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Ballads of the Book

Ballads of the Book (Chemical Underground CHEM098CD)

Ballads of the Book
Various Artists

Chemical Underground CHEM098CD (CD, UK, 5 March 2007)

Poems by Scottish writers set to music by Scottish musicians


  1. Mike Heron: Song for Irena [lyrics John Burnside, music Mike Heron] (4.50)
  2. De Rosa: Steam Comes Off Our House [lyrics Michel Faber, music De Rosa] (3.57)
  3. James Yorkston and the Athletes: A Calvinist Nearly Avoids Pleasure [lyrics Bill Duncan, music James Yorkston] (2.21)
  4. Foxface: Dreamcatcher [lyrics Rody Gorman, music Foxface] (2.42)
  5. Lord Cut-Glass with David Laing: A Sentimental Song [lyrics Alasdair Gray, music Lord Cut-Glass] (3.00)
  6. Aidan Moffat & The Best-Ofs: The Sixth Stone [lyrics Ian Rankin, music Aidan Moffat] (2.44)
  7. Norman Blake: Girl [lyrics John Burnside, music Norman Blake] (6.01)
  8. Karine Polwart: The Good Years [lyrics Edwin Morgan, music Karine Polwart] (5.04)
  9. Sons and Daughters: The War on Love Song [lyrics A.L. Kennedy, music Sons and Daughters] (4.05)
  10. Alasdair Roberts: The Leaving [lyrics Robin Robertson, music Alasdair Roberts] (4.40)
  11. Strike the Colours: Message in a Bottle [lyrics Rody Gorman, music Strike the Colours] (4.22)
  12. Aerogramme: If You Love Me You’d Destroy Me [lyrics Hal Duncan, music Aerogramme] (4.51)
  13. Malcolm Middleton: The Rebel in His Own Tonight [lyrics Alan Bissett, music Malcolm Middleton] (4.41)
  14. Trashcan Sinatras with Roddy Hart, Emma Pollock and ‘Evil’ Graham Lee: Half an Apple [lyrics Ali Smith, music Trashcan Sinatras] (3.51)
  15. Vashti Bunyan: The Fire [lyrics Rodge Glass, music Vashti Bunyan] (3.03)
  16. King Creosote: Where and When? [lyrics Laura Hird, music King Creosote] (3.09)
  17. Emma Pollock: Jesus on the Cross [lyrics Louise Welsh, music Emma Pollock] (2.39)
  18. Idlewild (Rod Jones, John McCusker, Andy Cutting, Andy Seward, Kris Drever, Kate Rusby, Roddy Woomble): The Weight of Years [lyrics Edwin Morgan, music Idlewild] (3.25)