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Various Artists: Calanais (An Lanntair CD 001)

Various Artists

An Lanntair Records CD 001 (CD, UK, 1995)

Featuring new works commissioned by an Lanntair.

This recording represents a consensus of highly personal responses to the mystery of the stones of Calanais on the west coast if the Isle of Lewis.

Project management by An Lanntair / Cunningham Audio Productions Ltd;
Edited and mastered at CaVa Glasgow;
Music commissioned by Alex McDonald;
CD photography by Eolas, inlay photographs by M. & R. Curtis;
Design by Central, Glasgow


  1. Ian Stephen: Dry Ground, Satellite Stone Circle, Calanais, Stonebergs, Kinloch /
    Phil Cunningham: Urlar Iain (4.00)
  2. Anna Murray: Ceist Dhiomhair Na Linntean (Mystery of Ages) (3.20)
  3. Phil Cunningham: Cearcall Soillearachd (Cirle of Light) (4.39)
  4. Sìleas: Clach Is Solus (6.41)
  5. Tommy Smith: An Tobar (The Well) (4.27)
  6. Mary Smith: Calanais (1.57)
  7. Dougie MacLean: Gneiss Wind (4.38)
  8. Phil Cunningham: Cearcall Doillearachd (Circle of Darkness) (4.32)
  9. Arthur Cormack, Blair Douglas: El Alamein (3.39)
  10. Martin Taylor: Laoidh An Tir (Hymn to the Land) (4.53)
  11. Derick Thomson: Aig Tursachan Chalanias (At the Calanais Stones) /
    Urb’n Ri: Circle of Time (3.07)