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Burd Ellen: Silver Came

Burd Ellen: Silver Came (private issue)

Silver Came
Burd Ellen

private issue (CD, UK, February 12, 2019)

Recorded over two days at Glasgow Theatre Arts Collective;
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jer Reid;
Band image by Maiken Kildegaard ;
Cover art and sleeve design by Kieran Milne


Debbie Armour, vocals, harmonium;
Lucy Duncan, vocals, piano;
Gayle Brogan, vocals, violin, zither, lyre, psaltery, aeolian chimes


  1. Tha Thìde Agam `Eiridh (2.18)
  2. Because My Love Loves Me (Roud 578) (3.39)
  3. Co Leis an Crodh Druim-fhionn Ud Thall (0.52)
  4. Sweet Lemany (Roud 193, 2445) (6.33)
  5. Fair Annie of Lochroyan (Roud 49; Child 76; G/D 6:1226) (8.57)
  6. Bramble Briar (Roud 18; Laws M32) (4.38)
  7. Awake Awake (Roud 22621; Laws M4) (4.16)
  8. Thug an Geamhradh Leis an Crodh (1.20)

All songs trad, arr Burd Ellen except
Track 2 words trad., music Katy Lavinia Cooper arr. Burd Ellen