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Barluath: At Dawn of Day

Barluath: At Dawn of Day (Barluath BARL001)

At Dawn of Day

Barluath Records BARL001 (CD, UK, 2015)

Produced by Anna Massie;
Recorded by Jim Neilson at Gorbals Sound, Glasgow;
Mixed and mastered by Iain Hutchison at GloWorm Studios, Glasgow;
Artwork and design by Ross Barber at Electric Kiwi


Ainsley Hamill: lead and backing vocals;
Alistair Iain Paterson: piano, harmonium, celeste, backing vocals;
Eilidh Firth: fiddle, backing vocals;
Luc McNally: guitar, backing vocals;
Colin Greeves: pipes, whistles, clarinet, backing vocals;
Eddie Seaman: pipes, whistle, bouzouki

Stewart Wilson: bass [1-4, 7-8, 10];
Signy Jakobsdottir: percussion [1-3, 7]


  1. Am Bròn Binn (The Melodious Sorrow) / Aisling Righ Bhreatainn (The Dream of the King of Britain) (4.28)
  2. Away From the Pits (4.37)
  3. The Big Chief / Tide’s Out / Rose Cottage (4.50)
  4. Air Fàir an Là (At Dawn of Day) (2.55)
  5. The Scarborough Settler’s Lament (Roud 4521) (4.31)
  6. Donald’s: Dhomnaill, a Dhomnaill (Donald, O Donald) / ’S ann a dol a Ghrùlainn (Going to Gruilainn) / Cha tèid mise Mhùgarradh (I Will Not Go to Mugarradh) (2.45)
  7. Liberty’s Sweet Shore (5.54)
  8. Hararin Hachum / Seonaidh Meg (5.06)
  9. Solus M’aigh (Light of Hope) (4.25)
  10. My Hometown / Tighinn air a’ Mhuid tha ’m Fear a’ Phòsas mi (Coming on the Ocean Is the Man I Will Marry) / Dancing Feet / A Chuir nan Gobhar às a Chreig (To Chase the Goats off the Rocks) (4.30)
  11. Catch the Wind (3.24)

Tracks 1ab, 3b, 6abc, 10bd trad.;
Track 2 Chris Algar;
Track 3a Eilidh Firth;
Track 3c Donald Shaw;
Track 4 Màiri Nigh’n Alasdair Ruadh (Mary Macleod);
Track 5 words Alexander Glendenning, melody William Marshall;
Track 7 John Doyle, Cathie Ryan;
Track 8a Simon Kerrell;
Track 8b Alistaier Iain Paterson;
Track 9 Blair Douglash;
Track 10a John Maclellan;
Track 10c G.S. Maclellan;
Track 11 Donovan

Note: All information subject to misspelling—the tiny white font on coloured background in the album’s booklet is barely readable.