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Caledon: The Noble Trousers

Caledon: The Noble Trousers (Fenn FMS 2071)

The Noble Trousers

Fenn Music Service FMS 2071 (CD, Germany, 1996);
Hypertension Music HYCD 297 196 (CD, Germany, 1996)

Produced by Jim Sutherland;
Recorded by Nick Turner at Watercolour Studio, Ardgour;
Mixed by Stuart Hamilton at Castle Cava;
Cover design and drawings by Peter Seal;
Photograph by Marc Marnie;
Digital Artwork by John Haxby


Greg Borland: bass guitar, fiddle, vocals;
Rory Campbell: bagpipes, whistle, vocals;
Mary Macmaster: electo-harp, vocals;
Eilidh Shaw: fiddle, vocals;
Patsy Seddon: electo-harp, vocals;
Davy Steele: lead vocals, guitar, bouzouki, bodhrán;
Mike Travis: drums, vocals


  1. The Noble Trousers Set: The Noble Trousers / Gavotten Ar Menez / The Ness Pipers (3.55)
  2. The Weeping Streets of Paris Set: The Weeping Streets of Paris / Strathconnan / The Lads o' Mull / Drive Home the Mainlanders / Na Goisidich (4.35)
  3. Highland Laddie (Roud 2330) / The Road to Recovery (4.00)
  4. MacLeods Set: Janet of Perth / Kenneth J. MacLeod / Faca Tu Saor An T-Sabhaidh / Amusons Nous Les Filles (6.38)
  5. The Old Woman's Set: The Old Woman's Reel / Tha Fionnlagh Ag Innearadh / Am Buachaille Dubh / Patti (3.43)
  6. The Lowlands of Holland (Roud 484; G/D 6:1116; Henry H180) / Rory's Wee Tune (5.46)
  7. Raigmore Set: Raigmore / Arthur Gilles / Inspector Donald Campbell of Ness / Lord Dunsmore / Rory MacLeod / (7.22)
  8. Gu Dé Niste Ni Mise / Rinn Mi Moch Eirigh (4.26)
  9. The Exile Song / Lament for the Children (7.30)

All tracks trad. arr. Caledon except
Tracks 1c, 7b Iain Morrison;
Track 2a Patsy Seddon;
Track 2b G.S. MacLennan;
Track 2e Allan MacDonald;
Tracks 3b, 6b Rory Campbell;
Track 4a Bobby Macleod;
Tracks 4b, 7c Peter Roderick MacLeod;
Track 5d Neil Dickie;
Track 7a Alasdair Reese;
Track 7d Donald Macleod;
Track 9a Ewan MacColl