus on the Cross [lyrics Louise Welsh, music Emma Pollock] (2.39)
  18. Idlewild (Rod Jones, John McCusker, Andy Cutting, Andy Seward, Kris Drever, Kate Rusby, Roddy Woomble): The Weight of Years [lyrics Edwin Morgan, music Idlewild] (3.25)