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Bosun Higgs: A Most Particular Vintage

Bosun Higgs: A Most Particular Vintage (WildGoose WGS439CD)

A Most Particular Vintage
Bosun Higgs English Country Dance Band

WildGoose Studios WGS439CD (CD EP, UK, 30 April 2022)

Recorded and produced by Doug Bailey at WildGoose Studios, May Cottage, Wherwell, Hampshire;
Photos by Neil Gledhill and Hilda Gledhill;
Artwork design concept by Bosun Higgs;
Layout and final design by Doug Bailey


Carly Rose: percussion, melodeon;
Keith Holloway: melodeons;
Martin Banks: banjo;
Neil Gledhill: bass saxophone;
Taz Tarry: fiddle


  1. Fred Pidgeon’s No. 1 / Babes in the Wood (5.35)
  2. Out to Lunch / Old Man Quinn (5.54)
  3. Horse and Jockey / Wigan Peer / You May If You Please (4.21)
  4. Haughton House / Quigley’s Reel (5.03)
  5. Snowday Waltz / Dream Waltz (3.42)
  6. Taylor’s Ale / The Alston Fiddle (4.34)
  7. The Swiss Girl / Prince Albert’s Jig (4.27)
  8. Clee Hill / A Trip to Bavaria (4.24)
  9. Wakes Barn Polka / What a Beau My Granny Was (4.24)
  10. Bang-up Hornpipe / Wiggington Windmill (5.12)
  11. Deed Polka / Double Figure 8 (4.21)

Tracks 1ab, 2b, 4c, 4b, 7a, 8a, 9b, 10ab, 11b trad.;
Tracks 2a, 3a, 5b, 6ab, 11a Taz Tarry;
Tracks 3c, 9a Keith Holloway;
Track 4a James Mitchell;
Track 5a David Margolin;
Track 7b P.J. Headford;
Track 8b Franz Winkler (melody from the song Die Fischerin vom Bodensee)