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Strawbs: Blue Angel

Strawbs: Blue Angel (Witchwood WMCD 2008)

Blue Angel

Witchwood Records WMCD 2008 (CD, UK, 2003)

Design and artwork by Rod Green;
Photograph - ’Bella’ by Geraldine Parkinson;
Mastering by Roger Wake of Bourbery Wake


Dave Cousins: vocals, guitar, keyboards;
Dave Lambert and Brian Willoughby: guitar;
Blue Weaver and Andy Richards: keyboards;
Chas Cronk and Rod Demick: bass;
Richard Hudson, Rod Coombes and Tony Fernanzed: drums

With guests: Mary Hopkin, Maddy Prior, Terry Cassidy, Cathryn Craig, Jana Heller, Roy Hill, Rick Kemp, Tommy Lundy


  1. Blue Angel (11.13)
    (i) Divided (ii) Half Worlds Apart (iii) The Rest
  2. Oh So Sleepy (3.44)
  3. Further Down the Road (3.25)
  4. There Will Come the Day (6.05)
  5. Strange Day Over the Hill (3.56)
  6. Cry No More (3.18)
  7. The Plain (5.48)
  8. Do You Remember (3.12)
  9. Rhythm of the Night (3.19)
  10. Morning Glory (4.52)
  11. Sealed With a Traitor’s Kiss (2.57)
  12. Lay Down (4.09)
  13. The King (2.38)

All tracks Dave Cousins except
Track 4 Dave Cousins / Airey;
Tracks 6, 8 Dave Cousins / Brian Willoughby