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The Best of BBC Radio Carlisle’s Folk Workshop

The Best of BBC Radio Carlisle’s Folk Workshop (Fellside FE002)

The Best of BBC Radio Carlisle’s Folk Workshop
Various Artists

Fellside Recordings FE002 (LP, UK, 1976)

“When BBC Radio Carlisle—the baby of the BBC’s twenty stations—went on the air in November 1973 we quickly became aware of the tremendous interest in folk music in Cumbria, and launched an experimental series of Folk Workshop programmes that capitalised on our considerable local talent. So popular were these four programmes, that in the summer of ’75, Folk Workshop returned featuring the main folk clubs in the North and West of the county and their resident singers. The idea of a record of the best of both series arose at Christmas, when we were recording a special one hour folk programme for Boxing Day and Chris Lewis said, “Seems a pity there’s no record of this …” so here it is. The Best of BBC Radio Carlisle’s Folk Workshop.”
Kath Worrall, Producer, BBC Radio Carlisle.

Produced by Kath Worrall and Chris Lewis of BBC Radio Carlisle;
Recorded by Paul Adams on location in Kendal and Carlisle, May and June 1976 except
[7, 9] recorded by Brian Horsfall, Traditional Sound Recordings, in Macclesfield in 1973;
Sleeve design by Jasper Stohniart;
Artwork by Mary Blood


Westmoreland Packet [1, 16];
Angie Marchant: vocal, guitar [2, 13];
John Shiels: vocal, guitar [3, 14];
Robin Dawson: mandolin [3], fiddle [14];
Paul Adams: vocals [4], chorus [9], flageoelt [10];
Linda Adams: vocals [4, 10], chorus [9], guitar [9, 10];
The Packmen (Brian Coulson: vocals, guitar; Brian Collie: guitar, chorus) [5, 15];
Robbie Ellis: vocals, guitar [6, 12];
Ray Downes: vocals [7], chorus [9];
Terry Howarth: vocals [9], guitar [7, 9];
Tony Rothwell: vocals [11], chorus [8, 11], bass guitar [8];
Norman Bell: vocals, guitar [8], banjo, chorus [11]


Side 1

  1. Westmorland Packet: My Love She’s But A Lassie (Roud 8979?)
  2. Angie Marchant: Sally Gray (Roud 1365)
  3. John Shiels & Robin Dawson: The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe (Roud 562; Laws P7; Henry H84, H688)
  4. Paul and Linda Adams: The Fall of the Leaf (Roud 848)
  5. The Packmen: Lock the Door Lariston (Roud 21732)
  6. Robbie Ellis: T’Milken
  7. Knotted Cord: Rap-A-Tap (Roud 792)
  8. Skinch: Phillipson’s Curse

Side 2

  1. Knotted Cord: Settle to Carlisle Railway
  2. Linda Adams: Ploughman Lads (Roud 3448)
  3. Skinch: John Peel (Roud 1239)
  4. Robbie Ellis: Clifton Moor
  5. Angie Marchant: Upsiaridi
  6. John Shiels & Robin Dawson: The Lakes of Cool Finn (Roud 189; Laws Q33; G/D 2:228; Henry H176)
  7. The Packmen: Fourpence a Day (Roud 2586; TYG 107)
  8. Westmorland Packet: Nancy / Jamie Allen

All tracks trad. except
Tracks 6, 12 Robbie Ellis;
Track 8 Norma Bell;
Track 9 Mike Donald