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Cerys Matthews: Hullabaloo

Cerys Matthews: Hullabaloo (Rainbow City RCMCD008)

Cerys Matthews

Rainbow City Music RCMCD008 (CD, UK, 2013)

Produced and arranged by Cerys Matthews;
Engineered, extra production and mixed by Ian Tilley at Bellbird Studios, New Zealand;
Recorded at FX Rentals, London;
Al Lewis recorded with Ian Tilley in Greendale Studios, London;
Patrick Rimes recorded with Sam Humphries at Shamoniks, Cardiff;
Cass Meurig medley recorded with Billy Thompson, Bala;
Kathryn Tickell recorded with Julien Batten at Loft Music Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne;
Photograph by Rhys Frampton;
Design by Paul Chesell


Cerys Matthews, vocals, boomwhacker, flute, recorder, guitar, bells, glockenspiel, autoharp;
Andy Coughlan, upright bass;
Gewenan Gibbard, Celtic harp, vocals [3, 6];
Frank Moon, cittern, guitar, ukulele;
Mason Neeley, Chinese temple blocks, snare, bass, mndolin, banjo, piano, pump organ, acoustic and electric guitar, sticks, bagpipes;
Patrick Rimes, fiddle, pipe horn (cowhorn);
Cass Meurig, crwth, viola [1];
Al Lewis, vocals [10];
Ian Tilley, harmonium, high vocals [10];
Kathryn Tickell, Northumbrian pipes [16]


  1. Rali Twm Sion / Dadl Dau (Flaunting Two) / Gorsaf y Gof / Rachel Dafydd Ifan (5.12)
  2. Pant Corlan yr Wyn (0.41)
  3. Ty Bach Twt (Tidy Little House) (1.41)
  4. Ar Ben Waun Tredegar (On Top of Tredegar Moor) (2.40)
  5. Moliannwn (Let’s Rejoice) (2.33)
  6. Oes Gafr Eto? (Any More Goats?) (2.14)
  7. Y Gelynnen (The Holly Tree) (0.42)
  8. Y Gwcw Fach (The Small Cuckoo) (1.42)
  9. Lliw Gwyn Rhosyn yr Haf (White, the Colour of Summer Rose) (3.17)
  10. Bendigedig Fyddo’r Iesu (Jesus Is Marvellous) (1.33)
  11. Rwy’n Canu Fel Cana’r Aderyn (Sing Like a Bird) (2.08)
  12. Gwahoddiad (Arglwydd Dyma Fi) (Invitation) (2.45)
  13. Dacw Nghariad I Lawry n y Berllan (There’s My Love Down in the Orchard) (2.42)
  14. Gyrru’r Ychen (Driving the Oxen) (3.06)
  15. Titrwm Tatrwm (2.18)
  16. Tra Bo Dau (Whilst There Are Two) (2.32)

All tracks trad. arr. Cerys Matthews except
Track 1c Iolo Huw Jones